Clearing Negative Karma – 4 Mind Cleansing Techniques

In this post, I will be talking about clearing negative karma so that you can avoid many possible undesired events in your life caused by your past experiences.

Whenever “Karma” is mentioned, people get an image of a ghost in their mind that haunts them to punish for what they have done in the past whereas in reality, it is just a universal law for which there is no such thing as “good” or “bad”.

Nothing from outside shapes our reality and even the negative events that occur in our lives are a result of our own unconscious thoughts.

What Is Karma and Can We Get Rid of It?

Karma in simple definition is “action” so, this law which is also referred as the law of cause and effect works according to the thought impressions present in our energy.

These thought impressions are formed in a person’s mind as a result of their own actions or their reaction to any event.

A same event is perceived in different ways by different people so, their karma also varies.

As per my knowledge some karmas could be burned and some are essential for a person’s spiritual advancement.

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This law is not there for punishing people but, it is there to simply reward you with the types of fruits resulting from the types of seeds you have sown in the past, these seeds are made up of your feelings and thoughts.

Sometimes our soul deliberately makes a choice to experience something so that it could learn the essential lesson from it because our soul yearns for expansion.

What our higher self wants us to experience could be labeled by our ego as good or bad however, by being more aware a person can avoid the “mental noise” that judges everything and then only one will be able to see how a particular happening was imperative for their betterment.

Now, what about the karmas that could be neutralized?

A large portion of our energy consists of the seeds of our future life which is a consequence of our unconscious thoughts and feelings – The good news is that it can be cleared!

How to Clear the Old Negative Energy Patterns?

The negative thought impressions present in your energy could be cleared using various tools and I am going to illustrate a few such methods here.

When we talk about releasing the old energy patterns we are talking about our inner world where all our thoughts, beliefs and emotions are present.

The change in our energy system is not directly caused by our physical actions, instead, it is the thoughts that dominate our mind before and after the actions that produce the effect in our energy field (or subconscious mind).

So, in order to get rid of the negative ideas present in our subconscious mind, all we have to do is to replace them with the new positive ones.

Below, I am going to enlist a few activities that will help you to discard such negative deep rooted thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

Clearing Negative Karma-4 Mind Cleansing Techniques

Selfless Service

This is something you will find common in almost every spiritual organization, selfless service is considered as a way to grow spiritually.

What is so special in helping others that frees you from your negative karmas?

People would answer that in different ways, some even also like to keep count of their good deeds thinking that much of their karma is negated.. that’s crazy!

As I mentioned before, no good or bad exists in the higher realm!

Helping others without expecting anything in return (not even compliment) actually is a source of inner joy so, if you will take any pride in it then you won’t be able to experience that joy in its purest form.

Call it true joy or unconditional love, the inner state that one gains by helping others can burn their bad karmas. A person who helps others for their ego satisfaction cannot accomplish this.

As per what I have known this is the most powerful way to achieve inner peace when a person carries a lot of guilt and shame in their heart, it is also said that it burns past life karmas.


There is no inner work that cannot be done by meditation. When a person makes it a daily habit to spend a few minutes in deep silence it enables them to get liberated from any kind of thought patterns.

Meditation brings inner peace in one’s life which naturally allows their energy body to release the energy patterns created by their past experiences.

Love and Gratitude

If you can fill your life with love and gratitude then you can bend your reality your way. This is so simple that your mind won’t allow you to realize its true power because our mind always underestimates simplicity.

By making it a habit to spend a few minutes daily to show your genuine gratefulness to the higher power, you will experience great positive changes in your life.

Learning to love your life is the real secret to get the life that you love.

Love and gratefulness can really heal your heart from any past trauma and thus it becomes a very good practice to purify your mind from destructive thoughts.

Energy Clearing

Energy clearing is a method using which light workers heal people’s energy body by transmuting the dark patterns in their energy field using divine love (or light).

You can also learn to do this on your own, my post Allow Your Abundance will elaborate this to you in detail.

For this purpose, I would recommend Christie Maries Sheldon’s Unlimited Abundance Home Training Course in which she performs energy clearings for many types of abundance blocks that becomes a barrier in the path of a person’s growth.


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