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Lucid Dreaming Fast Track Review- Does It Work?

The lucid dreaming fast track program is now a part of the world of lucid dreaming academy which is an online training community where a lot of experts from this field come together to help you become a lucid dreamer whereas they provide you with the essential guidance that will enable you to explore your dream world and benefit from the potential of unlocking your inner mind powers with the help of this skill.  
fast track lucid dreaming

In this review of the lucid dreaming fast track course created by Rebecca Turner, I will be giving you complete detail about this course and the materials you will get as a member of the world of lucid dreaming academy. What you will be getting in this program is a pack of digital resources in addition to the main material which is an e-book created by Rebecca that has now been transferred to an online study module of their membership where they teach you various aspects of lucid dreaming. As a member of this community, you will be able to join a group of people who are on the same journey as you and you will get access to various tools on their website that you can use to learn the art of lucid dreaming.

This particular study material from Rebecca is useful for both beginners and advanced lucid dreamers because it not only contains information about how you can start to have your first few lucid dreams but it also takes this skill to higher levels. This program has helped more than 4000 members of their community to become experienced lucid dreamers, whereas, the main material of this program has been used by more than 30,000 people since its inception. Continue reading

Taking Vitamin B6 for Lucid Dreaming- Know It before Trying!

Many people have a high success rate of getting a lucid dream when they take Vitamin B6 pills just before going to bed, but is it really advisable?
I do not advise you to take any shortcuts for getting lucid dreams.

I never tried vitamin B6 for lucid dreaming, however as a beginner I tried the mustard seeds before going to bed(contains high amount of melatonin that helps to get vivid dreams) but it didn’t help  me that much, then I found that my “trying too hard” made it more difficult for me to get my first lucid dream.


Lucid dreaming is a skill that could be mastered like any other skill in natural ways as we discussed in “steps for lucid dreaming“.

Continue reading

Is Sleep Paralysis Dangerous? – A Lucid Dreaming Problem

In this post I will be answering a very basic lucid dreaming question i.e “Is sleep paralysis dangerous?” because it is something that often worries a lot of people when they begin their lucid dreaming journey.

What will you do if you wake up and you find that your body is not moving, you can’t open your eyes, but you can move your eyeballs, you feel it hard to breathe and to make such a dreadful situation worse, you also feel a ghostly presence near you?

Sleep paralysis is the state when the body is asleep whereas mind is partially awake, this results into a dream where a person finds himself paralyzed at the same place where he is actually sleeping.

This may seem as something very dangerous and it can really scare the hell out of you when it happens. But sleep paralysis can cause no harm to you because it is a natural phenomenon.

It happens due to the biological mechanism that prevents people from acting out in dreams, so when you are partially awake you become aware of this and feel like you have lost the control over your body. Continue reading

Best Time to Induce Lucid Dreams-Set Your Alarm Clock

The best time to induce lucid dreams according to the experts is the last few hours before you usually wake up, it could be one or two hours prior to the normal time at which you normally wake up.

Though I have always been interested in lucid dreaming for years, I learned something very important about how to induce lucid dreams from Andrew Holecek’s Dream Sculpting program, it is all about the “awareness”.

Our chances of becoming conscious inside our dreams highly depends on how much conscious awareness we have in our waking life, before stumbling upon that program I hardly ever understood that there is a great connection between my waking life and dream world, in fact, the ancient Tibetan dream yoga is not much different from our normal lucid dreams when it comes to maintaining awareness.

The reason why these few hours before our usual waking is perfect for lucid dreaming is because we are highly aware during those times, our mind goes to the rapid eye moment phase which is the nearest to the waking stage and that’s where we experience dreams. Continue reading

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