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How to Dream What You Want – Enjoy Your Virtual Reality

If you are interested in dreams, then you might have often wondered if it is possible to dream what you want because this way you can live your fantasies in the dream world.

Dreams are very much similar to reality because there also we feel emotions and sensations like in the real world. For example, when you get hit by a car you will feel the pain, when you cuddle your lover you will feel love, when you touch the fire your hands will burn, all this happens in your dream world exactly as it would be in your waking life.

Most importantly, sometimes what happens in your dreams will cause your body to react. Like, if you see a ghost in your dreams, your pulse rate and breathing rate rises as if you actually experienced that.

Till you wake up, dreams are your reality and that’s why you can do many things in dreams that are impossible in your real life.

You Don’t Need to Be a Lucid Dreamer

You might have thought that you should have the knowledge of lucid dreaming to do this, that’s a false notion; I have dreamed what I want before I became a lucid dreamer.

A little use of your imagination and you are all set to convert that imagined scene into a dream, however being an advanced lucid dreamer can give you the power to act as you want in the dream and you will also have a partial control over it.

The truth is that our subconscious mind creates the dream scene and decides the course of the dream, but if you are a skilled lucid dreamer you can influence the dream story.

Even though a good lucid dreamer gets the power to control his dreams, that control is very much limited since the dream characters and the whole script is often independent of dreamer’s will.

So, you can surely be the dream architect like Ariadne from the movie “Inception“, but you can’t become the writer of the whole script.

Steps to Induce the Desired Dream

What I am going to share with you here is very much similar to a lucid dreaming method WILD (wake induced lucid dream), but we will only try to transform our imagined scenario into a proper dream.

I would strongly advise you to wake up earlier than your usual time and perform this method by going back to sleep once you are fully awake, but you can do this whenever you want.

Steps:  –

Write down in a paper how you want the dream to be, come up with as much detail as you could and also write the whole story.

Go to bed as usual and relax yourself with 10 deep conscious breaths.

Start imagining what you have written in the journal, this visualization is a fun process, so enjoy it by adding things that you love.

You should be visualizing this till you fall asleep, in most cases you will lose your awareness and the imagined scene will become your dream.

This requires a little practice, so if you are interested enough in your dream world that you will regularly try, then I am sure you will succeed. Some lucky people will be able to do it at their very first attempt.

I have had desired dreams using this method many times and in most cases the dream takes its own direction.

One friend of mine gained an awesome ability by experimenting with his dreams that he was able to resume his dream after a break of about 15 minutes when he had to get up early in the morning to take his dog for a short walk, that’s one of the craziest dream skills I have ever heard about.

So, all I want to say is that start playing with your dreams and gradually you will be having some very interesting dream experiences.


I hope you enjoyed this post, if this method works for you or if you want to share any of your dream experiences then please leave your comments below. Also share any advice or technique that you find effective for exploring your dream world. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

You can also mail me at, I will be very happy to help you.

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7 Best Lucid Dreaming Books Every Conscious Dreamer Must Read

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced conscious dreamer the seven best lucid dreaming books that I am going to rank here based on my views will help you to gain a deeper understanding of your dream world.dream conscious

Obviously, these books contain techniques and tips that will enable you to induce lucid dreams, gain dream control, maintain lucidity, increase dream recall, have outside body experiences etc, but what I consider as the most important thing you will be learning from these materials are the ways to connect with your higher self.

People are looking for shortcuts like lucid dreaming supplements or brainwave entrainment audios to have lucid dreams nowadays, but sadly the popularity of such things has overshadowed some great written works containing precious knowledge about conscious dreaming.

I always prefer the natural ways available for exploring my dream world, so books were my only guides in the journey of lucid dreaming. It took time for me to have my first lucid dream and to get better at it, but this enabled me to learn a lot of things about my inner mind which people who use shortcuts usually don’t get to learn. This is why I am so interested in sharing this list with you.

My Top 7 Lucid Dream Book Recommendations: –

#1  Lucid Dreaming – Gateway to the Inner Self by Robert Waggoner

robert waggnor bookThere is a personal reason why I gave the top spot to this book, it was the first ever book I read on lucid dreaming.

Lucid Dreaming by Robert Waggoner was the book that made me interested in my dream world, it was the seed planted in my mind by this book which has kept growing ever since.

As the name suggests Robert’s work explores a lot of various possibilities with lucid dreaming which mainly points toward one’s spiritual connection.

I don’t think there exists any other book which has covered so many topics related to dreams like this one, it is a very long book, but it is interesting enough to make you read it to the last page.

