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Steve G Jones’ Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis Review

In this post I am going to provide you with a detailed review of another product from the very famous clinical hypnotherapist Steve G Jones named as the Ultimate Conversational covert hypnosis online courseHypnosis.

I will also be discussing about covert hypnosis and we will see if it is really possible to hypnotize someone by just casually talking with them.

The makers claim to reveal the secret covert hypnosis techniques to you using which you can virtually control every move and decision of people by just talking to them, that’s way too exaggerated and I would even say that it is a lie; you cannot control anyone’s mind.

Like me, you might have also heard about people being able to hypnotize someone to the extent that they could use them like a puppet but, I really don’t believe in such things as per what I have known about hypnosis till now.

My friends who are aware of my interests in the mind power have asked me questions like “what about the shows where people act like animals or whatever by agreeing to what the hypnotists say”, from what I have known about it, the subject unconsciously agrees to the suggestion because his inner mind finds no threat in doing something to entertain people.

But, if anyone tries to manipulate someone to do something that is against his will, his natural mind defense mechanism gets activated and he/she starts reacting consciously.

Conversational Hypnosis, however, is far different from controlling other people’s mind.

What Is Conversational Hypnosis?

Covert hypnosis is the ability to get what you want from others with the help of hypnotic suggestions used while having a conversation with them.

It is an art of convincing/swaying others using your communication skills that is based on the techniques of hypnosis which makes your desired message to reach the other person’s subconscious mind.

Most of our actions are controlled by our inner mind and whenever someone is not fully conscious it is possible to give him instructions that he will follow.

Conscious mind acts like a gatekeeper to whatever information someone is receiving and conversational hypnosis is all about getting in without being caught by the gatekeeper.

Is Covert Hypnosis Real?

Of course, it is real and so many people around the world are using it for accomplishing various goals.

Some people have learned this from various sources, whereas some are naturally good at using these methods.

Sales people, politicians, businessmen and all others who put people under their spell are knowingly or unknowingly using a few hypnotic methods that work like a charm to influence people.

I am not saying that these techniques can be used to control people, but it gives you the power to have a profound effect on them and gain their trust, especially if you are in a field where you have to persuade others.

About the Product

This is a product created by the celebrity hypnotherapist Steve G. Jones who has authored many books and have produced a lot of super successful personal development programs.

Jones has incorporated all the essential information in this course which can give you a firm understanding about this subject and it will equip you with the knowledge to put them into use.

Those who are in business will highly benefit from this program, but it is also a great tool for improving your personal life.

Inside the Package

The package contains 18 modules that focus on various different aspects of covert hypnosis.

Modules start with the introduction, history and basics, then it gradually takes you deeper into the science of hypnotism.

Each module has covers a plethora of topics so, I cannot tell you about it all in this single post, but I will highlight a few important ones here.

Module 4- Pacing

This is a NPL technique and it is a great tool used in covert hypnosis. Here you will also learn mirroring method and its various forms that are applicable in different situations.

The main requirement to perform hypnotic tricks is to first build a strong rapport with others which means that you should be “in tune” with their inner mind, that’s the way to make them trust you.

For doing this, you will get to know about a technique that’s known as “mirroring” which is a trick to copy someone’s actions without getting noticed, this makes people to unconsciously believe that you are alike them so they will easily trust your words, you will also get to learn “cross mirroring” which you can use for the same purpose.

Module 5- Embedded Commands

Here you will learn to leverage the power of words, this module will teach you the skill of formulating various commands that you can use while having a conversation to influence others with the magic of words.

Module 6- Eye Accessing Cues

Eye accessing is a very interesting technique which enables you to read a person’s mind based on his eyeball movements.

This module will help you to master this skill if you are willing to practice it. According to the author, we all move our eyeballs unconsciously in a particular direction with respect to what we are thinking. So, you can know a lot about other people’s mind by learning this stuff.

Module 9- Suggestibility Tests

You will learn the hypnosis methods that are used in stage hypnosis in this module. And various other interesting hypnotism related tricks like the pendulum hypnosis, fall back hypnosis etc.

Modules 10 and 11 are created for the dating purpose which contains various tips, methods and lessons based on hypnotism that you can use for getting better at it.

Module 12 is self hypnosis which I consider as the most important tool in hypnotism since it gives one the power to make the necessary changes in himself to get better.

Modules 15 and 16 are a must for you if you are in sales, it will give you the power to make influential sales talk and this will highly help you if you want to master the art of negotiating.

The final module is also a good one, where I found some great tips on starting a conversation that will invoke the interest of others and then being able to continue it in a way that I could direct it as I want.

The Bonus Materials

There are 6 bonus materials available with this program which includes 2 mp3 tracks for building confidence; one of these will help you to get more confidant in dating.

