Is Your Family’s Energy Blocking Your Abundance?-Reprogram Your Mind

Our perspective towards various aspects of our lives is formed due to the nature of energy of the atmosphere where our mind develops.

By the nature of energy I mean various emotional responses that arises as a direct result of the beliefs, concepts and ideas that were present in our family or society to which we were constantly exposed directly or indirectly when we were growing up.

Past Events Does Subconscious Mind Programming

In childhood our mind readily accepts any idea that is repeatedly introduced to us and sometimes we form various beliefs related to our emotional experiences.

Astoundingly, we still operate by these set of rules and our whole life is shaped by these deeply ingrained concepts.

By going through various personal development materials I was already aware of my few limiting beliefs and I was constantly working towards altering them using various methods. But, when I opted for Christie’s Unlimited Abundance program and tuned into the session named clearing family blocks, my whole life started to make complete sense and I truly realized how our mind gets programmed due to various past events, this is why I consider that particular unlimited abundance special session as the most important one in the whole package,.

In our life we often imitate our parent’s way of living or we play a rebel who unconsciously wants to prove their ways wrong.

Both the ways of living has its own advantages and disadvantages but, our true aim should be to rise above such unconscious motives and reprogram our mind with the beliefs that brings us joy.

Identifying Your Family’s Limiting Beliefs

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In my unlimited abundance journey, I was lucky to have detected various events in my life that created many limiting beliefs in me which were blocking my progress.

Before implanting a new belief in our subconscious mind it is essential to identify the old ones because our efforts to install new ideas would be based on the nature of our old mind programming.

It is easy to find out our old conditioning, for that we will have to do a little self-analysis.

For example, let us suppose that you want to get out of debt:-

Sit down with a pen and paper. Ask yourself a few questions that will bring up your true beliefs about money.

Write how your family was doing in the area of wealth when you were growing up..

Write down the judgments you formed about money during your childhood..

Have you witnessed any financial dispute in your family or society?

Have you had any kind of judgments about wealthy people?

Did your parents used to fight over wealth issues?

Did you resent your parent’s way of making money because you were not getting much of his/her time?

Are you trying to unconsciously keep yourself less successful than your parents because you don’t want to become better than them?

Answering such questions with an honest self assessment will bring forth the subconscious beliefs you have that are blocking you from overcoming your current difficulties.

Remember we are trying to work with the deeper level of your mind here so; you should formulate your own questions that would make your mind to search through your past experiences and come up with proper answers.

Every person have their unique different reasons due to which they are creating their own obstacles in various areas of their lives but, there are few common energy blocks present in the energy field of most of the people.

Few examples of family beliefs that are usually found in the cases of people who find it hard to be financially successful are:-

-Money is the root of all evil..(that verse actually says that “love” of money is the root of all evil)

-Money doesn’t grow on trees (earning money is very difficult)

-Life is not a bed of roses (You have gotta struggle a lot in life!)

-Being wealthy is not spiritual…

Clearing the Limiting Family Beliefs

Whether let it be a belief which was imposed upon you by a family member or the one which you formed because of a specific event occurred in your family, you hold the power to replace it with a new better belief that will ensure your success in any area of your life.

Once you have identified your energy blocks then you can clear them using various methods like creative visualization, affirmations, meditations etc.

I have illustrated three such methods in the post “Allow Your Abundance”, read it to learn how to perform energy clearing on your own.


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