Healing Emotional Causes – Physical Symptoms of Heartbreak

In this post, I will be specifically talking about the physical symptoms of heartbreak and I am also going to explain here why healing after a breakup is important and what you can do to avoid the physical pain caused by depression.

In my last post on the effects of emotional pain in the body, I explained how our physical problems can arise from our mental state. If you will read that article you will be able to better understand your mind and body connection.

If you are someone open to things like energy healing or light working then you obviously can make sense of what I am trying to say here because something that affects you emotionally causes an energy block which may manifest itself as some kind of pain or physical problem, so you can use the energy block clearing techniques to deal with that.

But I am going to explain this in a more logical way so that this information can resonate with anyone who will be reading this post.

Your Mind Controls Your Body

We all know that our body always reflects our emotional state and the most obvious one is the increased heartbeat while feeling fear.

However, the possibility of mind causing a persisting physical condition was only limited to spiritual teachings until recently when the field of psychology started to discover that our body’s biological functions can be altered by our beliefs, thoughts, and emotions.

The control of one’s mind over their body is now becoming a quite popular phenomenon since science is now discovering how the body reacts to certain type of thoughts and emotions.

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After experimentally getting the evidence of this, especially by analyzing some phenomena like the placebo effects, therapists are widely using this psychological factor to treat various physical problems of their patients.

Here’s a video where the chief of Stanford’s pain management division explains the placebo effect with the help of a case study and agrees that a person’s beliefs can lessen the physical symptoms such as pain:-

A lot of such cases have been illustrated in Joseph Murphy’s “power of subconscious mind book” where people got healed without even getting real medicine by just the power of thoughts. If positive thoughts can cause such an impact in a person’s body,  imagine what effects a person’s thoughts can have in their body when someone experiences an emotional trauma.

Emotions Stored in the Subconscious Mind

I have talked about the direct influence of thoughts in the above paragraph but when it comes to our inner mind which is also referred to as the subconscious mind, the effects are not direct.

We cannot always logically make sense of why our inner mind creates a particular physical problem because our subconscious mind acts like a kid.

All of our memories have had some sort of emotional impact on us which got stored in the vast reservoir of our subconscious mind, these memories are often like seeds that can germinate at any point causing a physical symptom.

The physical symptom can be a type of pain in the body or it can also be some kind of ailment.

As I have mentioned before, the actions of our subconscious mind cannot be logically interpreted and it is not possible to know how a particular emotional problem will affect someone physically.

The good news is, in order to get rid of a problem we do not need to know its nature nor we need to understand our inner mind’s working, what we should do instead is to find out the root cause of the problem and work on releasing the beliefs/thoughts that are responsible for that.

In most cases, all the beliefs that create problems in a person’s life are related to their childhood but when something very dreadful happens, like a heartbreak, it can form a new belief that might result in illness.

Let us now see how our subconscious mind beliefs get alerted due to a heartbreak.

When Your Heart Breaks

Your heartbreak can have various effects on your mind and personality, it could be a betrayal, rejection, break up or anything, how you feel and perceive the whole situation decides what changes are going to happen.

One of the worst effects of a heartbreak is the loss of faith.

Also, this can highly lower a person’s self-esteem because some serious changes in their self-image could occur.

Self-image is our own opinion about us, it is how we see ourselves innately and that is what controls all the aspects of our personality.

All this leads us to feel some very intense emotions of lower nature like anger, apathy, jealousy, guilt, shame, etc. These emotions also sometimes result in a long persisting depression.

Okay, so we have seen how we mentally and emotionally get affected if a heartbreaking event happens, but the emotions that we have talked about can cause a particular physical pain or problem which is a sort of indication that there is some inner work that needs to be done.

I remember very well that I started feeling a lot of jealousy because of one person to whom I was attracted to, I felt that emotion so intensely that it caused me ulcers. Believe it or not, ulcers have been associated with the emotion “jealousy” by many spiritual healing institutions.

So all these emotions that needs to be released will get biologically reflected and thus your physical pain in any body part may be trying to tell you that you need work on a particular memory from your past.

How can this inner work be done? Well, that’s what we are going to look into now.

Hypnotherapy for Treating Physical Pain

If you don’t believe in things like energy healing, then hypnotherapy is the best tool that can help you to change your inner beliefs and release emotions that might be causing you a physical problem.

Hypnosis is a state of mind where our subconscious mind is open to receive suggestions and it has been successfully used as an alternative to the anesthesia by a lot of medical practitioners, but the therapeutic use of this method has helped thousands of people to deal with their emotional and psychological problems.

When we use hypnotherapy to treat physical pain caused by a psychological issue like heartbreak, we are actually working on multiple things.

This means that it can not only cure your body’s health but it will also alter the beliefs in your subconscious mind which are the root cause of the problem, so it will restore your inner state as well, so that you can improve your relationships.

I am saying this all from experience because a lot of my physical, emotional and psychological issues were solved because of Marisa Peer’s Instant Transformation hypnotherapy which I learned from her uncompromised life program.

The program not only helped me to know more about my inner mind and psychology, but it also showed me how to practically use hypnotherapy to get some great results, so I will highly recommend you to try it if you too are interested in working on your subconscious mind to achieve any health-related, financial, emotional or any other life goals.


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