Other bonuses are four audio books that contain introduction to hypnosis, advanced hypnotherapy, hypnotic sales mastery and hypnosis techniques for dating. (The bonus material can change with time, so please check their product website to know what’s available now)

Is ultimate conversational hypnosis a scam?

Obviously, after writing this much positively about the product, I won’t say that it is not worth your money and time.

If someone is looking for methods to control others, then it will definitely prove out to be disappointing and any other program which claims that is probably trying to trick you.

Final Advice

In comparison to his other products, Jones has put a lot of stuff in this one so, it might take a bit long to finish this course, however, you will be getting a lot more than the price that you will pay for this material.

What you will get from this program will highly depend on what you are expecting from this course.

If you want to improve yourself in business, social circles and communication skills, then I would surely recommend this product to you, but, make sure to put your efforts because with so much information (18+ hour sessions) that requires practical usage, you will have to become your own instructor.

Before finishing I would like to inform you about one very good benefit that you will get if you buy this course, it helps you to shield yourself from the hypnosis based tricks used by marketers, I find this one thing very essential as so many people fall for those types of promotional strategies.

To know more about this product or to buy it, visit their product website here.

If you are looking for the methods to train your inner mind for success, then you may like to read my post:- How to Use Subconscious Mind Power Techniques to Achieve Your Goals

I hope you enjoyed this post. We all have unique opinions so, I want to hear from you on this, please comment whatever your views are on this subject. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

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The Confidence beyond Belief System Review

Welcome to my unbiased, detailed confidence beyond belief review where we will find out if this product is really as it promises or if it is just another scam.Steve G. Jones Confidance Hypnosis

If you are someone who keeps exploring the personal development world, then you might be already familiar with Steve G. Jones and if you are not, then I would like to inform you that when it is about personal development with the use of hypnosis there is no one better than him in the world today, he is a renowned hypnotherapist who has helped many people through his works for more than 25 years and he has created many successful digital products.

This confidence beyond belief product is a result of a combined effort from Dr. Steve G. Jones and Brad Yates who is an expert EFT trainer.

The purpose of this product is well explained by Steve Jones which I complete agree with, as I know how important it is to train your subconscious mind if you want to achieve success in any area of your life.

And obviously when a person’s conscious intention is in conflict with his subconscious beliefs, he can never succeed, no matter how hard he tries. Jones says that our reality is created by our inner mind and to change it, we have to tweak our root beliefs.

Confidence is what enables a person to make powerful decisions and it is the same thing that’s essential to sustain a course of action once you have initiated it.

Something that evokes a strong emotion in us is acting beyond the layer of our conscious mind so confidence is a result of a core subconscious belief.

What belief?? It’s the belief in one’s own ability, and if you have this ingrained in your inner mind then nothing can stop you.

We know this don’t we? We have seen this in the lives of the most successful people and whenever we see a sportsman making that winning move we get a sense of the truth that his confidence in what he does is what makes him a winner. Our only problem is that we don’t know how to develop that level of confidence.

So, can this program help us in doing that? Well, let’s see..

Inside the Package

The makers say that they have prepared the course in a way that it becomes like a home therapy for you. That’s right; according to them it is like getting therapy sessions from the experts.

The first module is a complete tele-seminar from Brad Yates.

Steve G. Jones created this system using his experience in hypnotherapy but felt that something was missing in the product.

Whenever a person thinks about making a decision, the negative emotion is what stops him. So, he had to find something using which people can deal with such dis-empowering emotions and EFT was the right solution. According to Jones, Brad Yates is the best person for this purpose as he is one of the most successful EFT trainers.

In this tele-seminar you will get some great information on overcoming fears that are like iron walls in your path to success like- the fear of change or the fear of failure. You will also get to know the ways to develop self love and something which he calls “level 10” confidence.

Next, is a recording series from Steve G. Jones named the Ultimate Confidence Hypnosis which is specially designed to do all the essential mind reprogramming that will lead to the confidence that will change your life.

Apart from this, it also focuses on various other self development things that are equally important like self worth, intuition, communication skills, positive mindset etc.

Finally- A section that they have labelled as “Confidential conversation with EFT wizard Brad Yates and hypnosis expert Steve G. Jones”

This is my favorite part because it shows you how to use all the information received from the previous modules and what makes it even better is the video demonstration which includes both of these experts.

Jones did not want this to be something from which people will just learn and then forget about applying the methods.

And that’s why in this part you will see Steve G. Jones performing a hypnosis confidence session on Brad, while he performs an EFT confidence tapping on Jones, that’s what makes this confidence beyond belief program awesome.

It also includes various methods to implant confidence permanently in you, plus you will also learn success mindset building techniques, stress relief methods, EFT mastery and a lot more. This part teaches a lot about tapping.

