Photographic Memory Training Exercises-Develop Eidetic Memory

In this post I am going to share a few photographic memory training exercises that will enable you to tap into your subconscious mind’s ability to remember everything in form of detailed images.

Photographic memory (eidetic memory) is something which some people have claimed to have including very famous personalities like Nikola Testla but, still it is not completely validated by science.

I was recently reading a blog on photographic memory where the author emphasized too much that nobody can have photographic memory (like in photo reading where you can scan the pages of books) still he was promoting photographic memory methods in his own labeled “practical” way.

Well let me say one thing, when somebody is talking about a subject like this he must put his logic aside or he should not talk about it at all because logical way of thinking cannot help a person to understand such phenomena.

Few people also believe that eidetic memory is a god gifted ability for some special people and others cannot develop it.

I would like to negate that also- Like singing is a gift to some people whereas some master it with practice, you can develop photographic memory with your consistent efforts and that’s why I am going to enlist a few techniques here for people who believe that they too can have it.

Techniques for Developing Photographic Memory:-

1-Remembering Places

Choose any particular place like your room, office, gym, grocery store,etc for this exercise and then try to remember every minute detail of that place. But, do not put a lot of pressure on your mind.

Once you have visualized the place to the maximum you can recall, go there and take a close look then come back to repeat the process by adding whatever you have noticed this time.

By being consistent with this process you will see remarkable improvement in your mind’s ability to remember places vividly.

2-Be More Aware

Try to be more present in every moment, this way your mind will be able to function better since you are not allowing it to get engaged in unwanted thinking and by focusing on the present moment you also become more attentive to the information that your 5 senses are picking up.

Bringing your focus to the present moments enables you to consciously register the happenings of the moment in your memory so it becomes very easy for you to recall it later on.

3-Reliving Old Memories with Others

When you have a common memory to share with someone it allows you to have the best opportunity to get actively involved in recalling past events as vividly as possible.

If you can be a little more aware while you are talking about a past event with someone, you will be able observe that your mind flashes those old images. Try to be more attentive to the visuals you receive in such situations.

4-The Memory Peg Technique

Our mind loves to do activities that involve fun, same goes with its ability to remember things and the memory peg technique is a trick using which we make it fun a task for our mind to memorize anything.

This method involves your creativity; here you will associate any particular thing to be remembered with some interesting image.

Suppose you have to buy various stuff without making a list. In this case you can apply this technique, let us say one of the item is “pen”-Here you can imagine that a rocket shaped pen operated by scientists is ready to be launched!!.. trust me, you can’t forget things when you remember it this way.

5-The Military Technique

Here is a technique where you are actually trying to take a snapshot of something and store it in your mind.

To do this you will have to hold a paper with something written on it in front of you in a dark room with a light switch near you.

Now, you will have to keep switching the light on and off for while. While doing this you will have to notice the image that flashes in front of your eyes when the light goes off.

It is said that this particular technique enables you to remember things in form of images very quickly.

6-Mind Relaxation Techniques and Meditation

Remember, when we are talking of memory we are actually talking about a function of our subconscious mind.

The process of recalling things is actually a transfer of information from our subconscious mind to our conscious mind.

Thus to improve our ability to recall we will have to learn to relax our conscious mind.

If you can master the technique to achieve greater relaxation then you will be naturally able to recall things with ease.

Meditation is one of the best techniques to relax your conscious mind and it also enables you to become more aware.

You can also prefer mindfulness exercises for this purpose.

If you are looking for a course or program for improving your memory or to develop eidetic memory than I would like to recommend Zox Pro for this purpose.


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