3 Signs from the Universe That Indicates the Law of Attraction Is Working Positively for You

One of the main concerns of people who are using various tools for attracting something they desire in their life using the universal laws is that they want to see something tangible which tells them that they are doing it correctly.

Well, there is no particular criteria using which you could track your progress while applying the principles of the law of attraction other than your own feelings. The more you feel good while thinking about your goals the faster you are going to achieve it, other than this your own inner beliefs about “how big the goal is” also affects the speed of manifestation.

You can never know how much time it will take for something to be manifested but, the less you are concerned about the “when” the quicker the process will be.

However, there are few signs which you can notice around you which indicates that what you have asked for is moving towards you. So, here we will be discussing 3 such signs that universe may give you to indicate that the law of attraction is working positively for you.


1-You Will Start to See the Options Which Can Lead You to Your Destination

Usually, when a person begins his journey to attract the lifestyle he desires, he is not aware of the path that could lead him to the place where he wants to go.

Gradually, when he starts to focus on his goals by using various LOA tools his mind picks up the ways by which he could achieve them.

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The process of manifesting your desires is more about developing your awareness. We all are capable of doing anything that we want; it is just that we are unaware of how to do it.

So, when you begin to focus on something that you desire, you put your mind on automation to come up with the ideas which will help you to reach your goals.

Yes, these ideas existed earlier also but you were oblivious to them.

In other terms the universe will show you the ways using which you can successfully have whatever it is that you want.

2-The Universe Will Make Your Goal Achievable in Your Mind

If the law of attraction is positively working for you then you will experience what they call as the “paradigm shift” which is when your subconscious programming about something changes, this is a sure shot point from where the manifestation process becomes obvious.

Paradigm shift is a result of persistence, it happens when a person is consistently using various tools to alter his subconscious beliefs without being too concerned about the results because worrying about the results reverses this process.

Hence, when you are doing it the right way consistently then the universe will show you the evidences which will convince your mind that your goal is achievable, this again will cause your inner beliefs to change which in turn will help you to see more evidences in the outer world and this process goes on until the “paradigm shift” happens.

3-You Will See It All around You

This is natural behavior of our brain, whatever we consider important in our lives we start to notice it everywhere in the world.

For instance there is one particular car which I intend to buy, whenever I step out of my home it never happens that I return without seeing that car for at least one time, in fact I notice it everywhere.

So, while applying the law of attraction a person who is doing it in the right way starts to notice whatever he has asked all around him, may be on television, other people talking, internet etc. It appears as if universe is flashing it in front you in magical ways but, the truth is that it has been present always around us it’s only that now we are aware of its presence.

Call it a brain function or a universal conspiracy; you can stay assured that you are heading towards the direction when such things happen to you.


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