Understanding Your Mind – Does Hypnosis Really Work for Depression?

In this post, I am going to tell you how the state of hypnosis can be used to cure depression and why hypnotherapy can help a person to improve their emotional health.

When a person is depressed, they usually tend to think that external situations are causing their emotional state and they begin to depend on things that treat the symptoms not the cause. Problems like depression need to be treated on the root level in order to ensure a permanent relief.

I think I can speak on this subject because I suffered from chronic depression a few years ago, but today I am an emotionally healthy person.

There were a lot of personal help materials that helped me to recover but Marisa Peer’s program named the uncompromised life worked on some deep inner issues about which I was unaware and it actually gave me some great results.

I used to have some knowledge of hypnosis earlier and I have used it for many purposes, but when such a big problem got solved in my life, I actually understood that hypnotherapy really works.

We are now going to look into the details of this technique so that you can get a better idea about this whole process.

Your Mind Is Very Powerful

We all have an inner mind which controls our behavioral patterns, on the conscious level what happens to us may seem totally out of our control but it is all done by our own mind.

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This does not mean our mind is not in our control; actually, this powerful subconscious mind of ours is like a kid. What seems irrelevant to us has a different meaning to our inner mind, the beliefs we hold in our subconscious mind is what gets reflected in various situations of our lives.

Most of these beliefs are formed during our childhood because our conscious mind was not completely developed at that time so all these “mind programming” is done by our childhood experiences.

Our psychology is not that easy to understand, it is not possible to always get a logical explanation to things that happens to us.

No one can draw a map based on experiences, memories, emotions and present results. But it is very much possible to get solutions for our problems by communicating with our powerful subconscious mind.

Hypnosis is a state where it becomes easy for us to get these answers or work on our inner beliefs so that our external life can change.

Just like you need to change programs in the computers of large machinery in order for them to work differently, you need to alter beliefs in your subconscious mind in order to make changes in your behavior patterns which will further change the results you are getting.

Overcoming the State of Depression Using Hypnotherapy

I have learned and used many techniques that help one to alter their inner limiting beliefs which makes it difficult for them to get the desired results in their life.

All these techniques are somewhat same, they do the same work and use the similar methodology, however, the procedure varies.

In hypnotherapy, since you know the problem beforehand, you go into the state of hypnosis to find answers to your question.

Depression is usually something that results from deep unresolved inner issues, many times people are also told that their family has genetic depression so their mind has to produce this condition because they have bought into the idea of “genetic depression”.

Though you can never tell the reason behind such problems by looking at the symptoms but using hypnotherapy you can find out the root causes for your emotional state.

As I have mentioned earlier, our inner mind is like a kid which is still sometimes holds onto the past memories, so once we know why it is working in a way that is not favorable to us, we can then consciously remove that cause and fill that space with positive ideas.

Doing this makes our inner mind to stop creating the emotional states that were troublesome and thus it allows us to experience good emotions.

My Experience

I was depressed for months without being able to understand the reason behind it and I was in a sort of self-destructive mode before I used Marisa Peer’s Uncompromised Life program where she teaches transformational hypnotherapy.

Using her methods, I found that all authority figures of my childhood were against my life decision at that time.

Do you know who these authority figures are? They are the people who were the role models for us in our childhood; they are those whom we used to trust blindly, so if they said superman exists, he exists, because they said so. We all have such people in our lives.

A few years ago, I decided that I want to give up the old ways of making an income and started to think out of the box, that’s when I started my online business.

People who matter a lot in my life were not happy with my decision because of its uncertainty.

It was okay to do what I wanted to do right??… Nope… Wrong! My inner child was not actually willing to go against their wish.

See, when you believe in something that is different from the belief patterns of your family and society, differences are created between you and those who were close to you if the bond is not based on unconditional love.

On a conscious level, I am a grown-up man who really does not need their approval to make a decision but hardly did I know that the child inside me was feeling unloved and it was dying to get their approval.

Hence, my inner mind created this emotional state so that I could somehow change my decisions and do what was necessary to get the approval of those people.

All I had to do was to tell my mind to stop seeking approval from anyone outside because it already had my own approval; I also used this affirmation “I am loved by people for who I truly am”.

Within days I recovered from a mental state that seemed permanent, in next few months I was able to live with an energy that I have not felt in many years and that’s why I now know that this stuff really works.

You can learn self-hypnosis on your own using books or you can prefer to go to a good hypnotherapist, who knows their work well, but since I have learned and benefited from hypnotherapy with the help of uncompromised life program, I will highly recommend it to you if you too want to work on your subconscious mind like me.

Here’s a short video by Marisa where she explains her program:-

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