5 Ways to Uplift Yourself When You Feel down without Any Reason

People often feel low or unhappy for no particular reason and it is very important to understand such states because it can affect your life a lot.

You may think that you are feeling down without any reason but that is not really true because there is a reason behind all our emotional changes and not knowing the reason does not mean that there is no reason at all.

The problem is that our emotions are often dependent on what our inner state is, and we are not that much aware of what happens in our inner world unless we are involved in spiritual or personal development activities.

The Low Vibration State in More Detail

This lower vibration state starts with apathy and leads to depression, no constructive or positive work could be done in this state of mind because mind traps the person in an illusion in which nothing seems to be good.

The worse thing about this state is this that as the person does not contribute his energy towards something good, he will further keep on going into this state if he finds no way to uplift himself from where he is right now.

How to Come out of This State?

#1 By developing higher awareness of your thought patterns

People who have developed a higher awareness of their thought patterns with help of personal development activities are able to realize that they are getting into a lower vibration state and they immediately bring themselves into a better state by channelizing their energy in a positive way.

Practicing mindfulness exercises is a good way by which you can get more aware of your thoughts.

#2 By having somebody nearby who can help

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If you have people around you who are in a better vibration level or have developed a higher consciousness, they can bring you out from this state by their presence and by pushing you to do something to raise your energy.

#3 By going to places where a strong positive energy field is present

Calm and serene places have a very strong positive energy field inside, you can choose the place that calms your mind the most for raising your energy level.

It could be a garden, a pathway through woods, your religious place – maybe a temple or church, you can go to any place where you truly feel peaceful.

We know what lifts us up, the real challenge is to do what we already know in our heart when our mind is telling us lies.

#4 Meditation…

Although I have already mentioned personal development activities but meditating when you feel low can change your energy level because it brings you closer to your inner self.

#5 Babies, Pets, Music and Nature

Babies and pets often bring people into a better state of mind as they have a positive energy field around them because higher power expresses itself through them as they do not oppose the flow because they don’t have a thinking (logical) mind.

Music and Nature can also bring a person into a better vibration level if the person is not too much affected by the negativity.

Cause of This Lower Vibration State

If there is no specific reason known to you that is causing you to feel unhappy or low then you must understand that it is caused because of the lack of awareness of the inner voice(people also refer to this as getting away from the inner self or true self).

This could happen because of many reasons one of which could be ignoring the inner voice(often felt as a strong urge) and making decisions using you logical mind(also called as ego).

Even other people’s and environment’s negative energy has the capability to bring an individual into a lower vibration level but those who have developed a higher consciousness are unaffected by it because they detect it in the very beginning.

The best way to avoid this state is to regularly contribute your energy towards a task which is helpful to others and making a habit to get indulged in personal development activities every day!

The frequent appearance of lower emotions can be an indication of an unbalanced heart chakra, you can read my post on heal chakra healing for this purpose. I would also suggest you Christie’s heart center meditation, it is a short guided meditation that will instantly fill you with positive emotions when you are feeling down.


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