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Practicing Yogic Sleep – You Can Meditate Lying Down!

If you have a back pain or if you find it hard to sit and meditate then I have got a meditation method for you which you can perform lying on your back, I will reveal it in this post only if you promise that you won’t fall asleep while doing it because I have ended up sleeping many times while doing Yog Nidra.

Yogic Sleep or Yog Nidra not only rejuvenates the body but, it also calms down the mind and prepares an individual for the rest of their day.

It is very easy but, do not make a mistake of thinking that it is not powerful just because of the simplicity, it is an ancient very powerful meditation practiced by Indian Yogis and Buddhist Monks.

For practicing yogic sleep, it is not at all required that you must have been familiar with meditation or yoga before. Continue reading

Tratak on a Black Dot

In this post, I will show you the steps to perform Bindu Tratak (Gazing on a black dot) meditation which is very helpful for improving concentration.

I have already discussed Mirror Tratak and Candle Tratak, and here we will see how to meditate on a small black dot drawn on a sheet and use it as an instrument to achieve better control over thoughts.

Initial Preparations

Choosing a fixed place and time for this meditation is very imperative.(you can get some good ideas for this purpose in the post Creating a Good Atmosphere for Meditation.

Select a place where you get positive feelings and make sure that one will disturb you while doing this meditation.

Draw a black dot on a blank sheet, keep the diameter of the dot about 4-6cm and then stick it on the wall in a way that the dot gets positioned right in front of your eyes when you sit to meditate. Continue reading

What Is the Difference between Self Hypnosis and Meditation?

This is a common doubt in the minds of people interested in soul searching as a lot of misconceptions exists about meditation and self-hypnosis.

Many people believe that there is no difference between self-hypnosis and meditation because in both the processes you actually focus towards the vast inner world of yours.

However, there is only a single difference between them that really makes them two entirely different processes. Continue reading

Tratak Meditation Method

Tratak meditation method is one very powerful ancient practice that can help a person to make some very significant spiritual progress.

People also call it fixed gazing meditation because this technique is all about fixing your eye and focus on external objects so that you could use it as an instrument to become more aware of your mind activities.

This meditation requires you to be persistent with your efforts for a very long time before you expect to see any significant change in yourself. Continue reading