Final Advice

Overall, I liked this product and I would recommend it to anyone who understands the importance of confidence or is troubled by low confidence.

I will also suggest you to opt for it if you are interested in EFT methods. I cannot say that it is among the best programs out there, but looking at the price I think it is worth to spend your money on it.

If you are willing to invest your time and effort then I believe you can really benefit a lot from this program.

To know more about this product, please visit the product website.


If you want to learn the methods I use to clear limiting beliefs, then check out my post:- Allow Your Abundance

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User Review of Sandy Gilad’s “The Instant Switch”

In this comprehensive review of Sandy Gilad’s “The Instant Switch” program, I will not only give you my genuine opinion about the product but I will also give you a quick overview of the product which will give you a clear idea about what you can get from this course.

I wanted to be among the first few people reviewing this program but I procrastinated this for about 3 months..why?..Honestly, because I lost the interest in it.

Have you seen the promotions? A program by Harvard behavioral expert  which can change your life forever, “instant switch” that you can apply and get results that you want..I am familiar to such hype that’s why I know what to expect, I get into such programs to learn something new and whenever a product comes up with something which I already knew it really disappoints me or at least it should motivate or inspire me.

I half-read that book 3 times just for the sake of writing a review but, it became difficult for me to even read it further….then last week I decided to finish it no matter what, guess what??..when I finished all the chapters my opinion about it changed and I really liked that, I should have done this earlier anyways,lets take a look at what this course is all about.

What’s the Instant Switch?

It is a secret method used by many popular figures….. that’s what made superman fly! SO CLICK HERE TO KNOW THE SECRET NOW>>CLICK>>CLICK>>CLICK!!

If you are expecting to hear such bullshit then this might not be the right place.

What Sandy Gilad promotes as a solution to all problems is not a single method like it appears to one who has watched the promos.

Instead “the Instant Switch” is a set of techniques, methods, tips and advises that she has formulated based on what she has used in her life and tested successfully on her clients.

From beginning to end she discusses the common stumbling blocks experienced by people in all areas of their lives and then she provides quick fixes for each.

Inside the Package

The program consists of one main ebook along with few bonus materials that includes success accelerator which is another short ebook by Sandy(bonus materials may vary with time).

She begins with a short story on how she was emotionally disturbed at one point of life…A circumstance that she saw as a big lesson and turned it into her advantage by finding out various ways to transform her life completely into one that she absolutely loves.

Every chapter in this book is like a mini course which takes you through various action steps which you can start implementing right away plus she provides “try this” sheets every now and then which summarizes the main steps so that you come back to it whenever you want once you finish reading.

In first few pages, you will be introduced to the ways to stop your negative self-talk which is one of our biggest enemies since it not only creates a stumbling block in the path of our success but also takes away our peace of mind. Then you will get to know how our habits run the whole show of our life and you will be provided with various action steps to change your behavioral patterns.

Sandy further takes your focus towards self-love and the activities of self-care. I know how important self-love is and how people mistake it with selfishness so I really liked this section where she provides many techniques to keep yourself in a happy mood because you can spread love and joy only when you are filled with it.

What I liked about this part was her emphasis towards body health and its relation with our mind since most of us(including me) believe that our mind affects our body whereas this also goes the other way around-Our body health also affects our mind states.

Section 3 of module 1 talks about our ability choose better thoughts and you will get a few advises here on how you can intentionally shift your focus towards positive thoughts from the negative ones.

After this, you will get a therapeutic opinion on how people derive meaning from various incidents in their lives and then how it plays an important role in shaping their future. Different people assign different meaning consciously and sometimes unconsciously to various happenings, Sandy here will take you through a few techniques that will help you to form a “victor mentally” rather than a “victim” mentality.

I understand how much dangerous “victim mentality” is so; I got some real good information here that I can try out for my personal growth.

Module two: – this is the “money” part so, people who are looking to improve their financial condition will benefit a lot from implementing what this part of the book teaches.

If you believe in the universal laws and you want to use the law of attraction for money, or if you know how your subconscious beliefs decide your financial situation then Sandy has few methods to offer that will help you to build an “Abundance mindset” in this part of her program.

In the last few modules, the book is completely focused towards clearing limiting beliefs, this is most important stuff to do when you want different results in life.

You can only succeed in areas of your life when you feel differently about it, in other words when your subconscious programming is altered.Sandy provides some awesome techniques in this book for doing this which includes EFT(emotional freedom technique), affirmations and self-hypnosis.

My favorite section was the 100 self-love act section where I found some helpful tips to improve my relation with “myself”. If you are someone looking for self-love activities even if you don’t know what the hell in the world “self-love” actually means then this section will solve your problem.

Final Advice

As I mentioned earlier, initially I found this material useless but when I finished the book my whole opinion about it changed-I found it helpful, useful, interesting, informative and inspirational.

