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Induce a Lucid Dream Tonight – 7 Lucid Dreaming Movies

Lucid dreamers often have to face times when they stop getting any lucid dreams, there are many reasons for this and one of them could be the lack of a strong intention.

In the wake stage a person may show high interest towards lucid dreams but subconsciously he may hold ideas that can negate any chance of him to become conscious inside his dreams.

For beginners who have tried lucid dreaming steps with no success, this could be a major reason. Continue reading

5 Lucid Dreaming Dangerous Seeming Experiences

Every lucid dreaming beginner is afraid of the experiences that they hear from others which make them believe that lucid dreaming is dangerous.

Through this post I want to make people aware that lucid dreaming is completely safe because it is just like any other normal dream, the only difference is that you are aware that you are dreaming when you lucid dream.

Still, there are few things that can scare you while trying to lucid dream and this post will make you aware of it so that it won’t be big issue for you.

So here are few dream experiences that can become a hindrance in your path when you are trying to explore your dream world. However with proper knowledge you will learn to deal with them. Continue reading

Lucid Dreaming Question- Do You Direct Your Dreams or You Explore It?

As a beginner- A person would like to explore the lucid dreams. Next, they will most preferably concentrate on prolonging the lucid dreams.

After becoming proficient in controlling dreams, there are two choices.

One will limit the possibilities of a dreamer to just do whatever he wants in the dream world, whereas the other will put him on the doorstep to explore the vastness of his inner world.

Many good books have been written on lucid dreaming. But, I am a big fan of Robert Waggoner’s “Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self“ for one reason- he takes lucid dreaming to an extremely higher level… and that is what the second choice is all about. Continue reading

5 Lucid Dream Inducing Food Items- Get Those Vivid Dreams Tonight

Undoubtedly, lucid dream supplements work pretty very well in helping one with lucid dreaming, they don’t necessarily always makes one conscious inside his dreams but they do increase the possibility.

But, I have never advocated the use of such supplements and that’s why I am going to inform you about some lucid dreaming food items here which you can use as an alternative.

Before discussing lucid dream inducing food items, I would like to inform you about a hormone that is essential for getting vivid dreams because our focus would be to increase the amount of this particular hormone in the body for the purpose of lucid dreaming. Continue reading

Mexican Dream Herb Effects and Usage – Calea Zacatechichi Review

Calea Zacatechichi – a bit strange name isn’t it?

It has many other popular names like – Calea ternifolia, Celea Z, Mexican herb, etc.

Calea Z is a Mexican herb that is known for increasing the vividness of dreams.

You could try this herb if you want to be more conscious while dreaming and also to remember your dreams more.

This means that this herb is a perfect option for people who are interested in lucid dreams or those who wish to interpret dream signals.

How Can We Consume This Dream Herb?

Well there is dry extract available in market which you can use for making tea( it is bitter but manageable), it could also be inhaled(yup,we are talking about smoking ), there are Calea Z capsules and also concentrated syrup, we have included all the links in the end of this post.

Effects of Calea Z

The Mexican dream herb that we are talking about here was a formula by which the tribal people used to get deeper insights, as they interpreted subconscious messages through dreams which was indeed accurate if decoded properly.

For us, this drug can be effective as such by providing a very real like vivid dream, more relaxation and better sleep.

This herb is especially most advisable for people who complains of “not getting dreams”, actually everyone gets dreams and the only difference is that some are able to recollect them whereas others are not.

Will This Herb Work for ME?

That’s a real tough question and this answer may not satisfy you but, you will have to find it out for your own.

We assure you that this herb has been used by so many people from ages for getting vivid dreams but still as we know “some things work for some and not for others”.

So, you will have to give it a go before deciding that, but- one thing is confirm, that the dreams will be more vivid than before.

Another thing that you will have to find out for yourself will be – timing,  many people prefer to take it just before bed whereas some keep an alarm to wake up and consume it before the early morning final nap.

Is it Safe?

Apart from natural supplements, books and programs, we never advise any of our readers to depend upon any supplement for getting betters dreams.

