Root Chakra and Manifestation of Wealth

You might have heard it already or you might be hearing it for the first time but there is a very strong connection between the root chakra and the manifestation of wealth in a person’s life. The root chakra is not the only chakra that affects the financial situation of a person’s life but it is one of the important energy centers which needs to be balanced if one wishes to be good at attracting financial abundance into their life.

Your root chakra or the Muladhara is the energy center that shapes the relationship that you have with the physical world, so finances being one of the primary components of a person’s physical world, gets deeply affected when someone is having a blocked root chakra.

There are various ways in which an imbalanced root chakra might affect a person’s life but struggling to make money or being unable to manage finances properly is a clear symptom of a blocked root chakra. It is worthless to take actions that have no proper direction towards becoming wealthy, a proper mindset and emotional preparedness are the two main factors that decide how much fruitful a person’s efforts are going to be when it comes to the area of making money. The primary purpose of money is to provide security and root chakra, among the 7 chakras is the energy center that is responsible for how secure a person feels in their life.

Primal Needs and Root Chakra

Our root chakra is what is most associated with the requirements of our earthly life and this is also the reason why it is the chakra that represents our basic survival needs. Although food, shelter, and clothing could be said to be the basic human needs for survival but in the modern era, all of these factors are directly dependent upon a person’s financial state, so we can call that money is the new primary requirement for survival.

Over the evolution of human beings, once where the person’s survival needs were fulfilled by their ability to find food and shelter is now replaced by wealth entirely, so we have unconsciously associated the feelings of security with wealth.

So, in a way root chakra has nothing to do with the manifestation of wealth but its primary function is to take care of one’s survival needs but since now all our survival needs are revolving around wealth so this particular chakra has now become something that you can call as the money chakra because if you have a healthily functioning root chakra in today’s world then it means that you will be able to manifest wealth with complete easy because your root chakra will allow your spiritual energy to work in the favor of attracting prosperity into your life.

If you have used some law of attraction methods to attract money then you might be well aware of the fact that before you work on the manifestation process what is important is to feel secure and bring yourself into a state where you are confident that you will reach your goals and by working on your root chakra you will naturally start feeling secure and you will develop the emotional state which will further act as a catalyst to the manifestation process.

Past Impressions and Subconscious Mind Programming

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In many of my posts, I have discussed that a person’s childhood is highly responsible for how a person’s life gets shaped in their adulthood. Our past experiences have a deep impact on our subconscious mind and the impressions that get stored in our inner mind effects the way we carry our lives.

When it comes to the talk about chakras and our spiritual body, the mechanism is almost the same but instead of the subconscious mind the ancient text about the chakra system believes that the impressions of our past experiences get stored in various chakras of our spiritual body. Any of our experiences during childhood where we would have faced the situation that impacted our root chakra becomes deeply ingrained in our energy as the feelings of insecurity which may have caused the chakra blockage due to which our current life might be reflecting the same by making us go through circumstances that are much similar to what we might have faced during the early stages of our life but all of this happens in a different way. This means that if you were not able to get something you needed during your childhood which might have caused a strong emotional reaction at that time even though it could have been something insignificant yet it might have been stored in your energy and working against you in your present life by bringing you the life situations where you are not getting something that you require which might lead to the same type of emotional pain. So, even if you felt strong negative emotions during your childhood when you were denied a toy that you wanted badly, the same life situation might be replaying itself again where you are struggling to buy a new car or a house of your choice.

By working on your root chakra, you can let go of these impressions so that the life force can flow freely upwards from your base chakra to the other chakras which will result in naturally attracting things that are needed in your present life whereas it will also open up the possibilities for new doors to open.

Wealth Manifestation Process and Root Chakra Healing

There are plenty of methods and techniques that you can use to open your root chakra. You can use yoga, root chakra healing meditation, visualization, and various other methods for this purpose depending on your convenience. There are many ways root chakra healing can improve your life, you will naturally start to feel secure and at peace with your life. A person who has a blocked root chakra is not actually failing to make money because they are incapable of it but what actually happens is that they fail to make the right choices at the right time or they spend too much time doing things that are not working for them. By clearing the blocks of your first energy center, you will start to see your life from a different perspective, so where previously your decisions were greatly affected by your feelings of insecurities and fear, they will now be based on your intuition and reasoning. You will be able to make strong changes in your life which you were earlier afraid of and this will also allow you to take calculated risks in life which might be what was missing in your actions previously.

The most important factor in the manifestation process is allowing the abundance to flow in your life by being open to opportunities. An unhealed Muladhara chakra causes a person to become blind towards the prospects that can provide them with the solution to their financial problems, also a person finds it very difficult to work on the creative ideas that can lead them to become wealthy but when you are having a root chakra that is functioning optimally then you will begin to take strong actions and your ideas will inspire you to make it possible for you to actualize your visions.


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