#2 Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge

Dr Stephen LaBerge is the biggest name in the field of conscious dreaming because it was his research works and studies that gave a new life to this ancient art, his works made lucid dreaming famous and one among those works is “Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming” which has been read by numerous people around the world.

Again, I am very much in favor of this book because it too teaches how you can use your dreams for higher purposes rather than just enjoying a virtual reality.

#3 Lucid Dreaming – The Paradox of Consciousness during Sleep by Celia Green

I won’t recommend this book to beginners since it is not much about learning how to lucid dream, but I had to put it in the third place because it is one of the most informative and interesting books I ever read on conscious dreams.

Lucid Dreaming by Celia Green helps one to see this skill from a different perspective, if you are someone who is already well familiar with lucid dreams then you must read this book.

#4 The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep by Tenzin Wangyal

As I have mentioned earlier conscious dreaming is an ancient art, and it has been used in Buddhist tradition for spiritual growth.dream yoga

This book will teach you the dream yoga (yogic sleep) using which you can stay conscious while you are asleep, the focus of this book is to get deep spiritual insights using lucid dreams.

Author’s main argument  in the book “The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep” is that one won’t be able to be aware when he dies if he doesn’t know how to stay aware when he sleeps. If you are a spiritually inclined person like me then you will love this book.

#5 Creative Dreaming by Patricia Garfield

When you learn to use your dream world as an instrument of personal growth, that’s when you actually start making the proper use of this skill.

I love Patricia’s “Creative Dreaming” book because she teaches various ways in which a person can become better than before in his real world by doing the required inner work.

The possibilities are endless, but the author shows some common ways using which you could get rid of your fears, practice your skills and get solutions for your problems.

#6 Inner Work – Using Dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth

The above talk brings me to the book named “Inner Work” by Robert A. Johnson which will guide you on how to use your dreams for your personal growth.

Creative visualization is a way using which one can alter his inner beliefs to achieve various goals in his life and dreams gives one an opportunity to take his imagination to a different level and that’s the prime concern of this book.

#7 The Conscious Exploration of Dreaming by Janice E. Brooksexplore dream world

A very interesting read that’s equally beneficial for beginners and advanced lucid dreamers, the author shows in the book how you can plan your dreams, set intentions and control them in the way you want.

Even if you are an expert lucid dreamer your control over your dreams is limited, and it is also very difficult to dream exactly what you want, “the conscious exploration of dreaming” will help you to get better at both these things.


I hope you enjoyed this post. Which one among these books are you going to read next? Which book would you put on the top of this list?, I would love to hear your views on this, so please do comment below before leaving. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

You can also mail me your queries at, I will be very happy to help you.

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Dream Leaf Review – The Advanced Lucid Dreaming Supplement

Dream leaf has been the latest buzz in the world of lucid dreaming and this advanced lucid dreaming supplement has been highly praised by the people who have tried it. But what is it actually? Is it really that good? Is it safe? What type of experience people have had with these capsules? I will be answering all these questions in this review.dream leaf danger

Apart from the natural lucid dream inducing foods, I have never preferred taking anything to have conscious dreams, not just because of the health risks associated with the supplements but for the sake of good sleeps.

I know that such things causes a lot of disturbance in the regular sleep patterns which can make you go through multiple false awakening loops or repeated occurrence of sleep paralysis, if you understand what I am talking about here, then you know that this could be worse than your most terrifying nightmares.

To me, more important than lucid dreaming were peaceful sleeps, so I took the straight path and I succeeded. It took time, but it made me better at this skill than those who take the shortcuts.

Being an experienced lucid dreamer doesn’t ensure that you will be able to induce a lucid dream frequently, so the sudden popularity that the dream leaf has gained made me to try it out, and here I am going to speak from my experience which will be equally helpful for both beginners and experts to make their decision.

What Dream Leaf Is All About?

You will get two types of pills in the box, blue colored pills and the red colored ones, like what Morpheus offers to Neo in the movie the Matrix.

These pills contain 5 super effective herbs that can stimulate the parts of your brain which becomes active when you have those vivid conscious dreams.

The blue pill is supposed to be taken when you go to bed and about four hours later you must take the red pill in order to make the maximum use of this product.

There is also an alternate method if you don’t want to wake up in the night where you take the red pill 4 hours before sleeping and you take the blue pill just before going to bed the next day.

The 5 Ingredients Are as Follows: –

Mugwort – This herb is a very well known one as many lucid dreamers have been using it for a very long time. The effect of this herb is increased vividness of the dreams which gives a great advantage to you since you will be able to have dreams that are pretty much real like.

