Dream Yoga or Lucid Dreaming – What Will You Choose?

In a post I published earlier on the importance and significance of the reality checks for lucid dreaming, I shared a realization I had about what differentiates our waking life from the dream world.

This new way of looking at my dreams made me more curious and with a little research, I found that dream yoga was the answer to my questions.

As a lucid dreaming beginner, I was obsessed with doing things in my dreams that are impossible in the real-life like flying, going to beautiful places, meeting people from my past, visiting my childhood house, etc.

However, with time, experience and knowledge gained from some very awesome lucid dreaming based products, I learned that lucid dreaming can also be used for various higher purposes like problem solving, personal development and even spiritual growth.

Talking about spiritual growth, I always thought that dream yoga is not much different from lucid dreaming, but I was wrong. Even though both involves conscious dreaming, they are two entirely different processes.

Lucid Dreaming and Its Purpose

People who love experimenting with their dreams for enjoying it or those who are willing to explore the dream world to get some real-life benefit from it are the ones who intend to become lucid dreamers.

From fulfilling various desires in the virtual world to getting answers from the higher self, lucid dreaming can be used for a plethora of purposes. Nowadays it has become popular that athletes can practice in their dreams and it is a great arena for honing one’s skills.

When you think about the possibilities, it is endless and any good book or material based on conscious dreaming will teach you about it.

Dreams are created by our subconscious mind and the act of becoming conscious in your dreams establishes a direct connection between your conscious and subconscious mind, that alone makes it a practice that can potentially be used for getting better in any area of your waking life.

You can also use this skill to have some profound spiritual insights and it is also said that meditating in dreams is much more effective than the waking life.

But when it comes to a much deeper level of spiritual quest, like to understand the true nature of reality and to know what creates your life experience, you need a different approach. That’s when dream yoga comes into play.

Dream Yoga – A Self Realization Tool

Tibetan ancient dream yoga is actually a way of realizing the illusory nature of one’s life that creates suffering and pain by understanding the similarity between dreams and reality since everyone’s life experience is always subjective in nature.

In the Tibetan culture, a qualified teacher passes this to their pupil as an “enlightening experience” where he shows them how what we perceive as the “real world” is just another wave arising in our consciousness like the dreams.

They also believe that when one dies they go through a similar stage as dreaming, so this is also a preparation for a conscious death, wow that’s interesting, isn’t it? Well, for me it really was an astonishing thing to know.

What they basically do is that they first begin it just like the lucid dreaming process by remembering the dreams and becoming conscious while dreaming. Then gradually they learn to heighten their awareness to a level that they can be in a dreamless sleep and still be completely aware.

Right now, it is hard for me to even imagine what that would be like.

After that, they take this awareness into their waking life and use it to dissolve all the attachments they have formed in the world.

The concept behind this says like the way whatever happens in our dreams appear so real until we wake up, the attachments we have formed in the waking life are also of similar nature.


For more information on dream yoga you can read the book by Andrew Holecek “Dream Yoga: Illuminating Your Life Through Lucid Dreaming and the Tibetan Yogas of Sleep” or if you want to go deeper and learn lucid dreaming to further take a step towards your spiritual journey then his program “Dream Sculping” will help you.

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