But, still I cannot say that you must buy this, it will change your life or you will find something different in it.However, if you are a personal growth-loving person like me then it will look very good in your collection. You can also highly benefit by following this course properly.

What I think as a major drawback about this program is that I felt a need of more information; it was like Sandra has made quick notes of all essential self-growth information and presented it to us. Maybe she will bring more programs in future still, I think there could have been more to it.

That’s all I have to say about this program, to know more, please visit their product website.


If you want to know the process I use for clearing limiting beliefs then check out my post-3 Ways to Clear Your Energy Blocks –Allow Your Abundance

I hope you enjoyed this post. I would love to hear from you so, please do write me in the box below. If you have something to add here then you are most welcome. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

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Bob Proctor’s Six Minutes to Success Review

In  this six minutes to success review I will provide you with the information about this very famous program created by Proctor six minutes success bob proctorGallagher Institute for helping people to achieve their desired goals in life.

I have been a very big fan of Bob Proctor ever since I started my personal growth journey.

The first time I came to know about Bob Proctor was when I saw him in the movie “the secret”. Although now I follow many of the casts from that movie but Bob was the first person whose work I explored after watching it.

He is probably the most experienced person alive in the area personal development.

From what I have known about Bob Proctor he has already achieved everything in his life of which every man dreams.

One may ask here-Then why does he charge people to deliver this knowledge?

Well, I didn’t plan to talk about this here but, there a simple fact known to every successful man- People don’t value things for which they don’t have to pay any price.

What I find so special in Bob’s work is that one can feel that he not only teaches the success principles but he lives it and he has been doing this from about more than 50 years.

I think knowing this is enough for anyone to reckon that there a lot about life that we could learn from this man’s work.

One of such awesome works by Bob Proctor is his well known six minutes to success program. So, let’s take a closer look at it.

About the Product

This product was the idea which came as a solution to Bob’s one big problem that he was unable to reach numerous people who were in need to get his advice on their life situations.

Every now and then he felt sorry for people who wanted a few minutes from his schedule but, he was too busy to attend them.

Then he found a way to reach them with this six minutes to success program.This program sends all the subscribers a 6 minute long (sometimes less) video everyday where either Bob Proctor or Sandy Gallagher talks on various subjects like human potential, wealth, relationships, health, universal laws etc.

The intention of this program is to supercharge your mind with great ideas every morning.

Your sincere participation in this program will automatically lead you to the understanding of the perfect formula to thrive in any area of your life.

What makes this program so special is its daily reminder which makes you to take action and make use of the knowledge provided.It works like a mentor who motivates, pushes and guides his pupil time to time.

Inside the Package

I am writing this based on what’s available right now; they keep updating it so, please check their main website to know what they are offering presently.

The main content of this program is as I discussed above the daily videos that will act as a mentor for you, apart from that it consists of:-

Starter Kit

The success start up kit is designed for preparing you before you begin to pursue your dreams using what the program will teach you.

This kit lays the foundation work for you to maximize the benefit you will get from this product.

This start up kit is a series of 4 videos that you must watch.


I would emphasize that you must set 6 minutes daily to watch these videos and make it a habit.But if you are too busy to watch them then they also provide audios that you can listen while performing the daily activities that doesn’t require much of your conscious attention.

You will also get the transcripts of these daily lessons.

Final Advice

As I have said before, I am highly inspired by Bob Proctor-A person in his 80s with energy of a youngster.

Among his various programs this is what I consider as the best one because every day you get to learn something new.

This product is definitely not for someone who views such information as a magic formula to achieve success overnight, instead it is made for someone who understands the true human potential and want to harness the power of his mind with proper tools.

You can visit the product website here.


I hope you enjoyed this post. I would love to hear from you so, please do write me in the box below. If you have something to add here then you are most welcome. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

You can also mail me with your life queries at, I will be very happy to help you.

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The Ultimate Reiki Package Review-How Good Is This Online Course?

In this Ultimate Reiki Package review, I will be covering what you could get from this program in detail which will help you to make the right buying decision.

This program by Judith and Chris Conroy is especially, prepared for people who are willing to learn Reiki from the comfort of their homes and they also debunk various myths about learning Reiki which stops many people from acquiring this skill.reiki training

According to the makers all the common beliefs about learning Reiki like you have to go through long training, costly courses, presence of master, etc are not at all true and that you can become a practitioner of this art much easily.

The evidence using which the producers of this program make claims that you don’t have to fulfill those commonly assumed requirements in order to successfully master Reiki techniques is of the founder of the modern day Reiki Mikao Usui, saying that he was attuned to it that way.

So, the authors say that Usui through his rigorous spiritual practices had a self-realization that he can channel the precious energy flowing through him and use it for various divine purposes like healing others or speed up their spiritual progress. This also falsifies the story that says the divine light hit his head and gifted him the eternal wisdom of Reiki.