Alpha GPC – To have a lucid dream it requires you to gain the level of consciousness in the dream world as in the waking life, and it is only possible when your rational mind becomes active while you are asleep.

Alpha GPC causes the waking up of your logical brain part which in turn induces a lucid dream.

5-HTP – One of the biggest complaints of the lucid dreamers is their inability to maintain a lucid dream for a long time and I am well aware that it is a very difficult task.

This particular content of this supplement causes an increase in the amount of certain chemicals in the brain that are responsible for the REM cycle of your sleep, which is the phase where one has dreams; as a result you will have long conscious dreams allowing you to enjoy your dreams to the fullest.

Huperzine-A – The prime reason why we are not conscious while dreaming is because we forget most of our regular conscious memories while dreaming, Huperzine-A will help you to have lucid dreams because it causes you to gain awareness of your true reality.

Choline – This boosts up the effects of Huperzine-A. People who complain that they don’t get dreams will start having dreams due to this ingredient of the pill because it helps one to remember his dreams clearly.

One feels that he doesn’t get dreams because of his weak dream recall ability and many a times we miss our awesome lucid dreams because we lose that memory even before we are fully awake, so both these herbs will make your dream memories strong as the real ones.

The main purpose of the dream herb is to tweak your sleep cycle in a way that you get a large continues REM cycle rather than the usual short ones.

Reported Experiences of the Consumers: –

People have reported different stories with the dream herb, but as far as I have known no one has complained of having no effect on their sleep or dreams after taking these pills.

A lot of people have had lucid dreams by taking these pills, the success rate is greater for the regular lucid dreamers, however many beginners have also had their first lucid dream because of dream leaf.

Here are some common experiences people have reported after trying out this lucid dreaming supplement: –

Deep Sleep – Many people have talked about deep rejuvenating sleep, especially in the first 4 hour after taking the blue pill, such sleeps have felt like a complete 12 hour sleep to them and that’s due to the lengthening of the deep sleep phase of natural sleep patterns caused by these herbs.

Interesting Dreams – Taking these pills definitely results into some kind of strangeness in one’s dreams, people have reported of having weird dreams that felt very real.

Nightmares – If you can’t stand nightmares then be careful because along with the strange dreams we discussed above most people have also had terrifying nightmares and since the dreams become more vivid it could scare the hell out of you.

Sleep Paralysis – Again, I would like to warn you if sleep paralysis makes your life difficult, then this stuff is not for you because the pills have made many people to experience frequent scary sleep paralysis.

Long Vivid Dreams – Users have loved this product because it has helped them to have long dreams, being a lucid dreamer I understand how badly one wants this to happen.

Dream Recall – Dreamers have praised this product mostly due to their increased dream recall ability after using it, since recalling dreams is what helps one to induce lucid dream frequently. This also makes one’s dreams very much similar to the real life memories.

You can’t induce a lucid dream every night, but dream leaf helps you to increase the probability of conscious dreams.

Many people have not had any success with this lucid dream supplement, however a lot of beginners have had their first lucid dream the very first night after taking these pills.

Is Dream Leaf Safe?

Apart from what I have talked in the above points, there is not much known harmful effects associated with dream leaf but I would still insist that you consult your physician before trying it out because you never know what might not suit your body, there are chances that such supplements could mess up with your mind and sleeps that’s why I always prefer the natural way.

My Opinion

The capsules are easy to swallow, but they smelled a little weird. Like many people, I had pretty good sleeps in the first four hours and experienced a lot of interesting dreams in the latter phase.

I experienced sleep paralysis and false awakenings multiple times, but since I am able to turn them into a lucid dream it became an advantage.

I once had a very long vivid lucid dream after taking the pills, which I won’t forget ever, it was when I went to sleep after taking the red pill and I remember the dream in complete detail. In that dream I was able to do some dream tasks that I have been planning for a very long time. I kept losing and gaining my lucidity many a times while dreaming, but I was able to write the whole story in my dream journal.

I would again say that I don’t encourage my readers to take the herbs for lucid dreaming, but yes this one works pretty well. You can buy dream leaf from amazon.


I hope you enjoyed this post. What have been your experience with lucid dreaming supplements? What’s your opinion on these herbs? Share your views on this by commenting below, I would love to hear from you. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

You can also mail me your queries at, I will be very happy to help you.

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The Lucid Dreaming Meditation Method That Really Works

I am going to share my favorite lucid dreaming meditation method in this post because I strongly believe that it will also work for you.

This meditation will not only help you to become aware in your dreams, but it will also relax your body and mind, hence it will relieve you from any tiredness or stress that you might be carrying from your day.

