Side Effects of Energy Healing – Price Paid for Spiritual Progress

Are there any side effects of energy healing? Could energy healing be dangerous?, I had such questions before I actually learned the truth about the methods that helps one to progress in their spiritual journey.

When I was using an energy healing course by Christie Marie Sheldon called the unlimited abundance, I sometimes used to feel low for no apparent reason and that made me doubt whether it was being caused by the energy clearing audios I was listening to.

Well, I soon received the answer in the program itself, Christie explained that whenever you clear an energy block, some deeply suppressed emotions may get released and hence feeling certain lower emotions was all part of the process.

In other words, sometimes you have to pay some price to make spiritual progress and that’s why you see people experiencing various emotions when they follow any spiritual practice because whenever you do something for your spiritual growth, you release the old emotional baggage that was holding you back and this can be a little troublesome at times.

I experienced something which appeared to be like the dark night of the soul for a long time after a few years of my spiritual activities, but I now know it has only helped me to discard the false identity to which I was attached to, that was a painful thing to do but the energy cleansing that happened during that phase is what has completely transformed me.

I am not saying that you will also have to go through something like that but when you are into energy healing you can experience some heavy emotions about which I will discuss later in this post.

However, I received some emails where people reported being told that their energy has been affected externally which made me wonder whether it was possible for people to get harmed energetically?

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I will try to answer that question here based on what I have learned about the energy work from some very powerful energy healing programs, books, and personal experience.

Types of Healings and Practice

First off, energy healing is a general term that is used to refer various methodologies and what you are going experience depends on what kind of techniques you have used, each of these systems has its own stories about what is “good” and what is “bad”. An evolved spiritual teacher will never put beliefs in your inner mind that causes fear, only choose what heart feels is right for you.

One time I got an email from one of my readers who told me that she has been told by her psychic that her good karma has been stolen by some other psychic. Like many people, she was having misconceptions about the term “karma” which simply means “actions” in Sanskrit. How can someone steal your actions? Such a pity that people create too much mumbo jumbo around less known subjects to make money.

You see, energy healing is all about clearing our mind, it is a tool that is used for getting rid of the limiting beliefs present in the subconscious mind that blocks us from receiving the true divine love that’s available to all of us. When we remove a particular deeply entrenched belief about something, we experience a major shift in our lives.

Any spiritual practice like even meditation heals you spiritually because a few moments of silence allow the divine energy to flow through you. So you can always trust a spiritual healer or program that does not sell you a negative belief or use fear-based marketing methods because forming one negative belief to get rid of some other will defeat the purpose.

When it comes to energy healing for working on physical ailments, you always need to make sure that your healer must be willing to be transparent about the process and you should also make sure to choose an experienced healer.

If your healer is very open and transparent about their techniques then you can definitely trust them, some healers are so polite that they prefer to ask permission from you before working on an energy block.

On the other hand, when you work on your own energy by using some technique like the energy block clearing method which I have shared earlier here on my blog, you know exactly what you are doing, so there is actually nothing to worry about.

In case you are scared to use anything that seems outlandish, you can always prefer to use something more conventional, like you can also work on your inner mind using hypnotherapy because it can also be used just like any other spiritual healing method.

When Your Energy Changes

What happens if you don’t clean your house regularly? For some time you won’t even feel any need to do something because there will not be any problem but gradually you will find it difficult to live in that place right?

However, when you decide to clean a room after a long time, it often happens that after clearing the clutter for a while you realize that there is a lot of work to be done than what you imagined and it may seem like it was better to leave it as it was at the first place, yet you know that getting rid of the unwanted stuff is essential.

Similarly, when you start to advance spiritually your energy starts to get cleansed and you will become aware of the emotional baggage that you have been carrying all along to which you were oblivious earlier, during such times it may become a little difficult to continue but always remember “getting rid of the unwanted stuff is essential”.

