The Secret behind Putting the Law of Attraction into Practice

Law of attraction has become a well-known concept to people now, however only a few numbers of people have realized that it’s not just a concept but a law according to which the universe operates to create the events of our lives.

Among this rare group of people who understand its role in this universe only a few people are able to use it to achieve whatever it is that they want in their lives.

Why are most people failing to reach their goals using the universal laws? Why do people stop believing in their creative power? Why it is that despite of so many materials available on the universal laws people are not able to take control of their lives?

See, reading or trying to understand the law of attraction and putting it into practice are two totally different processes.

There is one major mistake that most of the people for whom the law of attraction doesn’t work are making – They are fooling themselves!

How Are People Fooling Themselves?

A lot of people have this misconception about the higher power that it is something which exists outside us; we think that by ignoring the truth we can change it.

Most of the LOA materials talk about “faith” and to be grateful for what’s coming as if it has already happened, this is a tricky stuff.

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Imagine a person who has asked for things and the universe has delivered it to him, he has seen the significance of LOA all around him. For him asking for something and to believe that he will get it will be easy, for him having such a faith as if his wish has already been granted would easy and quite obvious.. it is like ordering a pizza, you know it will reach to you from the minute you order it right?

The above example is of a person who tested LOA playfully, saw results, and his faith grew stronger… that’s how it works!

Now, imagine a person who is badly in need of money, he learns all the ways to attract wealth using the laws of universe. This guy does everything affirmations, creative visualization, gratitude journal and he thanks the universe for granting his wish in advance even though he is completely broke.. What do you think this guy is doing? He is trying to fool the universe and in doing so he is fooling himself!

Can you see the difference in both the above cases?

The first guy is building his faith by seeing the results and on the other hand he is not too concerned about the results whereas the second guy is practicing all the techniques but he is also too worried about the results.

An Art to Be Perfected with Practice

Working with the universal laws is like learning to play a musical instrument; you will have to learn it with patience and practice.

So, most of the people who are failing are trying these principles to get something rather than to learn the art itself.

It is like you have a car and you do not practically know how to drive but you have read about driving meticulously and now you have to reach to the airport urgently.. you get worried and you try your best to drive it because you have to reach to the airport but you are not even able to move it..why? haven’t released the hand brake!! ..You get out and say “this doesn’t work and every other person driving car is just lucky”.

Sounds crazy right? But this is what most people are doing in their real life when it comes to using LOA.

I would suggest you to start using LOA methods to attract things to which you don’t have any kind of attachment. Beginning in a playful manner will help you to build your faith because you will see evidences and as you will develop more faith you will also start to become more successful in using these principles.


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