The sound tracks containing binaural beats are indeed effective to help you in lucid dreaming, but I always prefer to avoid external aids when it is about getting into a deep relaxed state of mind.

I do use guided visualizations sometimes, but I am a little disinclined to the use of brainwave entrainment (I have talked about this in my post – Dangers of Using Binaural Beats), however I won’t stop you from using binaural audios because I know that different people have different experiences with it.

How Meditation Helps You to Lucid Dream?

Before we look at the steps to perform this process I want you to know the reason why meditation could prove out to be a great tool for inducing lucid dreams.

The unconsciousness with which we live the whole day is what we take into our dream world as well.

Unconsciousness, What the hell is he saying? You might have thought.

Let me explain this in more detail – See, we all are living in a continuous hypnotic type of state and I am saying that about the usual crowd not some stoner or lunatic. This is a normal state because most people in the world get only a few moments of conscious awareness in their whole day.

More than 80 percent of our actions are involuntary; we spend most of our time thinking random thoughts, and that’s what I meant by the “hypnotic state” because all of our attention is taken up by what happens inside our heads till we come across something that requires our conscious involvement and after that we go back to the previous state once again.

Okay, we won’t go deeper into that as it is not our point of discussion here, I just want you to know that we use some techniques like reality checks because we want to train our mind to become aware frequently. This way we enter our dream world with this intention which helps us to gain lucidity.

Meditation helps you to become a more aware person, the better you become in breaking your unconscious behavioral patterns the more are your chances to see the truth (seeing things as they are without judgments) and this truth in terms of dreams means to know that you are dreaming.

The Method

The dream meditation that I will be teaching you here is something that I have been using for a pretty long time now, this is so effective because it allows your mind and body to relax while maintaining an iota of mental alertness that is essential for you to have a conscious dream.

I have come across some great methods and meditations while exploring some lucid dreaming products and books. One such good program was Rebbeca Turner’s Lucid Dreaming Fast Track program which included a book based on dream meditation plus a guided visualization that has inspired me to prepare this method.

You can always find your own working formula by experimenting with different stuff, but till then you can try this technique:-

Steps 1 – This first step is derived from a Yogic exercise called Yog Nidra.

To do this, lie down and make sure that you are totally comfortable.  Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes. Now take your attention from your scalp to toe gradually, just feel all your body parts one by one and imagine each portion is getting relaxed when you are feeling that section.

Don’t be in a hurry, just feel the sensations in different areas of your body and relax.

Step 2 – With the above relaxation exercise your mind will reach into the alpha state, which is a state that occurs when you switch between your wake state and sleep state.

Here your task is to maintain your awareness by watching your thoughts, try to be alert like a cat waiting in front of a rat hole.

Soon you will find yourself falling asleep and then waking up (not completely), this is the right time for the next step.

Step 3 – Start saying mentally “this is a dream” or “I know I am dreaming”, keep on repeating this thought in your mind till you fall asleep once again.

That is it; this is a combination of various methods like WILD and MILD, which aims to keep you awake while your body falls asleep.

There are chances that you may have sleep paralysis and false awakenings by doing this, but if you are not afraid of those experiences, then it gets converted into another great opportunity to enter into a dream consciously.


If you are struggling to have lucid dreams then you might like to know the technique that I consider best for inducing lucid dreams.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I would love to hear from you so, please do write me in the box below. If you have something to add here then you are most welcome. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

You can also mail me your queries at, I will be very happy to help you.

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Induce Lucid Dreams without Keeping a Dream Journal-3 Alternatives

Writing my dreams after waking up was once a very difficult task for me and I know many of the lucid dreamers hate doing this because that early morning time is often a busy one that’s why I will provide you a few alternatives here that will enable you to have lucid dreams without a need to keep dream journal.

Before looking at the alternative methods allow me to explain it to you why we actually keep record of our dreams..

Purpose of the Dream Journal

Usually we only remember dreams that occurred a few minutes before waking up.Sometimes you may remember a little more but, till the time you take bath you probably would have forgotten them all unless you had an interesting dream.

There are people who say that they don’t get dreams at all but that’s not true, it is not that they are lying as they actually don’t know that they had dreams..why? is because they forget their dreams even before they are fully awake.

This is why beginners in lucid dreaming are always advised to keep a dream journal beside them before sleeping since even if they had a lucid dream they won’t be able to remember it so that will mean that they never had one.

Another reason why keeping a dream journal becomes necessary for lucid dreaming is it sends a message to a person’s subconscious mind that he is interested in his dreams world which will lead to more vivid dream experiences hence it increases the probability of a conscious dream..

