10 Common Indicators of Your Progress-Spiritual Awakening Signs

When you get inclined towards spirituality you naturally get curious about your progress in that path and that’s why I am going discuss a few signs and symptoms of spiritual awakening using which you can know where you have reached in your journey.spiritual awakening quote

For me, it used to be a very dominant thought in mind and still it bothers me sometimes that if I am actually going anywhere with all these spiritual knowledge and practices or am I still standing at the juncture from where I began?

Then I started to realize that the simplest way to know about spiritual progress is as Ramana Maharshi puts it “the degree of freedom from unwanted thoughts and the degree of concentration on a single thought are the measures to gauge spiritual progress”, obviously I am not able to free myself from the unwanted thoughts at present but I know that I am making headway from my ability to discern whenever I am thinking unnecessarily far better than before.

The common goal of people who are on the path of self-discovery is to “get enlightened”, paradoxically, the desire to reach such a state itself is considered as the biggest obstacle in the path of awakening.

Ancient yogic wisdom says that when life force or prana is flowing freely through the chakras of a person, that implies that they are developing spiritually and when a person’s third eye chakra gets activated it can be said that they are near to awakening.

It is said that the ultimate state is reached when crown chakra is fully activated but, there is no way or method to know when someone will get enlightened, how they will get there or if they will ever reach there or not.

So, please keep in mind that you should not aim to get liberated because masters have said that you are already liberated and the journey is all about knowing it. You should just try to get better in keeping your mind in the best state using what you have learned and will learn in your spiritual path.

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Now, I am going to enlist a few points below which will tell you about your spiritual progress but, keep in mind that just like your body starts to change when you don’t take proper care of it, you spiritual state also highly depends upon on your consistent efforts.

1 – Awareness

This is the best and simplest way to know someone’s spiritual health. One who is in control of their mind has a heightened awareness of everything – they are more present in every moment, they keeps a watch on their emotions, reactions, thoughts better than before and as a result they are very attentive to whatever happens in that moment.

2 – Increased Emotional Sensitivity

Due to sudden changes occurring in the chakras, a person becomes more sensitive emotionally and that’s a little embarrassing because you will react differently in various situations.

Know that it is happening for good and feel the emotions without getting too involved, this is also an advantage because you will become more conscious of your emotional states.

3 – Compassion

You will start to feel more compassion and connection with everything. People will feel better in your presence and they would start to share their true feelings with you. You will become a good listener and you will offer genuine support without judging them.

4 – Change in Sleep Patterns

Undoubtedly, your chakras affect your energy state so, some days you will need deep long sleeps and some days you will wake up very early in the morning but, you will not feel tired/sluggish due to this.

5 – Varying Emotional States

Sometimes you will feel happy and sometimes you will be depressed without any reason. It could also be a sudden feeling of anger or a sense of deep joy, they all happen due to changes occurring in your energy body.

6  – Special Love for Kids, Pets and Nature

People who don’t like pets or feel inconvenient in the presence of kids and babies have a sudden shift in their behavior when they start to develop spiritually.

All of a sudden such people start to feel joyous in their presence and they will now want to spend more time with them.

Those who early won’t feel much different at places that are close to nature will start to get a deep need to be in touch with nature.

This is the reason why most people want to leave their jobs and go live somewhere near nature when they get spiritual and that’s because they start to realize their true needs.

7 – Intuition

When you develop spiritually you establish a greater connection with your higher self so it is quite obvious that you will be able to hear your inner voice clearly and as a result you will be making decisions in your life that will be based on your intuition.

Not only that, you will start to know the truth about anything more accurately than before.

8 – Questioning Reality

One who is in a quest to know the truth naturally begins to question everything that is “believed” by people because society and ancestors have passed it down to them.

This will make other people sense the change in you which can also cause them to judge you as “weird” when you are spiritually advancing because your thoughts will vary too much from theirs.

9 – Staying Away from Emotional Dramas and Mind Games

Most people are always engrossed in playing various day to day dramas. They want attention, they want to be right and they will do anything to control others but, when you become a highly conscious person you will be able to actually “see” how people are driven by their ego needs and thus you will easily refuse to take part in any such emotionally draining stuff.

10 – Powerful Thoughts and Manifestation

If you grow spiritually to a level that you are highly aware of your thoughts and you can very easily know as well as escape from unwanted thinking then your thoughts start to become powerful.

People will be influenced by you and your visions will start getting manifested far quickly than before because you get better in detaching yourself from negative thoughts/beliefs that are the only barrier between you and your success.

What mainly blocks our success whether let it be spiritual or in any area of our lives are the limiting beliefs that are deeply ingrained in our subconscious mind so, if you would like to know some processes to clear such beliefs then read my post:- 3 Ways to Clear Your Energy Blocks –Allow Your Abundance

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