The above example lights up people’s hope of learning Reiki by themselves from the convenience of their homes because thousands of people who want to acquire the knowledge of this art are unable to find time to visit the Reiki centers and that’s why Judith and Chris Conroy have prepared the Ultimate Reiki Package.

This literally means that you can avoid the waiting of advancing level by level for becoming a Reiki master.

You Already Have It in You

The concept on which this product is based is that we all have a life force flowing through us and we all can channelize it by knowing its presence.

Usually people think that the master transfers this skill to his pupil, but actually the disciple already has it within him the master just makes him to realize this.

This is what makes this program so awesome, it will guide you to the place where you will be able to access the power that was already present inside you.

Subconsciously, you are already a Reiki master.. and the intent of this course will be to bring it to your conscious awareness.


This package will introduce you to a system called Chikara-Reiki-Do using which you will be able to learn how to get self attuned to Reiki.

Just like the ceremony where a master makes his student attuned to Reiki, Chikara-Reiki-Do is a self attunement ceremony where you will do it on your own with the help of an online video session included in this course material.

Start to Implement It within Just 48 Hours

This online program will equip you with this awesome skill in just 48 hours, yes this means that in just about 2 days from your enrollment, you will be able to become a Reiki practitioner.

Ultimate Reiki Package is presented to you by the couple who have a long experience in the field of energy healing and spirituality.

Inside the Package

In the program materials you will be getting access to the online master class that will guide you through the process of self attunement and you will also be able to join the monthly Reiki Master Attunement Ceremony.

You will also receive the author’s bestselling ebook Radical Reiki and 3 Reiki manuals. Apart from that you will also be able to get the certification for you and your future students.

Final Advice

By considering the materials and wisdom you will receive from this course, I think that it is available for much less price then its actual worth because people spend so much wealth and time for Reiki courses that fails to train them properly.

People who have already attended Reiki classes have also found this course equally empowering as the regular ones, in fact some have found it even better.

So, if you are someone who is interested in acquiring this skill then I think this program will be of great use to you.

To know more about this product, please visit the product website.


I hope you liked this post. I would love to hear your views about this so please do leave me a comment in the box below. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

You can also mail me at

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Natalie Ledwell’s Mind Movies Matrix System Review

Today I am going to provide you an in-depth mind movies matrix system review which will help you to make a buying decision or to know how you can benefit from this program that claims to help you in reprogramming your subconscious mind.

About the Author

Natalie Ledwell is the author of the bestselling book “Never In Your Wildest Dreams” and a well-known person in the area of personal growth.

The most intriguing fact about Natalie is her story of rising above a huge financial debt and becoming one of the leading experts in the area of success coaching.

Natalie has transformed millions of life especially with her mind movies matrix product and she also runs a development program for kids under which she has provided success coaching for thousands of kids belonging to poor families.

Product Information

If you have read my other product reviews you might be familiar with my one usual note in the bottom that says “this product can only benefit you if you would put your active efforts”.

Guess what?? I am not going to say that to you here!!

Yeah, you heard it right-This product requires your least active participation in comparison to the other success mindset building programs but, obviously you will have to follow it regularly (No product works by just buying it so, please do make use of it if you have decided to give it a try).

Mind Movies Matrix is a program which is prepared to multiply the effect that is brought by creative visualization process and vision boards in a person’s life.

The thing that makes this system more powerful in reprogramming your subconscious mind than other methods is that it has been engineered using the various technologies that have proved to be effective in having a great impact on a person’s subconscious mind.

In simple words this program will make your dream visions to break your conscious mind’s barrier and reach to your subconscious mind much quickly than any other mind tool can do.

Once your desires are communicated to your subconscious mind it makes the required changes in your behavioral patterns to make your dreams come true or in metaphysical terms we can say that the universe will orchestrate the events that will lead you to your success.

Call it the subconscious power or the law of attraction, what I know is that it works.

An Alternative to Vision Boards and Creative Visualization

Many people fail to follow the vision boards and creative visualization process consistently as initially it takes a lot of effort to push yourself to do it and after some time it usually becomes a little boring because the feelings that are essential along with the visions disappears due to lack of faith.

Personal development gurus will attribute this to incorrect goal setting which is true but, it takes a lot of inner searching to come up with the right goals. But, with mind movies matrix you don’t have to worry about that because all you have to do is to play the movie that matches your desires and it will do all the inner work required.

You might be wondering how does that happen?.. Well, the movies and audios that you will get in this product works at a much deeper level than what your conscious mind could register. The subliminal messages, brainwave entrainment audio and the visuals will not only program your subconscious mind but, will also fill you up with positive emotions.