Experienced lucid dreamers keep a dream journal to relive their dream memories because like real life events it is not possible to recall dream memories that easily and sometimes they have very long lucid dreams so it becomes quite necessary.

Too many reasons that makes it essential right?..That’s true keeping a dream journal becomes important if you want to master the lucid dreaming skill but, since I have promised to provide alternative methods I am now going illustrate some techniques that will fulfill all the purposes that I have discussed above:-

1-Voice Recorder

Writing in a paper just after waking up could be a tedious job and for busy people it becomes something that will eat up their early morning time so you can use your mobile’s voice recorder to do this.

It is not only an easy thing but also saves your time as you can do this along with the other tasks.

2-Dream Recall Ritual

While you brush your teeth or take shower you can choose to recall the dreams that you had last night and gradually this habit will make it easier for you to remember your dreams.

You can also stick a note at your bathroom mirror which reads “What did you dream last night?”..this will powerfully work to bring your recent dreams into you conscious awareness.

3-Discussing with People

I have many friends who like to discuss their dreams with me. You can find someone who is interested in this and share your dreams everyday.

If there are kids in your home then that gives you a very good opportunity to have an interesting talk with them, they love doing this plus it exercises your dream recall ability.

4-Dream Recall Ritual #2

If your mind gets too busy when you get up that it doesn’t allow you to think about anything else than your morning tasks then you can take quick short notes about your dreams immediately after you wake up.

It could be like..

Dream 1:-

In school with Jenny and other classmates…

Dream 2:-

Driving car, with family..

Dream 3:-

In the Oprah Winfrey show…ha ha you won’t forget that anyway!

What you can do is take a look at these notes later at your free time and try to recall that dream in detail. The longer the time interval after waking up the lesser you will be able to remember.

A good way to do this will be keeping the note in your pocket and read it when you commute to your workplace or college.

The above 4 techniques will solve two of the purposes for which lucid dreamers keep dream journal that is: A-To remember last night dreams 2-To send the intention of having a conscious dream to the subconscious mind.

However, the third reason that makes experienced lucid dreamers to keep dream journal will not be fulfilled by these four and for that you will have to keep a dream journal.

Okay now don’t get mad at me for saying that I do have an advice here- Write your dream in a journal whenever you have a lucid dream..that’s it!..this way you won’t be missing anything.


If you are struggling to have lucid dreams then you might like to know the technique that I consider best for inducing lucid dreams.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I would love to hear from you so, please do write me in the box below. If you have something to add here then you are most welcome. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

You can also mail me at, I will be very happy to help you.

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Simple Tips for Dealing with Multiple False Awakenings

For a very long time I have been troubled by multiple false awakenings but, eventually I figured out few ways to deal with them and I am going share it with you here.

I am well familiar with that dreadful feeling when you can’t find a way to escape from the chain of annoying dreams that tells you that you have woke up but then again you find that you are still dreaming.

Mostly when I experienced false awakenings it was when I slept during day time but, people experience it in the usual hours of night sleep as well.

About 4-5 years ago when I was too interested in lucid dreaming,false awakenings and sleep paralysis became usual stuff for me.

In dreams I used to get up in the same room where I slept so it was often too difficult to detect that if I was still dreaming or not but, what troubled me the most was helplessness of not being able to wake up despite of knowing that it is a dream.

More than 5 false awakenings(I have had 14+) one after another could be very frustrating that you might start to hate your sleep hours but fortunately there are ways using which you can regain your peaceful sleeps.

What Causes False Awakenings?

When a person gets interested in his dreams, his mind starts to become more aware during sleep states as a result he start to get real life like dreams which gives a false illusion of waking up until the person realizes it.

This could also happen when you are over-thinking about something which you have to do after waking up. For example-Once I was traveling to a place by train and I set my alarm clock 15 minutes prior to the time when the train will reach to my destination before I fell asleep, that day I had about 7 false awakenings that the train has already arrived or I forgot to get down etc.

Repeated False Awakenings

You experience more than one false awakening when you are more conscious in dream states than normal.

Every false awakening becomes a lucid dream when you know that you are still sleeping but if you are not an experienced lucid dreamer then the dream will most probably collapse and you will have another false awakening.

If you are experienced in lucid dreaming then you can turn a false awakening into a lucid dream but if you are not then you will have to make your mind more aware using few techniques that I am going to enlist below these will allow you to detect a dream, in other words they will help you to become conscious inside your dreams (which is lucid dreaming). Hence, you will be able to escape the false awakening loop by detecting the dreams one after other till you are actually awake.

1-Reality Checks

If you have been having regular false awakenings then follow ritual of performing reality checks every time you wake up. It could be pinching yourself to know if you can sense it, trying to push through walls, trying to move things using your will etc to detect if you are still dreaming.

