4 Morning Habits of Successful People That You Must Develop

How your day gets shaped has a lot to do with how you begin it and that’s why in this post I will be talking about some morning habits of successful people that can help you to have a great day in a way that can enable you to move a step ahead towards your success every day.

Why the Morning Time Is So Important?

We have always heard that the early morning hours must be used constructively because it is the most essential part of our whole day, but have you ever wondered why?

It is because when we wake up our mind gets refreshed as if we have pressed the reset button, this is why they say that we are born again every day as our energy is all new and we can choose a new path to make positive changes.

Sadly, most people lose that freshness soon because they allow the thoughts of yesterday to take over them and this makes their day similar to their recent past.

This is why I am going to bring to light a few techniques that will enable you to take control of your day by clearing the thought patterns you have been carrying around for a long time.

Daily Morning Activities for a Productive Day


Our mind is pretty much like an old record player which plays the same song over and over again till you change the disk.

Thoughts of the past and worries of the future highly affect our mind’s ability to perform better. What progress will you ever make if the most powerful instrument you have at your disposal is actually working against you?

There is only one way to optimize your mind for better functioning and that is by making it to focus on the present moment. But as a lot of spiritual institutions have pointed out, our mind is like a monkey that keeps jumping here and there every moment, so it is a very difficult task to stay focused for a long time.

You can try it out yourself right now; just take a short break to relax and count 50 with total alertness of your thoughts, and you will see how so many thoughts keep trying to get our attention persistently.

Many techniques can help you to become more aware of your thoughts and to bring your focus to the present moment as frequently as possible, but meditation is the king of them all.

A lot of corporate groups have realized the importance of meditation for achieving success these days and some of the topmost industries are now making their employees to meditate every day.

It is very beneficial for your mind state if you start your day by sitting in silence for a few minutes, ancient yogic wisdom refers the duration before the sunrise as the “Brahmamuhurtha” which is considered as the ideal time of the day for meditation, but you don’t necessarily have to wake up that early.

You cannot get rid of your thoughts completely unless you become enlightened (we can’t even know if there is any such state unless we get there), but daily meditation practice will make you aware enough to discern whenever your mind tries to engage you in negative thinking.

Insight meditation (vipassana meditation) is one simple form of meditation which you can practice every morning.

Positive Affirmations

Affirmations can help you to implant a suggestion in your powerful subconscious mind in order to make it your reality.

Repeated thoughts can pass through the shield created by your conscious mind and reach into the inner mind. This causes changes in your behavioral patterns that will lead to the manifestation of that thought; this is why affirmations can help you to achieve your goals.

If you will make it a habit to say or write down an affirmation of your choice within the first few minutes of waking up, then it produces better results, you can also stand in front of a mirror and repeat the affirmations by looking in the eyes of your mirror reflection.

Make sure to choose a good affirmation and emotionalize it. Always keep in mind, affirmations are powerless without feelings.

Morning Mindfulness Activities

You won’t find it easier to practice mindfulness exercises in any other hour of the day than the early morning time. There can’t be a more appropriate time for increasing your awareness than when the morning breeze flows, the sun rises and the neighborhood is all peaceful.

Be mindful in the daily tasks which doesn’t need much of your conscious attention, like while taking a shower or when you brush your teeth.

Once you begin the day by practicing mindfulness you will be often reminded by your mind to become aware of the present moment throughout your day.

Visualization for the Day

It would be great if you choose to do the creative visualization for achieving your goals in the morning, but you can also do a short visualization on how you want your day after waking up.

In the book “Ask and It Is Given” I learned an exercise called segment intending where you can live by consciously intending the things to happen in various short segments of your day and it really often gives you a lot of surprising moments.

Based on this I found that if you could visualize your day before you begin it, things happen more according to your wish. I am not talking about imagining big things; just set a few intentions (small or big) for the day which will make you happy.

Gratitude Time

In the movie “the secret” they included this particular morning hour ritual in a section where they showed how when you get up you can express your gratefulness to enhance the good feelings.

That is exactly what you should be doing if you want to have a joy-filled day, just for a few seconds close your eyes and think of the positive things happened in your life yesterday or the day before yesterday, you can also express gratitude for the things that are about to happen if you strongly believe that it will happen.


More important than all these activities is the one that fills you with joy. For me, it is when I have my delightful cup of coffee sitting in the gallery of my house from where I can see the sun rising over the mountain. And I use various methods alternatively for each morning in order to raise my vibrational frequency level so that I could stay joyful all day long.

What’s your happy morning action? Share your views with me by commenting below.

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