7 Very Important Lucid Dreaming Tips for Beginners

If you are new to lucid dreaming and you are struggling to induce a lucid dream then the 7 lucid dreaming tips for beginners that I am going to share here will equip you with some essential information that will make it easier for you to have a conscious dream very soon.

The ability to induce lucid dreams varies from person to person because the subconscious mind of different people behaves differently and our dreams are handled by our subconscious mind.

It is true that once we get aware that we are dreaming we can control our dreams and do what we want but, for that also we need to develop a strong rapport with our subconscious mind as it can collapse the dream, wake us up, or trick us into a new dream once we become conscious inside a dream.

This rapport can be developed with practice but some people’s subconscious mind has less resistance to letting them become conscious while dreaming and that is why they are able to lucid dream easily.

It took me about 4 months of continuous efforts to have my first lucid dream (way too longer than the average cases).

One day I shared my experiences and knowledge about lucid dreaming with my friend. You know what? This friend of mine had a lucid dream the very next night after I shared all this stuff with him and that was the first time ever he came to know about this concept!

Obviously, I felt disgusted about how this could happen. However, I learned a very good lesson about lucid dreaming from that particular incident which is what I consider the most important thing to know for a beginner.

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I will reveal that in the last but, first allow me to share the other basic tips:-

Tip #1 – Record Your Dreams

It’s the basic yet most important step for inducing lucid dreams. When we keep something besides ourselves before sleeping in which we can record our dreams whether let it be a sound recorder or a dream journal, we send a strong message to our subconscious mind that we intend to become conscious inside our dreams.

Moreover, if we don’t make it a habit to remember our dreams we will not be able to know even if we had a lucid dream that night. This must be done as soon as you wake up because we forget most of our dreams within the first few minutes after waking up.

I strictly would advise you to cultivate the habit of dream journaling if you are serious about lucid dreaming, writing down your dreams in an orderly manner is far more effective than using any digital device for the same purpose because when we write our dreams, it has a deeper impact on our mind which will not only improve our dream memory but it will also be more effective to help our inner mind to know that we are strongly intending to have conscious dreams.

Tip #2 – Eat Lucid Dreaming Inducing Food

There are certain food items that help to increase the quantity of a hormone called melatonin that is secreted by the pineal gland.

Melatonin plays a role in regulating our sleep cycles and it is also known to increase the vividness of our dreams.

You can find the names of a few such food items in my post “Lucid Dreaming Foods”.

Some people also prefer Vitamin B6 – You can read more on this in my post “Vitamin B6 for Lucid Dreaming”.

Tip #3 – Get Engrossed in Lucid Dreaming Materials before Sleeping

If you engage your mind in something interesting that’s related to lucid dreaming before you sleep then there is a high probability that you will become conscious inside your dreams. It could be a blog, a book, a movie, whatever you prefer.

You may find something helpful regarding this in my post “Lucid Dreaming Movies“, you can prefer to watch any of these movies before your sleep time so that your mind will be actively thinking about things related to conscious dreaming. I would however recommend you to prefer a book, especially in paperback format because digital devices make our minds too active that we may find it difficult to complete all the sleep cycles properly which may defeat the purpose because lucid dreams occur mostly during the REM phase of the last sleep cycle. You can find some very useful and interesting books in my post named “Best Lucid Dreaming Books“.

Tip #4 – Perform Reality Checks Honestly

You might be already aware of the reality checks. Although many people know that reality checks are a great tool to gain awareness inside a dream, still not everyone is able to make proper use of it.

Why?… Because they forget the main reason behind using reality checks which is to identify if what you are experiencing is a dream or reality.

Let me elaborate on this a little more – People perform reality checks in their waking life in order to become conscious in their dreams that night without a real intention to know if what they are experiencing at that moment is a dream or not.

To gain lucidity in a dream using reality checks you will have to perform them with genuine curiosity in the waking life. People often find it unwarranted to question their waking life because they are very confident that it is real but the same kind of attitude is carried into dreams also and their mind finds it stupid to question their dreams too.

Tip #5-Talk about Your Dreams

Talking about your dreams with others is interesting as well as a good way to tell your subconscious mind that you are interested in the dream world.

Discussing your dreams with others gives you a good opportunity to improve your ability to remember a dream. With the increased ability to remember your dreams, the “dream memories” becomes as vivid as your real-life memories.

When you engage in the activity of sharing your dreams with others, you also set a strong intention to remember dreams every night that your mind will follow so that you can have more dream memories to discuss each day. When you will actually have a lucid dream, this particular habit will increase your chances of being able to recall your dream along with the emotions that you felt in the dreams which will help you to enjoy your virtual dream reality even more. Combine this newly cultivated habit with dream journaling and you have a perfect formula for having frequent vivid lucid dreams.

Tip #6-Wake up Early

Our dreams occur during a dream cycle period called REM (rapid eye moment), even though we go through multiple sleep cycles every night, the first hour before we wake up is usually a REM phase.

So, if you can wake up an hour before your usual time and then go back to sleep again after doing something to become fully awake then there is a very high probability that you will have a lucid dream.

This method is also called the WBTB technique which is one of the most popular lucid dreaming methods used by many conscious dreamers in which they wake up an hour or two before their usual waking time and engage themselves in any particular activity related to lucid dreaming and then they go back to sleep after about 20-minutes so that their mind will actively think about conscious dreaming during the last REM phase.

Tip #7 – The Final Advice for a Beginner

Okay, we have reached the end of this post and as promised I am now going to share the most important realization I had about lucid dreaming as a beginner.

There is a very strong reason behind why I struggled to have my first lucid dream for more than 4 months whereas my friend succeeded in just one day.

You will get all the above tips in many of my posts but, this is the first time I am sharing this, especially for people who have been struggling to get their first lucid dream.

Our subconscious mind is like a kid and it does not like to be forced to perform something, it resists our intention when we put a lot of effort.

This means that your own desperation becomes the reason for your failure here.

If you are someone who has tried enough and has not been successful in inducing a lucid dream then I would strongly suggest you drop your efforts for a while.

For this, you will have to completely let go of your desire to have a lucid dream (but continue to record your dreams) and since your inner mind has already received your command, once it senses the freedom it will obey your commands just like kids do.

The program that helped me the most with lucid dreaming is Rebbeca’s “Lucid Dreaming Fast Track” where she not only helps begginers to learn this skill but also takes lucid dreaming to a next level once a person has learned the basics and what I love the most about her course is that she teaches you about your inner world with the help of the conscious dreaming techniques and she takes it to a whole another level where she helps us to explore the unlimited possibilities of our subconscious mind.

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