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5 Reasons Why You Might Be Feeling Tired after Meditation

You actually don’t need to worry if you are feeling tired after meditation, many times people drift off while meditating and a momentary lethargy is perfectly alright when you have tried to sit in silence for a while.

The truth is that often people don’t know that they are tired as their mind is too active to discern it and when they give all those thoughts a pause, their body might get the essential attention from them, that perhaps could seem like a tiredness that wasn’t there before.

People who are new to spiritual practices worry a lot when they feel like taking a nap after meditation because that might seem like a counterproductive thing since many books and people emphasize that meditation should make you feel more energetic.

That’s true, meditation does make you feel more energetic and active as a person, but it is not an immediate effect.

What meditation does is that it calms down your mind chatter and due to that you may realize a need to take some rest. The tiredness here is not something caused by meditation, you just gain the awareness of what your body is trying to communicate. Continue reading

How to Heal Your Aura Using a Simple 5 Step Method

In this post, I am going to share a simple 5 step method on how to heal your aura daily at home so that you could start your day with a fresh energy or use it at the end of your day to clear your aura from the negative energies that you might have picked up from your surroundings.

You must take care of your energy just like you take care of your health. When you will keep yourself emotionally healthy you will take insightful actions that can lead to the manifestation of your desires.

During our day a lot of things happen that leaves behind certain types of imprints in our energy, in other words, a lot of factors causes various types of negative thought process to get activated in our mind. You need to use methods like the present moment awareness to stay alert and safeguard yourself from the effects of the negative emotional states of others, there are also people in the society who can greatly influence your mindstate with their negative perspective, such people are also called as the energy vampires.

Many times situations can also be responsible for causing us to think stressful thoughts, every day we encounter people and situations that fill our energy with elements that are devoid of love, such patterns can stick to you and energize itself by attracting more of such situations. Continue reading

Meditation to Clear the Mind – Making Inspired Decisions

In this post, I will be sharing with you a simple meditation to clear the mind so that you could make inspired decisions that come from your higher self. You can be at total peace even when your life is moving too fast, people tend to think that it is impossible to be peaceful inside when a lot of things are happening in their life.

The reason why we lose the peace of our mind is that we get too much attached with the things in our life, although we all know this yet our mind has a tendency to forget this truth and we begin to derive our identities from the very things that we have gained for our comfort. Isn’t it really stupid that we lose our peace of mind because of the things that we have acquired in order to be happy? Yet we all do it unknowingly.

You may be living your dream life or struggling to make your life better, there are things that often take up all your energy because you are always thinking about it.

People say if you are passionate about something you should just keep on doing it, but what do you think will happen if a painter keeps on painting all day long? or If a cook is always in the kitchen? This world has seen a lot of people who have become obsessed with their passion to the extent that it either ended their life or ruined all the other aspects of their life.

It is great to be immersed in something so much that your mind is not engaged in unwanted thinking anymore, but when you do not have the essential balance in your life, things can go wrong. Doing what you love and doing something with the fear of losing what you have are two different things, one needs to understand this in order to be peaceful.

Meditation helps you to detach yourself from getting too much involved in something so that you can also focus on the other important stuff in your life that needs your attention. Continue reading

8 Reasons Why Mindfulness Doesn’t Work for Most People

Today I will be talking about a few reasons due to which mindfulness doesn’t work for a lot of people. In the past few posts I have been talking about mindfulness and since I am well aware that many people find it impossible to make use of this method, here I will be making a list of the common hindrances that one may find in this path which makes people think that they cannot practice this form of meditation.

I have been practicing mindfulness for a very long time and I have been writing posts on it since the beginning of this blog. I have discovered that there are a lot of mental barriers which makes it difficult for us to practice this technique and I have received many emails from my readers which gave me a better idea about why many people fail to make proper use of the mindfulness exercises. Continue reading

4 Quick Mindfulness Techniques for Busy People

Today we are going to discuss 4 quick mindfulness techniques that you can use anytime you want to free up your mind from the unwanted stress caused by negative thoughts and emotions.

Mindfulness meditation has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years but people still have a lot of misconception about it. Contrary to what a lot of people believe, mindfulness is not a difficult thing that you will have to learn from a master, but it is something that you can practice on your own at your home without the need of any guidance.

Practicing mindfulness whenever you get time during the day has numerous benefits on your psychological as well as physical health. It can provide you with the peace of mind that is essential for the healthy functioning of your brain. A small break from the incessant flow of thoughts will enable you to gain more control over your thoughts and emotions so that you can work more efficiently.

Since it is not possible for everyone to sit and meditate for hours, here I am going to give you 4 quick mindfulness exercises that you can use anywhere anytime. Continue reading

One Awesome Mind Hack for Better Concentration – Smart Focus Trick

Do you also start yawning like me when you are about to read a book? Is it hard for you to concentrate when you are in the most need to focus on something? If yes, then I think the method for achieving a good degree of concentration on any specific work at hand that I am about to share here will solve your problem.

But first I will like to warn, this method is not for kids because it needs a certain level of maturity to understand this thing, if you are a parent then you may definitely create something of your own to help your kids from what you take from this content.

See, it has always been very difficult for me to concentrate, leave alone the high school days and the college days, even now when I pick an important work especially which involves “learning by reading”, my mind becomes my biggest enemy and finds the best possible ways to distract me. Continue reading

Altered States of Consciousness – Meditation vs. Other Ways

What I am going to tell you in this post about the altered states of consciousness is based on my own experiences and learning, through this article, I really want to debunk various myths associated with meditation because often people with less knowledge about it believe that it is just another way to escape the reality.

