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The Spiritual Guilt Trap- Don’t Ever Criticize Yourself for Wanting More!

Today, I am going to share a true realization with you that I have noticed in my life as well as others which I never really knew was my own “enemy” until I saw it residing inside me and affecting my actions.

I found this little enemy of mine when I was going through Lisa Nichol’s Creative Visualization course in the lesson number 4 where she teaches that we often stop ourselves from wanting things that we know will make us happy because we believe that having such desires is non-spiritual.

Let’s be honest here, don’t you see this in the world and yourself very often?.. Like when you are with someone whose opinion matters a lot to you- You act as a person who is not much desirous or sometimes the other person hides what he wants for himself because he fears that you will judge him?

Our concern here is not how you pretend in front of others, if you will just watch your thoughts with a little more awareness you will find that you deny things in life because you think that wanting too much in life is not good from the spiritual aspect. Continue reading

Is It Good to Share Spiritual Experiences?

Every person who goes deeper into spiritual practices and soul searching comes across mystical experiences. We all have a logic based mind which keeps on interpreting everything on the basis of the old beliefs and pre-existing ideas.

So, whenever a person experiences something that is not in the alignment with his belief system, he starts to find logical reasons for what he has experienced and the next question arises in his mind that “is it good to share spiritual experiences?”. Well, I have an answer here for that…

Ineffable Spiritual Experiences

Like the way you cannot explain anyone how you feel about them in the most appropriate manner or in other words you cannot make them to feel the same way, likewise spiritual experiences are often hard to describe.

“Ineffable” means something that words cannot define and spiritual experiences fall into that category.

The problem in describing the mystical experiences is that you are not only unable to explain it but you yourself start to doubt it because you felt it(it was an emotional experience) and now you are logically trying to interpret it.

No matter how much experience or knowledge you have gained in your journey of spiritual growth, you will never be able to describe the strange incidents that you might have came across. Continue reading