How to Dream What You Want – Enjoy Your Virtual Reality

If you are interested in dreams, then you might have often wondered if it is possible to dream what you want because this way you can live your fantasies in the dream world.

Dreams are very much similar to reality because there also we feel emotions and sensations like in the real world. For example, when you get hit by a car you will feel the pain, when you cuddle your lover you will feel love, when you touch the fire your hands will burn, all this happens in your dream world exactly as it would be in your waking life.

Most importantly, sometimes what happens in your dreams will cause your body to react. Like, if you see a ghost in your dreams, your pulse rate and breathing rate rises as if you actually experienced that.

Till you wake up, dreams are your reality and that’s why you can do many things in dreams that are impossible in your real life.

You Don’t Need to Be a Lucid Dreamer

You might have thought that you should have the knowledge of lucid dreaming to do this, that’s a false notion, I have dreamed what I want before I became a lucid dreamer.

A little use of your imagination and you are all set to convert that imagined scene into a dream, however being an advanced lucid dreamer can give you the power to act as you want in the dream and you will also have a partial control over it.

The truth is that our subconscious mind creates the dream scene and decides the course of the dream, but if you are a skilled lucid dreamer you can influence the dream story.

Even though a good lucid dreamer gets the power to control their dreams, that control is very much limited since the dream characters and the whole script is often independent of the dreamer’s will.

So, you can surely be the dream architect like Ariadne from the movie “Inception“, but you can’t become the writer of the whole script.

Steps to Induce the Desired Dream

What I am going to share with you here is very much similar to a lucid dreaming method WILD (wake induced lucid dream), but we will only try to transform our imagined scenario into a proper dream.

I would strongly advise you to wake up earlier than your usual time and perform this method by going back to sleep once you are fully awake, but you can do this whenever you want.

Steps:  –

Write down in a paper how you want the dream to be, come up with as much detail as you could and also write the whole story.

Go to bed as usual and relax yourself with 10 deep conscious breaths.

Start imagining what you have written in the journal, this visualization is a fun process, so enjoy it by adding things that you love.

You should be visualizing this till you fall asleep, in most cases you will lose your awareness and the imagined scene will become your dream.

This requires a little practice, so if you are interested enough in your dream world then you will regularly try this, and I am sure you will succeed. Some lucky people will be able to do it at their very first attempt.

I have had desired dreams using this method many times and in most cases the dream takes its own direction.

One friend of mine gained an awesome ability by experimenting with his dreams that he was able to resume his dream after a break of about 15 minutes when he had to get up early in the morning to take his dog for a short walk, that’s one of the craziest dream skills I have ever heard about.

So, all I want to say is that start playing with your dreams and gradually you will be having some very interesting dream experiences.


I hope you enjoyed this post, if this method works for you or if you want to share any of your dream experiences then please leave your comments below. Also share any advice or technique that you find effective for exploring your dream world.

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