Be sure to perform this with a genuine curiosity, don’t make a mistake of being so sure about reality because such dreams are often very much real like.

2-Look at Symbols

In dreams it is difficult to read properly because you won’t be able to see symbols in proper form so, once you have done reality checks after waking up look for objects that has something written on it.

I prefer to use clock or calendar for this purpose.


Usually in dreams you will not be able to get your proper reflection in the mirror so, your next step would be go in front of a mirror and check if you can see your actual reflection there.


Dreams are handled by your subconscious mind and due to that all the logical mind operations are difficult to be perform in dreams, using this to your advantage you can choose to do a little bit calculation to know if you are able to do it correctly.

5-Sleeping at Right Times

Changing your sleep timings or not getting proper sleep may cause your mind to be more active than usual which can lead to various dream related problems like sleep paralysis or false awakenings.So, make sure to fix proper timings for sleeping.

6-Friend in Need

You will be able to know with experience about the time when you get trapped in this terrifying false awakening loop so you can take help of someone who will wake you up at that time.

Despite of having learned a lot about lucid dreaming I used to get more than 7 back to back false awakenings accompanied by sleep paralysis a year ago whenever I slept at noon after having lunch.

Yes, multiple false awakenings with sleep paralysis which means I used to wake up in the room where I slept where I can see but can’t even move my eyeballs to look anywhere else..I knew it was dream every time but it used happen consistently.

I tried everything else but my friend’s help is what saved me, I just told him to wake me up before the clock hits 4 PM and I was rescued almost every time, sometimes he pulled me out of that state and I still remember how relieved I used feel during those times.

If you are trying to find ways to learn lucid dreaming then check out my post where I have shared the technique that I consider best for inducing lucid dreams.


I hope you enjoyed this post. I would love to hear from you so, please do write me in the box below. If you have something to add here then you are most welcome. (Your email id will be safe and hidden, you can even prefer your secondary email id for commenting)

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How to Lucid Dream Tonight Easily-5 Important Tips

In this post, we will see how to lucid dream tonight easily using few simple techniques. These are some must to do methods if you are willing to be a conscious dreamer.

Many programs may try to trick you by offering one key method to induce lucid dream but I urge you understand the fact that nothing can make you to lucid dream except your own efforts and strong intentions.

Of course, there are supplements available that can help a person to have lucid dreams but, their effects also vary from person to person.

Below, I will share few tips using which you can highly increase the probability of having a lucid dream tonight.

Dream Journal

You know there is a very high probability that you might have had lucid dreams already in the past but, you are oblivious about it.

Within the first few minutes after you wake up you forget most of your dreams and this why many people think that they don’t dream at all.

The very fundamental and essential step to have lucid dreams is to keep a dream journal. By doing so you are also setting a strong intention that you want to explore your dream world which might eventually induce lucid dreams.

Make sure to keep a journal near you when you go to sleep tonight.


While lying in bed before you fall asleep repeat to yourself a few assertions that will be lingering in your mind when you drift off and thus it will help you to get lucid. This also acts like a command for your subconscious mind.

Here are few affirmations that you can use-

“Next scene would be a dream”

“Every time I dream, I know I am dreaming”

“I am conscious when I am dreaming”

Reality Checks

There is no good tool for becoming conscious inside your dreams than reality checks but, there is a very important point about it that almost every beginner misses- Dreams are equivalent to reality till you become aware of it.

If you will perform reality checks with a belief “I know it is reality” then that is what will happen in dreams also.

You must do frequent reality checks in wake state with a genuine curiosity; you would have to question the reality with an open mind to the probability that this moment could also be a dream- do a reality check RIGHT NOW.

Increase Your Awareness

If you would learn to be more aware in your waking life then you will also increase the chance to become aware in your dreams.

By practicing meditation or mindfulness exercises you can increase your ability to be more conscious.

To know more about mindfulness meditation read my post-Simple Mindfulness Exercises.

Lucid Dreaming Foods

There is a brain part called pineal gland that secretes a hormone called melatonin which regulates our sleep cycles.

It is said that by eating food or supplements that causes increase in the amount of melatonin one can have lucid dreams.

I have discussed about such food items in my post-Lucid dreaming foods.

Movies and Books

If you will read a book on lucid dreaming or watch a dream related movie before sleeping then you are unconsciously setting an intention to have a lucid dream that night because your mind gets fascinated by that concept.

Recently, when I was using dream sculpting program, I consistently had some very vivid real like dreams for weeks.