In a way, this is a very good alternative for all the law of attraction tools that you might have tried whether let it be visualization, vision boards or positive affirmations.

Inside the Package

This program covers the 4 most common areas of a person’s life viz. money, relationships, weight loss and the perfect partner, from these categories you will get to select the required one and then proceed with the digital downloads available under each option.

First movie file is to be played in the morning for just 3 minutes with your headphones(or earphones)on.This movie consists of visuals, subconscious mind suggestions and brainwave entrainment audio.

Next you will get another media file for evening time that is called as the subliminal matrix mind movie which again is just 3 minutes long, it contains upbeat music in place of brainwave entrainment audio and this clip flashes millions of subliminal messages which you can’t assimilate on the conscious level but it goes deep into your subconscious mind.

You will also receive a sleep meditation audio which will not only relax your mind but, it will also help you to have a deep rejuvenating sleep. This audio file will energize you, refresh you and prepare your mind aptly in order achieve your goals while you are sleeping.

Earlier we discussed about the absence of positive emotions which becomes a bottleneck for the manifestation process, in this package you will also get a 60 minute subliminal audio file which you can play at anytime you want and it will fill you with higher emotions. This audio is prepared by incorporating soothing sounds of nature and many subliminal messages which does not require your active participation. So, with this audio you can just put your earphones on then press play and do whatever you want.

User Experience and Final Thoughts-Is Mind Movies Matrix a Scam?

Just watch the videos, listen to audios and wooossssh….you dreams will come true!!-That sounds too good to be true right?

It will appear to be a scam if you will look at it that way but, when you are working to alter your subconscious beliefs, changes will take time to happen in your inner world and then only it will gradually get reflected in the external world.

These beliefs are in the form of multiple dense layers in your whole energy system so; you can’t just clear them overnight. If you want to leverage this amazing mind tool then you will have to make regular use of it for a while before expecting results.

I usually follow multiple products so that I could provide my readers with genuine reviews plus also to improve my life so, it often becomes difficult for me to attribute my progress to any particular, still I can see the difference that Mind Movies Matrix brought in my life.

One of the biggest advantage for me was to replace it with my visualization session which used to be of 15 minutes (3 times a day) and with that it also solved my problems related to creative visualization.

You see, despite of being a personal development freak who has practiced LOA tools for years, my conscious mind interferes my visualization process because every new goal is always a new challenge that creates new barriers and keeping up the higher emotions often becomes difficult. So, this program eased that process for me to a great extent.

Making use of these videos properly brought significant changes in my behavior, thoughts and emotions within just 3 weeks of use and I enjoyed the sessions also.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who believes in the amazing ability and power of their subconscious mind or the law of attraction.

Join this free webinar by Natalie Ledwell to know more about this product – Mind Movie Matrix webinar


I hope you enjoyed reading this post; I would be very happy to hear your opinion on this subject, if you have also used this product then please do share your experience. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

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The Complete Empath Toolkit Review-Dr. Michael Smith’s Program

There was a time when I used to be ashamed of my nature of being too sensitive, every now and then I used to get embarrassed because of that in various Empath-Toolkit-Bannersituations.

I am writing this “the complete empath toolkit” review for all such people who feel that being too emotionally sensitive is disgraceful.

As a teenager it was very easy for someone to make me cry and that was very much humiliating for me as our society has programmed our brains that being highly sensitive is a symbol of weakness.

Unfortunately, I was not introduced to Dr. Michael Smith’s work back then,otherwise I would have never regretted about my natural behavior. But, it was not too late to get into his works and learn various things about my spiritual connection.

You too can benefit from this material even if you are not a highly sensitive person.

Dr. Michale Smith’s the complete empath toolkit opens up a new door for people who are highly sensitive by guiding them to turn this disadvantage into one of their biggest assets.

Inside the Package

In the course material you will find various practical guidelines that will enable you to harness your spiritual power and teach you how to use your energy for your benefit.

The package consists of 3 ebooks and audio instructions which are designed to make it easy for you to understand this knowledge and put it into use for living a harmonious life.

One of the best things about the complete empath toolkit is that it covers a wide range of topics related to spirituality, personal development, psychic abilities etc.

How to Know If You Are an Empath?

Again, I would like to mention that in order to make use of the wisdom offered in this toolkit it isn’t necessary that you should be an empath but, for those who are, this program will teach you to give a proper direction to your high emotional sensitivity and to make use of it to tap into your spiritual power.

Few characteristics of empaths:-

-They break into tears easily.

-They can feel other people’s energy.

-They are highly affected by other people’s pain.

-People find it easy to connect with them.

-They can intuitively know other people’s emotional state.

-They are very good listeners.

-People find it easy to share their feelings with them.

There is a quiz on their website of this product which could help you to identify if you are an empath.

