3 Lucid Dreaming Experiences That Helped Me to Grow Spiritually

I want to discuss some mind-boggling lucid dreaming experiences here with you that gave me a glimpse of the true nature of reality as I have known about it from various spiritual teachings.

One can come up with thousands of rational explanations for these dreams, but I really don’t want to discuss why I had these dreams because the messages they contained is what matters to me more than how I received them.

I have had many uncanny lucid dreams, if I will start talking about all of them, then someone might send me to the loony bin for sure, but here I am going to share the experiences that really taught me some profound life lessons.

1 – Who AM I?

Go to any school of spirituality, this is what you will be introduced to first. A question that appears to be straight, but when one meditates over this question they start realizing that all their identities are illusions.

Ramana Maharshi used to tell his pupils to contemplate over this question in order to awaken them.

For some people, this question doesn’t make any sense, whereas those who try to understand it also fail because it cannot be understood but only realized.

They say that the answer comes as an insight and awakens people.

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I have sometimes reached to the states during meditation where I have been able to see how my perception of “the world” and my sense of existence both are highly manipulated by my mind. However, that really didn’t help me as much this dream did: –

I don’t know if this has happened to you or not, but many people sometimes experience this half-dream state before they are fully awake where they forget the time of the day or the place where they are sleeping.

There is a small time gap between the phase when we get from sleep state to waking state where we gain all the memories of our actual life, and when you are conscious while it happens, you can actually observe this.

Since I am interested in lucid dreaming, my mind is more conscious while sleeping, so this one day I was having a lucid dream and when that dream was about to collapse I kept trying to stay conscious. After that, I was still conscious to know that I have lost my identity for a while and I saw my mother walking out of my room without being able to recognize who she is or where I am.

Crazy right? It happened for a few seconds, but for weeks I kept thinking that without my memories I have no Identity at all. During that very short period, I was just “somebody” who is conscious of “everything else”.

2 – A Different Identity and Life

This is similar to the last one because it is also about the identity, but it is a far more interesting story.

What happened is that I dreamt of being someone else. Now, with a little awareness you can know that often in our dreams the environment and people feel familiar to us as if we have known them for years, whereas in the waking life we may have never been to those places or met those people.

It is some sort of dream mechanism that makes us totally fit into the dreams of different places, times and situations. Unless you are a lucid dreamer you will never doubt such unreal dreams till you wake up.

So I was some other person in this dream and I was with my wife (dream character, I am not married yet), suddenly a thug appeared out of nowhere with a gun and shot her in the head.

I cried and screamed, but suddenly I became lucid. Even though I realized that it was a dream, I was still able to feel that agony that the dream character I played felt.

After waking up I was so obsessed with the thought that this could be the truth of my real life as well, maybe I am just playing a particular role in this lifetime and all the philosophies that talk about such concepts started to sound very true to me.

3 – Meeting Gautama Buddha

Yes, I have met him and I am his only disciple alive.. haha. Jokes apart, a lot of books on lucid dreaming have talked about this and I have also mentioned this in many of my posts that lucid dreaming allows you to meet anyone who inspires you so that you could learn something from them or get solutions to your life problems.

I got very much interested and excited about this idea from the lucid dreaming problem solving methods that Andrew Holecek teaches in his dream sculpting program.

This does not mean that you are actually meeting those figures; our subconscious mind is so powerful that it has all the answers to our questions, but meeting such figures is a technique that allows us to receive information from our subconscious mind. However, I don’t deny the possibility of communicating with the higher power in dreams either.

At that time, I always used to set an intention to meet Gautama Buddha in my dreams, since I was exploring his works at that time, hence I knew that my subconscious mind will answer my questions if I asked it to a dream figure that represents Buddha.

Usually, I try to fly in my dreams whenever I become lucid (I don’t know why I do that), but in this dream, I was already flying which in turn made me aware that I was dreaming and luckily I also remembered my intention, so I just decreed that I want to meet Buddha.

I don’t remember how I exactly reached to a place where a saint was sitting under a tree that looked like the Bodhi tree, so I assumed that this might be Buddha (I think I was not able to see his face or maybe I would have forgotten it after waking up).

Here’s the interesting conversation that I had with this dream figure: – (I wrote this in my dream journal in as much detail I was able to recall, I have modified it a little here to make it simple)

Saint spoke in a low mesmerizing voice “I suppose you are here to ask some questions.”

I remember very well how much nervous I was as I replied “Yes, Master!”

“But you don’t remember any, do you?”

“Aye, I don’t remember any.”

Saint – Ask what comes to your mind right now.

I just thought for a while and this question came to mind out of nowhere “What is the purpose of my life?”

“Hmm.. I will tell you that, but answer my simple question first!”

“Alright, I will try.”

Saint – What is the purpose of a tree seed?

Since I was standing in front of a spiritual master I came up with an answer of higher nature “To grow up as another tree which will provide shelter and fruits to other beings.”

“Does every tree provides shelter?”

“No, master!”

“And fruits?”

“No, master!”

“Does every plant grow up to become a tree?”

“No master!”

“And does every seed sprout?”

“No master!”

I realized that even what I thought as a very deep spiritual question was not that much significant when he asked again “So, what is the purpose of the seed then?”

I remember that when he asked that final question I had some kind of insight that answered my question, but I was never able to derive a proper conclusion after waking up, probably it implied that we don’t have any specific purpose.

And that was the dream that gave me an uncertain answer for a question that I never planned to ask.


So these were the three most outlandish yet intriguing dreams I ever had that somehow helped me to advance on my personal development journey that I eagerly wanted to share with you, I hope you enjoyed it.

Though I have been good at lucid dreaming for a long time, Andrew Holecek’s Dream Sculpting has taught me a lot more than what I knew before and I believe my journey as a lucid dreamer has just started because the possibility is limitless.

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