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What Is Emotional Eating and How It Affects People?

In simple terms, emotional eating could be described as an eating habit which has nothing to do with actual hunger, so a person in this case is not trying to satisfy their hunger instead they are eating to feel good.

We all eat to feel good from time to time whether let it be a popcorn bucket in the cinema hall or daily snack items, the good feelings that we associate with food of various restaurants, food companies, etc. also falls into this category.

This food-feeling factor that we are talking here is something that has been used in business by people from over centuries.

There is nothing wrong in eating to feel good unless it turns into an addiction, unfortunately most people don’t even know that they are already having binge eating disorder. Continue reading

Building a Good Relationship with Food-Mindfulness Eating Script

The short mindfulness script I am going to provide you in this post is a very good practice to overcome your food cravings and improve your eating habits.

This post is a part of my article series “mind conditioning and weight loss” and here I am going to discuss the most important step to maintain a good health which is to have a good relationship with food.

Often the extra weight that people put on when their lifestyle changes and especially when they get too busy is due to their lack of awareness when they eat since the mind is too engaged in thinking about various other important stuff.

Overeating, binge eating, night eating, addiction to chocolate or sugar are all resulted from absent-mindedness while eating.

There is a very good solution available for all these problems and it is Mindfulness eating, using this method you can not only get rid of various unhealthy eating habits but it also helps you to make friendship with food. Continue reading

How to Stop Eating at Night after Dinner

In this post, I will be talking about the methods that will help you to know how to stop eating at night even when you are full.

Many people (not necessarily the overweight ones) are addicted to this habit of eating food during night time, it is also known as the night eating syndrome.

Eating with any other purpose apart from to satisfy hunger is called emotional eating or binge eating which should be stopped in order to be healthy both physically as well as mentally.

Undoubtedly binge eating at night keeps on adding extra pounds to the body weight of a person but what is less known is that it intensifies various emotional problems.

Eating to feel better or to escape from various kinds of mind states is a habit developed by a person unconsciously so, it becomes very essential to know the emotional causes behind such addictions and act on it.

What I am going to discuss with you below is some ways using which you can put an end to binge eating at night, however, if you find that the reason behind it is some serious emotional issue then I will strongly advise you to take necessary steps to treat it because in that case even after getting rid of this habit your mind will find a new addiction. Continue reading

Dealing with False Hunger-How to Stop Emotional Eating

In this post, we will see how to stop emotional eating which is a very common habit found in people who are facing severe as well as small emotional troubles.

Emotional eating in simple words when you eat to feel good rather than to satisfy hunger.

Many food companies use this “food and mood” relationship to boost up their sales with the help of marketing strategies that promotes the idea that their product can make people happy.

You are very lucky if you are able to discern that you have a habit of eating not just to satisfy hunger but for seeking some kind of relief or mental satisfaction from food because most people don’t even know that they have this problem.

People who are indulged in binge eating can be seen keeping something to eat beside them while doing various other activities and they also overeat without realizing that they are already full. Continue reading

The Law of Reversed Effort-Are Your Thoughts Working Against You?

According to the law of reversed effort when a person’s desire and imagination is in conflict, his imagination will win.

In other words a person’s subconscious mind will accept the dominant idea of the mind no matter what you try to impress on it using your will power it will be working the other way. In fact the more you try to forcefully impress an idea or suggestion in your subconscious mind the quicker will be the opposite effect because your fear in such cases will be more dominant then you desire, it is very obvious that when a person is anxious he is acting out of fear on the other hand when a person is at peace it gets easier for his subconscious mind to work according to his wish.

Let me explain you this with an example:- Suppose you forgot a certain name or a song, you try to recall it using your will but it gets harder to recall that name, you give your best effort but you cannot retrieve that specific information. Finally you give up and go to sleep; you are at peace with you mind as you relax and suddenly that name or song pops up in your head.

What happened in the above case is when you were trying hard to recall that name/song your dominant feeling was “I forgot it” and the more you tried the harder it was to bring it back from your memory bank. Now, when you were about to sleep you let go the effort and eased off so, the feeling of “I forgot” went away and your subconscious mind followed the instruction.

Are You Becoming Your Own Enemy?

Most of us have a problem in giving proper instruction to our subconscious mind because our old conditioning produces a voice inside us which acts as a hindrance in the path of our desires in life.

Feeling of fear is one of the major obstacles that counter-balances all of our positive thoughts and efforts.

Christie Marie Sheldon in her unlimited abundance program calls it as the cross purpose which sends mixed messages to the universe, she also helps us to remove such blocks so that our desires could manifest.

Mixed messages are unclear intentions which a person has when he hears a lot of voices in his head because of desires that are not in accordance to his old conditioning so, here either he has to choose another desire or he will have to work to change the beliefs in his subconscious mind and replace it with the new better ones.

