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The Millionaire’s Brain Review – Is Winter Vee’s Program a Scam?

First of all, I would like to say that I hate using the word “scam” for any personal development program; I still have to do it because my job is to help you with your buying decision.300x250

When it is about money making programs you can easily spot the scammers but that isn’t the case with the self help materials. Here, good and bad is decided by the type of buyers.

For someone like me who likes to devour everything under the sun that is made for self growth, a BS product will be the one that has nothing new to teach me.

Considering the type of hype used for this product which is usual for every Winter Vee program. I don’t find this product as something which could provide the buyers what they will be actually expecting after seeing the promos.

But, I would agree that I learned a lot from this program on building a money mindset and found a few methods to change my subconscious beliefs related to wealth so, buying this course is not a bad idea from my perspective, especially since it is available for such a low price. If they would have set the cost a little higher, I would have stopped you from buying it right away. Continue reading

Burt Goldman’s Quantum Jumping 2.0 Program Review-A Must Try Visualization Method

Writing a review of Burt Goldman’s Quantum Jumping program is really a great pleasure for me ..Why?- Because it is something which is not just about achieving various goals or getting a certain life like the usual self help programs I write about, it is based on a premise that makes a person to think beyond the normal limitations and it makes one to question the reality of the world that one sees with his eyes.469.gif

This program is not any kind of catchy package that promises you miraculous results based on unreal concepts, it comes from Burt’s 59 years of study about the human mind.

Burt Goldman, who has crossed 80s now is also often referred as the American monk. He has been in guidance of various monks which includes even Paramahansa Yogananda.

So, from the experience and history of Burt we can infer that a person who purchases Quantum Jumping is going to get a lot more than his expectation.

What is Quantum Jumping All About?

Now, this could be a bit hard for you to swallow, but according to the concepts of quantum physics-Parallel universes exists.

It says that we are entering into a universe every moment with the decisions we make and a parallel universe based on our not making of those specific decisions is also created at the same time where a version of “us” in that world exists.. head spinning isn’t it? Continue reading

Wealth Trigger 360 Review-The Latest Version of Wealth Trigger

Wealth trigger, sounds like something that will make you a money magnet and pull it to you from every corner of the world.

Well, actually the program is designed to do something like that but, it does that by helping you to build a money mindset.Capture

Dr.Joe Vitale who was one of the stars in the very popular movie “the secret” and the renowned hypnotherapist Dr. Steve G. Jones have been consistently working on providing people with a program that could help them to change their subconscious programming about money which is the reason that keeps people away from having the flow of wealth in their lives.

Wealth Trigger became extremely popular by helping a lot of people to improve their financial condition and then they introduced wealth trigger 2.0 reloaded. Now, both of these great names in the self help industry have worked on it further to bring their brand new product Wealth Trigger 360 which incorporates the key elements of both of the previous programs plus a lot of new stuff. Continue reading

The Secret of Deliberate Creation Program by Dr.Robert Anthony Review and Buying Advice

If you don’t know Dr Robert Anthony then let me tell you that he has been an expert teacher of the law of attraction for more than 25 years, and he has successfully trained so many people all over the world to succeed in their lives using the tools that he offers.MM300x250

There are very few teachings like the one that Dr.Robert Anthony offers because he has so much experience in this field that he absolutely knows the right steps that unlike other programs doesn’t only fills the information in the head of people, but gives them the concrete action steps to create the life of their desire.

What Is Different about This Course?

Now a days we find so many materials teaching the law of attraction where the content always revolve around things like setting the intention, positive thinking and allowing universe to deliver what is asked, this course however takes things to the next level by teaching the techniques that gives proper results.

What I like the most about this course is that the author makes us to apply the techniques to first manifest the whole cost of the course and that is to be done under the refund period; this actually means that the customer has nothing to lose if he follows the strategies properly! Continue reading

Omharmonics Meditation Music by Mindvalley Review-Forget Binaural Beats!!

I would like to begin this Omharmonics review with a short personal story.

When I was beginning my spiritual journey, I was very anxious to experience the deeper states of meditation.

As we know, too much anxiousness leads to 205.gifstupidity. So, I started listening to the binaural beats that are available for free all over the internet now.

With a plethora of people making and uploading these soundtracks, it has become very difficult for people to stop themselves from trying them out. I won’t deny it, I did see some effects when I played some of these audios, since I was very much interested in lucid dreaming and it worked perfectly in that particular area for me, I became a regular user of binaural beats.

