8 Very Important Tips on How to Keep a Dream Journal

If you are thinking of starting to write your dreams, then the tips I am going to share in the post will help you to keep a dream journal properly so that you can become a lucid dreamer.

Here I will be sharing a few tips with you using which you can multiply the benefits of dream journaling for both remembering your dreams as well as for increasing your dream awareness.

People often become too lazy to write their dreams on paper, there definitely are many alternatives to dream journal, but none of it is that much powerful because our inner mind more easily retains data that we write on a paper.

These tips that I am going to offer you here will put you a lot of steps ahead in the journey of lucid dreaming because all these points are effective ways to communicate with the subconscious mind about your interest in your dream world.

Dream Journaling Suggestions for Maximum Benefits: –

1 Buy a Special Diary for This Purpose

First of all, make sure your dream journal is a good looking, high-quality one. There is a psychological reason associated with this, so prefer not doing it on any common notebook.

2 Keep It Near Your Bed

Trust me, you will not bother to open a shelf or get up from your bed to record your dreams when you are half asleep.

3 Write in the Present Tense

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This is a very important one guys, write your dreams in the present tense as if you are dreaming right now. Doing this will sometimes bring some of the dreams to your awareness that you might have forgotten.

4 Read Your Previous Dreams before Sleeping

One of the best ways to let your mind know that you intend to remember your dreams is to read your dreams before going to bed.

5 Write Whenever You Wake Up – Use Codes

For knowing your dreams better, I advise you to write whenever you wake up, no matter what time it is. Sometimes you will be so less conscious to even able to write a complete word, when this happens use codes, abbreviations which you can understand afterward.

Here’s an example: –

I am… Jimmy.. beach. fly abv Antarctica.. penguins. I am simply trying to say here that I am on a beach with Jimmy, and then I am flying above Antarctica and I see penguins. Sometimes you don’t even need to understand each word, it will remind you the whole scene naturally.

6 Describe in Detail

You will be tempted to write your dreams as quickly as possible due to your busy schedule, believing that you will complete it later on.

However, you probably will realize this soon that you forget all your dreams within few hours after waking up, so you will never get a second chance to describe your dreams in detail once you get out of your bed.

What’s wrong with that? Well, if you won’t try to recall your usual dreams in detail, you will never be able to remember a lucid dream properly when it happens, that can make you miss a hell lot of things about a beautiful lucid dreaming adventure.

7 Be Honest

Dreams are weird, we all know that. See, all the rules we have made about “what is right” and “what is wrong” does not apply to our dream world.

Sometimes you may dream stuff that you may not want anyone to know or you won’t like to be reminded of that either, so you may want to just skip it sometimes.

One thing you must understand is that some unwanted dreams must have occurred for some purpose of which you are unaware, if you will not write your dreams honestly, then many important dreams will start getting out of your awareness before you even pick up your journal.

You can again use codes to describe such dreams so that only you can understand it.

8 Use a Proper Heading and Date

This might seem silly to you, but if you want to let your inner mind know that you want to be more aware of your dream world then a little bit of creativity is essential. Hence, give a good title to all your long or interesting dreams. Also, make sure to begin by writing the date first.


I hope you enjoyed this post, if you are new to lucid dreaming, then I recommend you to check out my 7 tips for beginner lucid dreamers. Also, you may be interested in knowing the lucid dreaming method that works best for me.

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