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Differentiating the Voice of Intuition and the Voice of Ego

We all have always faced situations where we hear two opposing voices in our head especially at times when we have to make important decisions.

At all such times we have differentiated those chattering inside our head as the fight between our heart and mind, no doubt that everyone must have wondered which voice is the one that is showing them the right path.

The voice of our inner guidance that comes from our higher self which knows what is the right in every small and big situations of our life is hard to be recognized till we haven’t learned how to listen to it, but once we have started to identify it then listening to it becomes as easy as it is to breathe.

In this post I am going to discuss with you the differences between those two voices which will enable you to make intuition based decisions.

Voice of Your Ego

Let us first talk about the voice of our ego because by knowing its nature you could easily detect what is not the right thing to do for your well being.

The ego’s talk brings a heavy feeling with it; you are not at ease when you are listening to it.

Usually this voice tries to forcefully make you act and it disturbs your mind by listing a million reasons which shows how not acting on what it says will affect you badly in the future.

You might be thinking here that looking at the pros and cons of a decision to be made is logical and necessary, but this voice is more like a noise which wants to convince you to take the action which it is suggesting.

Ego’s voice does not always suggest a single decision and many a times it finds satisfaction in confusing you and causing a chaotic mental state for you.

Voice of Your Intuition

Listening to your intuition is a real gift; it guides you properly to the path which is best for you and many successful people agrees to this that listening to their heart’s voice is their real secret.

Unlike your ego’s tactic to make you hear what it says, intuition doesn’t try to get your attention instead it reveals itself to you only when you intentionally want to hear what it says.

Your inner guidance is not available to you when your mind is too confused, worried or restless.

In order to know what your heart is saying you will have to calm down the mind chattering and sit peacefully with a strong intention to hear it.

The voice of intuition brings a light, peaceful and serene feeling with it; since you are not aware of the bigger picture so, temporarily it may seem illogical and following it may appear difficult but once you start to trust it and learn how to make intuition based choices then you will become familiar with its nature.

Your heart’s voice doesn’t argue or try to prove itself right to you like your ego; instead it just reveals itself when you are ready to hear it and then vanishes when you start to analyze it letting you decide further.

I would like to advise you to meditate a few minutes every day so that you could calm your mind and listen what your inner guidance is suggesting.


If you are very serious about developing your intuition then I would like to suggest you Sonia Choquette’s Positive Intuition.


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The Healing Power within You-Spiritual Healing

The ancient system of healing the illness has given us various natural ways to treat physical ailments without taking any medicine or without the help of any physician.

Modern life has created an illusory wall in front of us which disables us from looking back at how our ancestors cured their illness. A look into their ways to deal with diseases unfolds many mysterious ways of healing.

One such method is energy healing or spiritual healing which not only helps us to treat any physical ailment but it also enables us to heal emotional pains which usually is the root of many illness.

The Power Within

We all have an energy body around us and there are 7 energy centers which is also known as chakras. The improper flow of energy through these chakras or the imbalance in energy flow through them often results as a disease in our physical body.

By finding out the imbalance in body’s energy system and healing it the corresponding physical ailment can be cured.

Being healthy is human’s natural state whereas disease is something that occurs due to hindrance in the natural flow of energy. Human body has the natural ability to heal itself but for that it is necessary that the life force should flow in a natural way through its energy system.

A person’s subconscious mind already has the image of his perfect health but due to various energy patterns caused by external events or repeated thinking of negative thoughts it fails to bring the body back to its natural state, the work of an energy healer is to remove these negative energy patterns from a person’s energy body so that his body could reach back to its natural state.

Little More about Energy Healing

The energy healing practice ranges back to 5000 years and it is said that the Chinese have employed this method to dissolve cancerous tumors.

Usually energy healing is done through meditation, visualizations, prayers, suggestions etc whereas some people also use herbs, crystal and sounds to clear the energy blockages.

Yoga is also a very good way to heal oneself energy wise and various breathing techniques are also used for the same purposes now days.