Why Is the Complete Empath Toolkit Essential for Hypersensitive People?

This program indeed teaches a sensitive person how to advance spiritually but, if this type of people don’t do anything about their vulnerabilities to other people’s energy then they would have to suffer because of that.

Since such people are easily affected by other people’s emotional states they find themselves feeling lower emotions consistently because of those who are present around them.

Final Advice

Dr. Michael Smith has been in self help industry for more than two decades and this work comes from his intense researches on various spiritual practices.

If you are a sensitive person and find yourself constantly getting affected emotionally because of other people then I would highly recommend you to opt for it. However, you can also use this product to take a step forward in your spiritual journey.

Please visit the product website to know more about this program.


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Owen Coleman’s Pure Reiki Healing Master Review

Since the time when the modern day Reiki was founded by Mikao Usui, this wisdom was passed down to a limited number of people who further gifted it to their pupils and this way the knowledge of Reiki was spread.300x250

As Reiki became popular, a lot of limiting beliefs were formed amongst people due to which this wisdom got reserved for people who were willing to invest a lot of time and money to acquire this skill.

Fortunately, we now have courses like Pure Reiki Healing Master that are available for low price and it promises to teach you the art of healing in a very short period of time.

The program claims that you can learn Reiki in just 48 hours with the materials that you will be getting however, we will look deeply into that later in this post.

Owen Coleman is popular for healing people using the life force by channelizing it through his palms; he was a construction worker before he discovered that he had these healing powers. Now, he has put all his understandings in the form of ebook and digital materials so that you too could acquire this ability to heal yourself and others from various body and emotional troubles.

What Is Pure Reiki Healing Master All About?

This course is based on the knowledge provided by Mikao Usui and it uses the concept of Chi(or ki) which is considered as the life force.

According to the ancient Reiki teachings we all have this life force flowing through us and that any kind of physical or emotional problem is caused due to disturbance in the free flow of Chi or in other words we can say that any type of disease is a reflection of imbalance in our energy body.

By learning the techniques provided in this course you will be able to use the life force to heal all types of ailments. You will learn to harness the power within you to help yourself and others from practicing the methods provided in this course.

120x60In the program Owen Coleman will teach you how to channelize the life force through your arms into other person’s energy system which will bring balance in the energy body of that person resulting into the removal of corresponding sickness.

By energy body I am referring to the seven chakras that are believed to exist in the invisible energy field present around us. Reiki healing method makes you to move your palms from the crown chakra to the root chakra bringing balance in the targeted person’s energy system.

Not only just that but the information you will be getting in this package will also help you in many other ways like to increase self-confidence, performing remote healing, becoming more intuitive etc.

With practice you will be able to intuitively sense the exact areas where the other person is having troubles without being told because your palm will get warm when it will be placed in front of that portion and this ability of yours will gradually start to get better with practice.

Inside the Package

The main part of this package is an ebook in pdf format which you can view online or download, in this ebook the author has put the information step by step to teach you the art of Reiki healing.

Along with the ebook you will also receive video tutorials, audio files and manual using which you can make the best use of this program.

Bottom Line

Owen Coleman’s program is one of the most popular online Reiki courses and many people have found it very helpful in learning various techniques of energy healing.

What I find the best thing about this course is its simplicity, we all are programmed to think of Reiki as a skill limited for few gifted people or as a wisdom that could only be obtained by practicing for years under the guidance of a master due to which an image is formed in our minds that it must be very difficult to learn.

However, if you could set such notions aside and try this product I think you will be really surprised from its simplicity.

Since this course is available for such a low price and it has so much to offer, I guess this would be a good investment for you if you believe in energy healing.

For more information, please visit the product website here.


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Quantum Mind Power Review-Unbiased Opinion of Morry Zelcovitch’s Program

Morry Zelcovitch introduces to you a self-improvement program based on brainwave entrainment technology.

This program gives you high hopes but, I think you should get a practical and unbiased opinion about it before you make your decision and that’s why I have prepared this Quantum Mind Power review for you.

When it comes to brainwave entrainment, I am a bit cautious because I have had some unpleasant experiences when I used binaural beats for meditation about which I have discussed on my post- Dangers of using binaural beats. Don’t get scared, brainwave entrainment is not a risky stuff but, you should be careful while selecting them.

However, if you choose a quality audio of brainwave entrainment technology from a trustworthy maker then I agree that these sound tracks could help you in many ways.

Quantum mind power does not use binaural beats instead it incorporates Isochronic and Monauaral beats which some people consider better than binaural beats.

Let’s take a deeper look into the contents of this program.

What Is This Program All About?

This course is a set of audio modules that contains properly engineered brain wave entrainment sounds which is intended for harnessing the true power of your brain for improving various aspects of your life.