Before talking about how meditation works, I want to answer a basic question.

What Is Altered States of Consciousness?

Let us consider this particular moment; if you are able to perceive your environment with total awareness then you are fully conscious.

But during our day, we often go through phases where we are not fully awake, it could be when you are daydreaming, obsessed with a particular thought, immersed in your favorite music, etc.

In all the above-mentioned activities we are experiencing a different mind state than the normal fully awake state, so it could be said that your consciousness varied during those times.

Now, those were just a slight variation of mind state which we all experience frequently. The degree to which we perceive things properly using our 5 senses decides the quality of our consciousness. Continue reading

Yoni Mudra Method, Meditation and Benefits

Yoni is a Sanskrit word which means uterus/womb, this mudra got the name Yoni Mudra because it makes the practitioner detached from the worldly issues like a baby in its mother’s womb.

This practice is also known by the names Bhramari pranayama and Shanmukhi mudra. Bhramari means bumble bee and it is so named since during this process, you make a gentle humming sound like a bee.

If you will practice this simple mudra regularly you will be able to protect your energy from other people’s energies and your mind will remain unaffected from the power games and emotional dramas in which others are usually involved. Continue reading

Insight Meditation-How to Do Vipassana Meditation?

This post will inform you about how to do vipassana meditation and what it is in simple words.

The vipassana meditation is probably the most famous meditation practice because it is believed that it was taught by Buddha.

Since it has been existing for more than thousands of years, this practice is the basis of many other Buddhist meditation techniques.

Insight Meditation

This technique is also called as the insight meditation because the aim of this method is to make you see things “as they are”.

By saying “as they are” I am referring to the purest form of any entity that you observe.

Buddha already knew what we are discovering nowadays that all our sense of reality is based on the information received by our mind when it was getting developed.

In other words, our perception of reality is completely dependent on the beliefs, concepts and ideas present in our subconscious mind.

So, what we think as “reality” is created by our minds by filtering the actual information that is received by our senses and that’s why every person’s experience of a same event varies. Continue reading

What Is Meditation and How to Do It – In Simple Terms

In this post, I am going to explain what is meditation and show you a simple method using which you could perform it even if you have never done it before.

Unlike earlier, meditation has become very popular nowadays, especially due to many new studies that are illuminating the benefits of meditation.

With popularity, myths and misconceptions about this process have also increased.

People have formed their own opinions about meditation and these false notions have become a huge barrier in the path of spiritual progress of this generation.

It is quite obvious – How can a person do something if they are unsure about what they are trying to do?

Another thing that makes me sad is that people have so many speculative judgments about meditation, many a times I have been viewed as a weird guy when I talk about it in front of my friends. Well, I don’t really mind that because for me being “weird” is a natural state whereas what we consider “normal” is actually a mask that people wear to fit into the society.

It is easy to form an opinion about this process, but if you are someone who genuinely wants to know about meditation then I do have something so simple and basic to share which might help you.


What is the most essential thing to know about meditation is that it is not a “concept” or “belief” which you can understand using your logical mind, instead it is a natural state which can only be experienced.

This might sound so simple but that’s the truth – Meditation is the state of being completely present in the moment.

What being present in the “now” moment means is to get free of the “self-talks” and become attentive to what you are doing right now.

So, a kid playing hide and seek being fully involved in the game is experiencing deeper meditation than a person sitting in lotus posture in Himalayas with their mind saying “yes I am meditating!”.

Purpose of meditation is to maintain the state of “thoughtless awareness”, where you are so intensely focused in the “Now” moment that thoughts ceases to exist there.

It is all about being aware of the present moment and that’s why I promote mindfulness exercises.

A Simple Meditation Technique for Everyone

As I have discussed above, we will just try to become more present in the moment by doing this without aiming for any “special state”.

When it comes to meditation, there is no destination to reach.

The thoughtless awareness state to which I referred earlier is not any future event for which you have to strive, it is something which happens automatically when you are highly alert of your inner happenings.

Your meditation is successful even if you get to stay there for 10-20 seconds during the whole session (don’t keep track of time, I am just using an example).

Please don’t form a conclusion that you have to stop your thoughts, you should never try to do that.

Your job is to be aware of your mind activities as much as possible and your attentiveness will naturally slow down the thought stream.

The Procedure

Before meditating don’t keep your stomach full, but also ensure that you are not hungry or thirsty.

Sitting in crossed legged position (lotus posture) is recommended but, you can prefer a posture that is comfortable to you, just make sure to keep your spine erect.

Now, take a few deep breaths for about 5 minutes or till you feel relaxed. Start observing your thoughts without getting actively involved in it, you will lose your alertness every now and then, but don’t regret about that because it is completely natural even for those who have meditated for years.

Try to maintain your awareness by just watching the thoughts come and go, once you will learn to maintain the heightened awareness with practice, you will fluctuate from “thoughtlessness” to “thoughts” frequently.

As a beginner, in every session it will take time for you to even discern that you are carried away by your thoughts, but your progress will be determined by how quickly you are able to become alert once again.

This doesn’t mean that you have to forcefully do it so that you can master it quickly because it is impossible master it.

There is no end to the spiritual growth unless one gets enlightened, however we can never know if there really is some state such as enlightenment until we get there. We are just doing this to safeguard our “inner peace” from the external influences.

Meditation is about surrendering not fighting, don’t make a mistake of feeling disheartened because you find yourself mesmerized by thoughts. Be happy that you at least know that your mind is highly dominated by thoughts unlike earlier when you were totally unaware of it like most people.



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