Energy Healing in Other Areas

Apart  from the usage of energy healing for improving the health condition of a person it can also be used in various other areas of his life like wealth, career, personal improvement, relationships etc.

The result we get in our external world is a reflection of what is going on in our inner world. The beliefs that are passed down to us by our society or parents and our childhood incidences decides the state of our energy vibrations.

There are two parts to our life one is physical world that we perceive using our five senses and one is spiritual which can be perceived using our ability to feel.

The spiritual or energy part of our life decides what happens in our external physical world.

With help of energy healing we can improve various areas of our life by identifying the energy patterns responsible for certain conditions in our life and then by curing it.

I suggest Christie Marie Sheldon’s Unlimited Abundance course for this purpose, Christie uses simple guided meditation type of audios and she teaches energy clearing statements. In her course consisting of 24 energy clearing sessions she not only clears various common energy blocks that holds a person from being successful but she also teaches the clearing statements that a person can use in his daily life to clear various repeating life patterns.


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9 Things about Meditation and Spiritual Journey That You Must Know!

Before writing this article I would like to tell you that I am neither a person who could teach you meditation nor am I someone who is too experienced in spiritual practices, but I also want to let you know  that meditation is not something that could be taught and no matter how many years one has spent doing spiritual practices he could be called “experienced” as it is always an individual journey which has no benchmarks apart from how you feel about life or the change in your perception towards your outer world and the peace you have found in your inner world.

However, various gurus and practices do help one to keep moving in the journey in certain ways but it is always YOU who is on the driving seat.

Despite of the popularity that spiritual practices have gained in today’s world, meditation remains a very less understood subject amongst people.

So, from the personal experience of different views I get when my friends or people hear that I am a very spiritually inclined person, I am going to enlist a few points about meditation here….

1-It is awareness and not about getting high!

People often think that meditation is about drifting into a trance like state using a few techniques, but that isn’t true-The person is totally aware of his surrounding while meditating, awareness is what one gains through meditation, it is about bringing your mind totally into the present moment and then one may experience bliss or something uncanny but you are never near to a state that’s similar to what happens after taking LSDs. Continue reading

The Spiritual Guilt Trap- Don’t Ever Criticize Yourself for Wanting More!

Today, I am going to share a true realization with you that I have noticed in my life as well as others which I never really knew was my own “enemy” until I saw it residing inside me and affecting my actions.

I found this little enemy of mine when I was going through Lisa Nichol’s Creative Visualization course in the lesson number 4 where she teaches that we often stop ourselves from wanting things that we know will make us happy because we believe that having such desires is non-spiritual.

Let’s be honest here, don’t you see this in the world and yourself very often?.. Like when you are with someone whose opinion matters a lot to you- You act as a person who is not much desirous or sometimes the other person hides what he wants for himself because he fears that you will judge him?

Our concern here is not how you pretend in front of others, if you will just watch your thoughts with a little more awareness you will find that you deny things in life because you think that wanting too much in life is not good from the spiritual aspect. Continue reading

Is It Good to Share Spiritual Experiences?

Every person who goes deeper into spiritual practices and soul searching comes across mystical experiences. We all have a logic based mind which keeps on interpreting everything on the basis of the old beliefs and pre-existing ideas.

So, whenever a person experiences something that is not in the alignment with his belief system, he starts to find logical reasons for what he has experienced and the next question arises in his mind that “is it good to share spiritual experiences?”. Well, I have an answer here for that…

Ineffable Spiritual Experiences

Like the way you cannot explain anyone how you feel about them in the most appropriate manner or in other words you cannot make them to feel the same way, likewise spiritual experiences are often hard to describe.

“Ineffable” means something that words cannot define and spiritual experiences fall into that category.

The problem in describing the mystical experiences is that you are not only unable to explain it but you yourself start to doubt it because you felt it(it was an emotional experience) and now you are logically trying to interpret it.

No matter how much experience or knowledge you have gained in your journey of spiritual growth, you will never be able to describe the strange incidents that you might have came across. Continue reading