Never Try to Force a Suggestion on Your Subconscious Mind

We have discussed now that a person’s dominant thought will be accepted by his subconscious mind and putting more effort makes it to follow the opposite of the desire.

So, a wise thing to do when faced with such situation where the dominant thought is opposite of what is desired will be to relax and remove all the negative feelings. Using imagination in a fun manner rather than with anxiousness to achieve a specific result will be a very good option here.


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Two Sides of the Same Coin-The Law of Duality

I am not going to say that if you believe in god then you will have to accept the existence of devil,as people generally misinterpret what the law of duality says.

The law of duality(or polarity) does not say that everything has an opposite, instead it says that the opposite of any entity that we can perceive is nothing but the other extreme of one and the same thing.

Let’s take the example of prosperity and poverty, one is abundance of wealth and the other is absence of wealth but both are the differences in balance of exactly the same thing-wealth!

In the same way many people talk about the law of attraction and repulsion within the context of law of polarity, which says that if the universal laws operates to attract what we want in our lives then there must also be some law which forms its opposite by repelling the stuff that we don’t want, this is not at all true.

What we don’t attract in our life is what we don’t focus upon or we block what we want by focusing on its opposite( negative thoughts or beliefs).. so there is no such law as the law of repulsion, but it is the law of attraction working reversely what seems like that. Continue reading

Suffering Caused by the Dying Ego-The Dark Night of the Soul

First time I heard this spiritual phase, it was an article on Mother Terresa’s dark night of the soul experience, the emotion I felt was “fear”. The misinformation that creates a false impression in our minds about this phase which can occur in anybody’s life makes it something that intimidates us.

This post is prepared with an intention to give you a clear idea about this stage because with proper information you can use it as a ladder to achieve higher consciousness. Continue reading

12 Steps Spiritual Awakening-Guidelines for Major Inner Shift

In this post, I am going to elaborate the 12 steps spiritual awakening process that has been used by a large number of people who seek spiritual advancement.

There is one misconception that has been persisting in our society from a very long time that the 12 steps is only meant for people who want to recover from alcoholic addiction; this false information resists a lot of people from getting the amazing benefits that this process could offer in treating any kind of other addictions or to solve problems, which could bring a great spiritual transformation.

Here I am going to discuss the 12 steps for spiritual transformation with you here in the simplest way possible as I have understood it:-

Step-1:- This is about being true to oneself and facing the problem rather than denying it. When we have an addiction whether it is alcohol, drugs, gambling, over eating or even a person on whom we are too much dependent in life to be happy, we usually deny that we are addicted and in doing so we are actually fooling ourselves so, the first step asks you to accept your problem.

Step-2:-Here, you are encouraged to build hope because without hope a person is completely powerless as a person would have tried a lot to solve the problem by himself this step asks him to seek help from something outside of himself(generally it is from the therapist or the group). Continue reading

Why Do We Fear the Change? – Making Room for New Things

Have you ever wondered why do people fear the change? Why do we cling on to old things and refuse to let it go in order to welcome the new life changes? We all fear changes in our lives but accepting changes is essential for us to be happy and that’s why in this post I will be showing you how you can deal with your fears associated with inevitable life changes.

Some people may deny it but we all are afraid of changes in life, only the intensity of this fear varies from person to person. It is perfectly normal to be afraid of losing what you have right now but being too much concerned about keeping things as it is can take away your peace of mind.

Metathesiophobia is the psychological term for this fear, we can only call it a phobia when this fear grows to become a serious psychological affliction. A person loses their inner peace due to their attachments with their past, this extreme form of Metathesiophobia can cause chronic depression.

When I opted for Christie Marie Sheldon’s unlimited abundance program, I found that she emphasized a lot on clearing this deep-rooted fear because it stops people from moving forward in their lives and she has created an entire session on “the fear of change”.

With a little research I came to realize that this fear is something that holds all of us from progressing and accepting something that is inevitable, it seems to be a very simple concept but it plays a very crucial role in the formation of a person’s mindset which controls their behavioral patterns and attitude.

You may not be having this phobia in its extreme form but the reason why you are reluctant about taking strong actions that are needed for your personal growth is your fear of uncertainty. Even a positive life change is an unknown situation that our subconscious mind will not allow to happen due to the old limiting beliefs. In other words, people are stuck where they are in their lives because it is not comfortable for them to explore new possibilities.

Continue reading

Silva Intuition System Review-What’s New in the Silva Method Store?

In this Silva Intuition System review, I will be providing you a detailed information about this product so that you can decide if will be useful for you or not.

One thing that is appreciable about the Silva Method is that it never ceased to advance and today Sir Jose Silva’s work has been extremely developed with the latest digital tools involved.

Note – I am sorry to inform you that I just became aware that this particular program has been suspended by the makers, however, Mindvalley has introduced a brand new awesome program based on silva method which you might like to check out – Silva Ultramind System 

Continue reading