Brainwave entrainment audios are known to be very effective in inducing various brain states by subjecting the mind to the corresponding frequency range using these sounds.

So, this technology could be used in order to bring your mind into a more relaxed state or we can say it can help you to reach deeper levels of mind which is equivalent to the one when a person goes into a deep meditation.

In Morry’s quantum mind power program you will be able to choose from a range of various audios that are made for different purposes and according to the suitability of different individuals.

You can simply download the file after trying each audio from this collection by selecting the one that suits you the most.

According to the author you can use these audios for various purposes like for developing intuition, getting inspirations, better creativity, and peace of mind etc.

My Take on It

I do agree that quantum mind power is a very good collection of brainwave entrainment audios as it contains each audio suitable for any particular purpose of yours and I am also convinced that these audios are effective to bring various changes in your life, for that you will have to regularly fix 30 minutes from your daily schedule for these sessions.

You can have various positive results using these sound files especially, it can help you to reach certain stages of mind but, when it comes to increasing the brain power and using various higher faculties of mind I think that you need much more than just that.

It is quite sensible to use these audios to get into a relaxed state where you can exercise various mind skills however, you cannot just listen to them and become a genius overnight.

According to me, Morry’s quantum mind power is a little over-hyped product and it is very costly in comparison to various self-development products that belong to its league.

Since different stuff works for different people so, I would like to advise you to try it on your own before deciding, you can do that by downloading their free demo materials that are named as the Morry method and digital coffee by visiting their website.

Few Common Questions Answered:-

Q:-Is quantum mind power a scam?

Ans: – No, it is not a scam but their claims are a bit shaky.

Q:-Can quantum mind power unlock hidden brain powers as they claim?

Ans:- No, that is just hype.

Q:-Is quantum mind power safe?

Ans:-No one have complained anything regarding the risks so, I guess it’s okay safety wise.


I hope you liked this post. I would love to hear your views about this so please do leave me a comment in the box below. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

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The Ayurveda Experience Review-Know Your Doshas!

To live a peaceful life, you will have to take care of your spiritual connection. You can perform well only when you are stress-free and happy.ayurveda online course

We have many programs available over the internet today for spiritual growth but, most of them focus on spiritual practices to tame the restless mind.

Ancient Indian spiritual wisdom tells us that in order to grow spiritually we will have to take care of both our body as well us mind because they both are equally essential part of our existence.

This Ayurveda experience review will make you familiar with an Ayurveda online course which is intended for your spiritual growth based on the ancient Indian knowledge and practices.

What Is This Program All About?

Ayurveda, is a very old ancient Indian methodology of treating people who are suffering physically or mentally.

This program is not just about curing diseases, it teaches you a way of living which will highly benefit your body and mind.

According to the science of Ayurveda the nature of our body is decided by the balance of three factors which is termed as doshas.

By detecting the increase in any one or more of the doshas (Ayurveda body type), we can take measures which will further bring balance.

Combining yoga, meditation and diet to heal the person both physically as well as spiritually the Ayurveda experience proves to be a very good option for people who understand the importance of harmony between mind, body and spirit.

Your body weight, immunity, allergies, stamina etc can all be understood by finding the type of dosha you have, you would be able to determine that by yourself by learning it from this course and after knowing it you can work towards controlling the presence of that particular dosha, which will result as a significant improvement in your complete body health.

The 5 Elements

Ancient Indian philosophy says that our body is made up of 5 elements viz. water, air, space, earth and fire. All types of emotional and physical sufferings are caused by the imbalance of these elements in the body of a person.

Before starting the treatment,Ayurvedic science first identifies the Prakruti(nature/personality type) of the person .

Your personality type (which you can identify using the 3 minute test in their website) has various pros and cons. Using the information presented to you in this program you can find out your favorable and unfavorable diets.

Not Only Your Health

Don’t limit the utility of this program to your physical health only; by using the tools that you will get in this package you can improve any area of our life.

Since this material will help you to progress spiritually, the inner state of yours will be naturally reflected in your relationships, skills, performance etc.

Inside the Package

The Ayurveda experience comes in three types of plans from which you can choose according to your requirement; these plans are silver, gold and platinum, all the three plans consists of 7 modules.

Along with these modules you will also receive many video tutorials that will teach you how to meditate, exercise, massage and prepare Ayurvedic breakfast.

The package also consists of an e-book named “The Perfect Balance Diet Book” and also an exercise book.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Ayurveda experience is really an awesome program especially for people who do believe in the power of such wisdom.

Since this Ayurveda online course is available at a very low price than its actual worth, I think it would be a very beneficial deal for you if you decide to buy it.

Be sure to follow the program regularly and proceed properly as guided to see the best results!

For more information, please visit the product website.


I hope you liked this post. I would love to hear your views about this so please do leave me a comment in the box below. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

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