Here are a few effects of energy clearing that you may have to deal with if you want to improve your life:-

1 – Vulnerability

What happens to people who appear very tough and unaffected by the world when they get drunk? Many of them turn into a weak little whining kid because they have been ignoring their true feelings by suppressing all their emotions.

I am not saying that getting drunk is an efficient way of releasing one’s suppressed emotions, in fact, it often intensifies a person’s negative thoughts but in some cases, people reveal their vulnerable side to others after consuming alcohol.

But when someone works on their spiritual energy, all the unreal shields that people use to live under a false impression that they are “tough” gets peeled off and you may start to feel a heightened level of sensitivity.

We don’t get tougher by ignoring the vulnerable little kid that is present in all of us but it is the acceptance that makes you strong so you may become a little vulnerable initially when your energy changes.

2 – Intense Emotions

When you do something to heal your energy, all the emotional stuff that was suppressed by you in the past will begin to stir up and it will show up as intense emotions to remind you that you need to release that, it is your soul’s way of showing you the areas where you have a lot of work to do.

When you are working on the deeper layers of your inner world, many emotional traumas caused by the past experiences will be felt by you once again, though it could be a little troubling for a while, it all happens for your betterment. You cannot ignore your emotions to feel happy, you need to release them using forgiveness, love, and light.

3 – Physical Pain

Our body can store emotions and people who start working on energy may feel some mild discomfort in their body which is again our higher self telling us about something that needs our attention. In his life-transforming book that teaches us a lot about present moment awareness “A New Earth“, Eckhart has explained that our conscious awareness can transmute the energy that sometimes gets manifested as physical pain.

When I was clearing my energy blocks using unlimited abundance program sessions, I felt strong back pain, it was an old ailment that I thought was completely gone.

Though I had earlier treated the symptom, there was still some inner work required because it was actually anger stored in my body, yes emotions do get stored in our body. Some people find this stupid but what they don’t understand is that our body cells can store emotions and memories. A common example of this is the ulcers that occur when a person experiences a lot of jealousy.

4 – Lethargy

Releasing some heavy emotional patterns from your energy sometimes causes you to feel exhausted. Though you might not have done some physical work, yet energy cleaning may cause you to feel mentally as well as physically tired.

If you don’t feel like doing anything that involves your mental or physical effort, you should be willing to give yourself proper rest. It might be a little frustrating to feel lethargic all of a sudden and it can also affect your daily routine.

A person who finds it difficult to concentrate on their work may feel that energy clearing is causing disturbances in their skills but if you can be patient and allow yourself to be a little sluggish for a while then you will find yourself being more energetic than before.

5 – The Change

When your energy changes, people can sense it on an inner level because we all are energy beings. Your change will undoubtedly affect others, whether the effect is going to be a positive or negative one will depend upon them. The fear of change is something that is very dominant in most people and this is why a lot of people in your life will want to bring back your old personality.

Naturally, when you have worked on your energy you may appear different than before to others “energetically” and they may not like it.

People cannot connect to you the way they used to earlier if your old version was their psychological need and even though you have become a better person, they will start to behave differently in your presence.

I have seen it for myself, people who are not on the same energetic frequency as you will try to pull you back by fighting or using some other dramas and when they fail they will either accept the changes that have occurred in you or if your bond with them was weak then they may also leave you.

It can be very hard to get separated from some people but not everyone loves you for who you are, some people are just in love with the ego gratifications that you used to provide them and they might not like your company anymore, you must be willing to let them live as they want to, acceptance is essential for spiritual progress.

I have put this point in the last because that probably is something you should prepare yourself for because when your energy changes, everything about your life changes. If you are not willing to leave behind your old life then you cannot get a new life. Period.

These were a few things I wanted to tell you and most importantly, I wanted to give you the assurance that energy healing is a very safe thing to do if you are using the right methods. One simple technique that can be used for clearing your energy is the ancient Hawaiian Ho’oponono method, it’s a wonderful technique based on forgiveness and love, so you have nothing to fear while using it.

Here’s a video from Christie that I think you would like to watch if you are curious about how energy healing can change your life:-


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