For this purpose, you can check out my post-7 Lucid Dreaming Movies

Wake Up Early

Set your alarm clock an hour or 30 minutes before you usual waking time, write your dreams down and do something to become completely conscious.

Now, go to sleep again and try to be a little more alert. Even if you are not able to sleep just lay there for some time with eyes closed.

In those few minutes there is a very high probability that you will have a lucid dream since your conscious mind is very active.

This is a very effective method for inducing lucid dreams.
I have written about  this in a little more detail in the post “What Is the Best Lucid Dreaming Technique?” which also discusses various other methods that has proven to be most effective for many lucid dreamers.

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7 Very Important Lucid Dreaming Tips for Beginners

If you are new to lucid dreaming and you are struggling to induce a lucid dream then the 7 lucid dreaming tips for beginners that I am going to share here will equip you with some essential information that will make it easy for you to have a conscious dream very soon.

The ability to induce lucid dreams varies from person to person because the subconscious mind of different people behaves differently and our dreams are handled by our subconscious mind.

It is true that once we get aware that we are dreaming we can control our dreams and do what we want but, for that also we need to develop a strong rapport with our subconscious mind as it can collapse the dream, wake you up or trick you into a new dream once you become conscious inside a dream.

This rapport can be developed with practice but some people’s subconscious mind has less resistance in letting them to become conscious while dreaming and that is why they are able lucid dream easily.

It took me about 4 months of continuous efforts to have my first lucid dream (way to long than average cases).

One day I shared my experiences and knowledge about lucid dreaming with my friend. You know what? This friend of mine had a lucid dream the very next night after I shared all this stuff with him and that was the first time ever he came to know about this concept!

Obviously, I felt disgusted about how this could happen. However, I learned a very good lesson about lucid dreaming from that particular incidence which is what I consider the most important thing to know for a beginner.

I will reveal that in the last but, first allow me to share the other basic tips:-

Tip #1-Record Your Dreams

It’s the basic yet most important step to induce lucid dreams. When we keep something beside us before sleeping in which we can record our dreams whether let it be a sound recorder or a dream journal, we send a strong message to our subconscious mind that we intend to become conscious in our dreams.

Moreover, if we don’t make it a habit to remember our dreams we will not be able to know even if we had a lucid dream that night. This must be done as soon as you wake up because we forget most of our dreams within the few minutes after waking up.

Tip #2-Eat Lucid Dreaming Inducing Food

There are certain food items which help to increase the quantity of a hormone called melatonin that is secreted by pineal gland.

Melatonin plays a role in regulating our sleep cycles and it is also known to increase the vividness of our dreams.

You can find names of few such food items in my post- Lucid Dreaming Foods

Some people also prefer Vitamin B6-You can read more on this in my post- Vitamin B6 for Lucid Dreaming

Tip #3-Get Engrossed in Lucid Dreaming Materials before Sleeping

If you engage your mind in something interesting that’s related to lucid dreaming before you sleep then there is a high probability that you will become conscious inside your dreams. It could be a blog, book or movie whatever you want to prefer.

You may find something helpful regarding this is in my post “Lucid Dreaming Movies

Tip #4-Perform Reality Checks Honestly

You might be already aware of reality checks. Although many people know that reality checks is a great tool to again awareness inside a dream still not everyone is able to make proper use of it.

Why?..Because they miss the main reason behind using reality checks that is to identify if what you are experiencing is a dream or reality.

Let me elaborate this little more- People perform reality checks in waking life in order to become conscious in their dreams that night without a real intention to know if what they are experiencing at that moment is a dream or reality.

To gain lucidity in a dream using reality checks you will have to perform them with genuine curiosity in the waking life.

People often find it unwarranted to question their waking life because they are very confident that it is real but, the same happens in dreams also and their mind finds it stupid to question their dream reality too.

Tip #5-Talk about Your Dreams

Talking about your dreams with others is interesting as well as a good way to tell your subconscious mind that you are interested in the dream world.

Discussing your dreams with others gives you a good opportunity to improve your ability to remember a dream. With increased ability to remember your dreams the “dream memories” becomes as much vivid as your real life memories.

Tip #6-Wake up Early

Our dreams occur during a dream cycle period called REM (rapid eye moment) even though we go through multiple sleep cycles every night the first hour before we wake up is usually a REM phase.

So, if you can wake up an hour before your usual time and then go back to sleep again after doing something to become fully awake then there is a very high probability that you will have a lucid dream.

Tip #7-The Final Advice for a Beginner

Okay, we have reached to the end of this post and as promised I am now going to share the most important realization I had about lucid dreaming as a beginner.

