How to Visualize What You Want – The Right Method

In this post, I will be showing you how to visualize what you want in the proper manner because people often get too confused about the right way to imagine and this particular confusion can cause a lot of disturbance in the manifestation process.

I am not just talking about the beginners here, most people doubt their creative visualization methods, even after gaining a lot of information on it from various personal development books or programs.

Basic Misconception about Visualization

The doubt we have discussed above is actually born from a false idea most people have about this technique, it is the notion that this particular method is new and unknown to us.

You will learn in the books that you can make things happen using your creative power by imagining your desired life and that makes you to perceive it like a magic spell that can transform your life. There is a fault in the root assumption there, you don’t have to learn creative visualization, you are already good at it.

If I tell you that by taking long deep breaths you can relax yourself will you ask any question like how to breathe the right way? Well, that’s what people are doing when they doubt about their ability to imagine, it’s as natural as breathing and we have been using it from the day we started thinking.

So, the necessary thing to be understood here is the difference between daydreaming and creative visualization because the first is something that every single person on the planet unconsciously do and the latter one is our main concern.

The Right Way to Visualize

It is simple, we all play these little movie clips in our mind of what has happened before or what might happen in the future unconsciously and every thought here is random, when you take control of this whole thing that’s what we call the creative visualization process.

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I have an analogy for this which will explain it better, assume your mind as the television in your house and daydreaming is like the cable channel which shows you what the channel operator wants you to see, whereas creative visualization process is like the DVD player which allows you to watch any movie in your TV that you wish to.

So, your conscious intention is all that actually matters and there’s really no right or wrong way to do this, but there are few factors that decide the quality of your creative visualization sessions, let us take a look at that now.

Important Factors That Decides the Effectiveness of Your Imagination

You are free to imagine in whichever way you like, but keep these few things in mind when you do it: –

Emotions and Feelings – This is the most important thing that you should know, the whole purpose behind this process is to invoke the emotions that you will feel when you achieve your goals. The law of attraction works according to your feelings, so what you think on the surface level doesn’t matter at all.

Make sure what you imagine makes you feel good otherwise your efforts won’t be fruitful.

Present Moment – Our subconscious mind is a powerful thing which can alter our reality based on what kind of thoughts we impress on it and a very interesting fact about it is that it can’t differentiate between what is real and what is imagined.

So when you visualize, do it as if it is happening in the present moment. If you will see it as something that will happen in the future, it will always remain a thing of the future. You must live it in your mind before you live it in the real world.

Persistence – With time you will see that your visions will become more vivid and this process is something which you should make a regular part of your life.

You can’t just visualize something for a few days and expect it to happen, keep doing it for fun rather than with a strong need to see the results, then only you will be able to stay persistent.

You Don’t Need to Imagine the Same Thing Over and Over Again – I would again emphasize that the feeling is all that matters, it is okay if you are using the same scenes while visualizing or if you are imagining something new based on the same goal, just make sure that it remains interesting.

My Three Visualization Method Suggestions

Doesn’t matter if you have been visualizing for years or you are doing it for the first time, I would like to suggest you these three ways since they have worked well for me: –

1 The Spectator – One thing that always confuses people is this question – Should I visualize as the first person or as the third person? And the answer is that you can do it both ways.

First I am going to show you a simple visualization method where you sit and imagine as a third person.

Here’s how I do it – Sit comfortably or lie down, just ensure that you won’t fall asleep. Now, close your eyes and imagine the life that you want without caring about the details (if you can fill up the details it would be even better), watch it like a movie where you are the hero and shape the story as you wish to.

I also have a visualization playlist on my mobile phone that contain songs that motivates me, since music is a catalyst to imagination I prefer to listen to these songs while visualizing.

2 Nevillizing – This is probably the most effective visualization technique because it is about emulating the life of your desire using imagination, here you actively do things as if you are really living the life of your dreams.

To Nevillize you have to become childlike. For example, if you want to become an actor you can imagine receiving an award and then giving a speech, you have to do it actively by imagining a virtual reality. It is crazy, but it is fun!

3 Write It Down – If you are a beginner or if so many books and programs have confused you then I have a very good news for you – Writing is imagining!

Whenever you write something you are actually imagining it on a subtle level. In fact writing is more powerful than just imagining things because when you write you are more focused.

Some of you might have thought of typing things in your computer which is okay, but it would be more effective if you do it with a pen and paper.

All you have to do is to sit down and write a story as if it is currently happening, it should sound something like this – I am in a board meeting with my colleagues and seniors, everyone is congratulating me and appreciating me for the great work I have done in the past few weeks.

So, till you get assured that you are doing it correctly, you can prefer doing it this way.

Limiting Beliefs

There are few limiting beliefs that blocks our ability to imagine, one among such blocks that I want to tell you about is the Spiritual Guilt Trap.

We all have a guilt associated with financial success and that makes it difficult for us to visualize an abundant life, the guilt is caused by a limiting belief present in our subconscious mind that wealth is present in a limited amount in this world and if we earn more than enough then we are taking it away from poor people.

It is very important to clear such limiting beliefs if you want to be able to visualize your dream life, I have discussed some ways to do it in my post “Allow Your Abundance“.


I hope you enjoyed this post. You can crank up your visualization process with what I have talked in this post – 8 ways to make your creative visualization super effective.

How do you visualize? What are your manifestation stories? What tips do you have for an awesome visualization session? Share your thoughts with me by commenting below.

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