Then within a few days I started feeling very restless and I found it hard to silence my mind during my regular meditation hours, what was even worse is that my sleeping patterns got disturbed. Luckily, I realized that binaural beats don’t suit me and I stopped using them.

Things went back to normal soon after I stopped using these tracks, but from that day I have never touched such audios. Continue reading

Bob Proctor’s 11 Forgotten Laws Review-Go beyond the Law of Attraction

If you have watched the movie that spread the message of the law of attraction to almost every corner of the planet “the secret” then you must be familiar with Bob Proctor, who played a very important part in the whole movie.

I am sorry, this product is not available anymore, but I have reviewed Bob Proctor’s another program which I found better than this one, you may like to check it out – Bob Proctor’s Six Minutes to Success Review

Bob Proctor’s work has inspired me so much that it reflects in the ideas I hold, I keep writing articles about the universal laws and the eleven forgotten laws program by Bob Proctor has been one of the greatest source for me to understand these universal laws better. Continue reading

The Shyness and Social Anxiety System Review-Does Sean Cooper’s System Work?

Overcoming Shyness and building self-esteem is one of the major steps one could ever take in order to improve his/her life. Once in my life I used to push myself a lot to jump and have interactions with strangers, I even continually participated in various events because I knew that being “natural” when many eyes are looking at you is not only a big challenge but also one of the core requirements to have a good life.

In order to grab the right SSAebooklgopportunities and expand knowledge, it is so necessary to meet new people and to have the courage to be active in the groups. But, one thing that I never realized before was that no matter how many times I pushed myself and go there to bring myself in front of others, the “fear of being judged” will not let me to be real in front of strangers.

Now, I know that my confidence to be real and to communicate properly in front of others depends more on working with my fears rather than to jump into such situations when I am not actually mentally prepared.

Sean Cooper, the author of the Shyness and Social Anxiety System, was also on a quest to improve his social skills and with the help of the tools he gained in his journey he not only was able to overcome the social anxiety, but he also learned the perfect techniques which he now openly shares with others to help them. Continue reading

Review of Empowered Mind Videos-What Change Would These Visualization Tools Make?

As I have discussed many times here, affirmations are so powerful in helping us to change the programs and beliefs in our subconscious mind in order to attract the life that we wish to live.mind movies

Writing affirmations more than a hundred times each day or saying them repeatedly could be a little hard to follow.

One another way to plant these positive suggestions in our subconscious mind is to use subliminal messages.

Empowered Mind Videos are prepared by using these subliminal messages, these high quality videos will help you to develop the perfect mindset to attract the things that you desire in your life.

These videos are law of attraction based visualization tools that will help you to alter your old thinking patterns with the help of subliminal messages, meditative soundtrack, binaural beats and specific visuals prepared for manifestation purposes in all areas of life. Continue reading

Secrets of a Spiritual Millionaire-Spirituality and Wealth Can Go Hand in Hand

LOGO-336x280If you landed to this page of my blog somehow, then I would like to inform that this is an old introductory post I made on T.Harv Eker’s masterclass related to his program, now I have created an in depth user review which you can read here – The Spiritual Laws of Money by T.Harv Eker Review (Yeah, they changed the name of the product).


I received an email recently from Mindvalley regarding a new event about the launching of a program named secrets of a spiritual millionaire, so I went to check it and found that it’s T.Harv Eker’s new program.

In this upcoming free event he is going to take it all to the next level and teach how a person can be spiritual as well as wealthy.

Let us see what this free class is going to cover in a bit detail. Continue reading

Joe Vitale’s Law of Attraction Certification Review- Should We Prefer Online LOA Certification Courses?

In this law of attraction practitioner certification course review, we will take a close look at this product using which you can help people to create the life of their desire.

Dr.Joe Vitale is one of the best law of attraction teachers of today’s world, he has gained a lot of popularity by teaching money making techniques, hypnotic marketing and success principles.

Joe Vitale was one of the main casts in the movie “the secret”, so you might be already knowing him. I have been following him for a long time, one thing about him that inspires me the most is that he lives by what he teaches.

By teaming up with the celebrity hypnotherapist Dr. Steve G. Jones, Joe Vitale has prepared this course using which you can help others to use the law of attraction while you can also use it for your own betterment. Continue reading