There is a very strong reason behind why I struggled to have my first lucid dream for more than 4 months whereas my friend succeeded in just one day.

You will get all the above tips in many of my posts but, this is the first time I am sharing this especially for people who have been struggling to get their first lucid dream.

Our subconscious mind is like a kid and it does not like to be forced to perform something, it resists your intention when you put a lot of effort.

This means that your own desperation becomes the reason for your failure here.

If you are someone who has tried enough and have not been successful in inducing a lucid dream then I would strongly suggest you to drop your efforts for a while.

For this, you will have to completely let go your desire to have a lucid dream (but continue to record your dreams) and since your inner mind has already received your command, once it senses the freedom it will obey your commands just like kids do.

The program that most helped me with lucid dreaming is Andrew Holecek’s Dream Sculpting, he takes lucid dreaming to a next level in that course and what I most love about his methods is that he teaches you about your inner world with the help of these conscious dreaming techniques and he takes it to a whole another level where he helps us to explore the unlimited possibilities of our subconscious mind.

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What Is the Best Lucid Dreaming Technique?

lucid dreaming techniquesFew years back when I became aware that we can control our dreams I spent months to find the best lucid dreaming technique and from experienced lucid dreamers I came to know that WILD is the most powerful technique however, it failed to give me the desired results.

After experimenting with various other methods I ended up finding the one that worked for me and realized that there is no perfect formula which works for everyone. So, an individual has to find his own best trick to become conscious in his dreams.

Don’t get discouraged by what I have said in the above paragraphs, since you are here to know the right formula for inducing the lucid dreams, you will leave this post with few LD techniques, essential tips to have conscious dreams and the method which works best for me-Who knows maybe it could prove out to be yours best as well.

But, before that I would like to warn you against people who are trying to sell products that contain the secret for inducing lucid dreams, please understand that this is a process which requires patience and efforts. So, keep yourself away from such scams.

Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD)

This is a simple and most used LD inducing process; it is where you do various activities which increase your chance to wake up in your dreams.

Dream recall, visualization, reality checks and affirmations are the tools of MILD and it is the best practice for the beginners.

Wake Induced Lucid Dreams (WILD)

Few people consider this to be more effective than MILD and as I mentioned earlier, this trick has worked well for a large number of lucid dreamers.

WILD focuses on staying awake while allowing the body to sleep, when you are able to maintain your conscious awareness as you go from wakefulness to dream state it becomes easy for you to induce guided dreams and due to this there is a chance that you might have an out of body experience or sleep paralyses .

The Method Which Enabled Me to Lucid Dream Easily

My most favorite method is the one which not only works perfectly for me but, it also enables me to have multiple conscious dreams and it is the cycle adjustment technique which I learned from Rebecca Turner’s lucid dream fast track kit.

This technique is so simple that even kids could do, all you have to do here is to adjust your early morning wake up time so that you can use your “body clock”(natural wake up alarm of your mind) to induce lucid dreams for you.

In order to this-Wake up at least an hour before your usual waking time for about a week and afterwards go back to your normal time(even if you wake up and can’t sleep after that, just lie there with your eyes closed). Now, switch waking up time alternatively from normal time to the new one and you will eventually get lucid dreams in that extra hour sleep.

Few Tips to Have Lucid Dreams

-Keeping a dream journal is a must.

-Perform regular reality checks.

-Read lucid dreaming books or watch lucid dreaming movies before sleeping.


Try lucid dreaming foods.

-Practice Yog Nidra.


I hope you enjoyed this post. I would be very happy to hear from you on the comments section below and if you have had success with any other technique then please do share it with us here.


You can also mail me with any of your queries at, I will be very happy to help you.

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Dreaming of Dead People-What Does It Signify?

Being a person who loves exploring his dream world especially through concepts like lucid dreaming, I have a habit of writing them in my dream journal and even when I don’t keep a dream journal, I often remember dreams that have a lot of connection with my actual life.

It is usual for me to talk about my dreams with others and hearing about their dreams-Sometimes to laugh about the weirdness and sometimes to find out if it is trying to convey any important message.

This one thing never fails to intrigue me, I have had many dreams where I have met people who are no longer alive and this same thing is what I have heard from many others. Even though we may ignore such dreams thinking that they were mere dream figures just like all others, we cannot deny the fact that such dreams usually have something so intriguing about them.

I had a very vivid dream about a dead friend of mine which was a lucid dream and it had such a mysterious essence about it that it persisted in my thoughts for so long.

From the dream experiences of mine and others, I am now very sure that our dreams do have the tendency to tap the powers of which we are unaware in our waking life and hence providing various solutions to our problems. Continue reading