Raising a Genius Kid- Making Your Child a Winner

I have written various articles on this subject like the post named “Make them winners”, I will leave more links at the bottom of this post. I am writing this post because I have an urge to tell this to the parents who are searching things like “making your kid a genius” or “making your kid smart” over the internet  since I saw a relative of my friend checking out various channels on youtube to get tips for making her kids smart.

One thing that every parent should understand is that we don’t have to do anything externally to boost up the learning process of kids instead we should introduce them to more learning opportunities, human brain develops in a similar manner for all kids it is only that the environment in which it develops decides its nature in the future.

What Differentiates Genius Kids from the Rest?

Looking at few kids who are naturally smart and learn everything quickly makes us to think that these little genius minds are special with god gifted skills, this isn’t true.

Every child is equally blessed and gifted; it is their surrounding which determines their abilities when they are growing up. Human mind is very much like a plant seed, it grows depending on its environment and the type of nurturing it gets.

The Programming of the Mind

Human mind is often distinguished in two parts for the ease of understanding the concept of human behavior as the conscious mind and the subconscious mind.

The conscious mind is our waking mind and the subconscious mind is the mind which determines all our behaviors, the subconscious mind is programmed mostly when we were kid and our life depends on this mind  programming.

By “programming” I mean here the set of beliefs that are imposed on the little minds by their family, friends and society. Any belief or idea implanted in these raw minds will come into fruition as it develops.

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This reason why a child picks up the traits of its family members is due to this fact. A mathematician’s kid’s mind picks up its parent’s belief that “math is easy” which later turns him as a genius mathematician as well.

So, in order to make your kid smart you will have to plant the seeds of smartness in his mind, in order to make him wealthy you will have to plant the seeds of wealth in his mind and to make him successful in all other areas you will have to do the same.

How to Program Your Child’s Mind?

Training your kid’s mind is easy, a baby’s mind readily accepts the ideas that you repeatedly introduce to it. So, if you will give suggestions to them like “you are smart”, “you are healthy” etc then their mind will readily accept that idea and start to work accordingly to make it true.

Keep a positive attitude when you are around your kid and encourage them to use their imagination, creative visualization is a natural gift to children but as they grow up they tend to forget it because our society doesn’t encourage a person to dream.

More important than trying to teach something to kids at an early age is to tell them how special and amazing they are. By providing them an environment which consists of positive beliefs you can make your child build an abundance mindset and their life will be shaped in accordance with these beliefs.


If you believe in the concept that’s called the law of attraction then you might be knowing that in order to make your child a winner you have to teach them about the tools and methods to achieve their goals if you are looking for a course or program for this purpose then I would suggest you trying out the product “Law of Attraction for Kids”.


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