Calea Z could cause allergy and some other side effects. If you have chosen to try it out then please perform allergy test before consuming it. (Just place two leaves below you tongue and swallow the juice, if you feel any discomfort then do not proceed).

No need to mention- that smoking should not be your option for consuming this herb because we are well aware that nothing except oxygen should go into your lungs from the viewpoint of both your physical and spiritual progress.

I hope you liked this post. I would love to hear your views about this so please do leave me a comment in the box below.

You can also send me your queries using the contact page.

Lucid Dreaming Fast Track Review- Does It Work?

There are many ways to induce a lucid dream fast but, it becomes difficult to get one when you are too anxious and it happened to me track lucid dreaming

That frustration of not getting a lucid dream is still in my memory because for some people it’s an easy task, we are so fortunate that now there are a lot of tools available in the online world for guiding us to become expert lucid dreamers.

One of the most famous lucid dreaming courses is Rebecca Tuner’s home study program named Lucid Dreaming Fast Track, let us take a closer look at this program.

Continue reading

Taking Vitamin B6 for Lucid Dreaming- Know It before Trying!

Many people have a high success rate of getting a lucid dream when they take Vitamin B6 pills just before going to bed, but is it really advisable?
I do not advise you to take any shortcuts for getting lucid dreams.

I never tried vitamin B6 for lucid dreaming, however as a beginner I tried the mustard seeds before going to bed(contains high amount of melatonin that helps to get vivid dreams) but it didn’t help  me that much, then I found that my “trying too hard” made it more difficult for me to get my first lucid dream.


Lucid dreaming is a skill that could be mastered like any other skill in natural ways as we discussed in “steps for lucid dreaming“.

Continue reading

Is Sleep Paralysis Dangerous? – A Lucid Dreaming Problem

In this post I will be answering a very basic lucid dreaming question i.e “Is sleep paralysis dangerous?” because it is something that often worries a lot of people when they begin their lucid dreaming journey.

What will you do if you wake up and you find that your body is not moving, you can’t open your eyes, but you can move your eyeballs, you feel it hard to breathe and to make such a dreadful situation worse, you also feel a ghostly presence near you?

Sleep paralysis is the state when the body is asleep whereas mind is partially awake, this results into a dream where a person finds himself paralyzed at the same place where he is actually sleeping.

This may seem as something very dangerous and it can really scare the hell out of you when it happens. But sleep paralysis can cause no harm to you because it is a natural phenomenon.

It happens due to the biological mechanism that prevents people from acting out in dreams, so when you are partially awake you become aware of this and feel like you have lost the control over your body. Continue reading

Best Time to Induce Lucid Dreams-Set Your Alarm Clock

The best time to induce lucid dreams according to the experts is the last few hours before you usually wake up, it could be one or two hours prior to the normal time at which you normally wake up.

Though I have always been interested in lucid dreaming for years, I learned something very important about how to induce lucid dreams from Andrew Holecek’s Dream Sculpting program, it is all about the “awareness”.

Our chances of becoming conscious inside our dreams highly depends on how much conscious awareness we have in our waking life, before stumbling upon that program I hardly ever understood that there is a great connection between my waking life and dream world, in fact, the ancient Tibetan dream yoga is not much different from our normal lucid dreams when it comes to maintaining awareness.

The reason why these few hours before our usual waking is perfect for lucid dreaming is because we are highly aware during those times, our mind goes to the rapid eye moment phase which is the nearest to the waking stage and that’s where we experience dreams. Continue reading

Dreaming a Dead Friend-My Unforgettable Lucid Dreaming Experience

One of my most unforgettable lucid dreams was the one in which I was dreaming a dead friend

After the demise of one of my college friends, he was alive in my mind and thoughts for a very long time, but one day I had a lucid dream in which I saw him.

I have had many amazing lucid dreaming experiences, however, I don’t need my lucid dream journal to recall this one vividly.

Still, when I think of that dream, it flashes like a real life incident in my mind and I have always wished if I could have been more prepared for it because I went totally blank after waking up and I forgot the answers to most of the questions I asked this person in that dream. Continue reading