Quick Manifestations – Small Wishes That Are Being Granted Everyday

Manifesting your desires quickly is a possible thing depending upon your own beliefs about what you have asked for, but sometimes these instant achievements can help you build a stronger faith in your creative power.

Quick manifestations are happening all the times in our lives; we just need be more alert in order to discern it. We all wish for so many things in life, however, only a few of us believe that our wishes will be granted by the universe or the higher power we believe in.

If you are someone who believes in the universal laws like the law of attraction then you probably understand the power of intention and that intending itself is a step in the creative process.quick manifestation technique

You can form an abundance mindset by believing in your ability to create your reality or you can allow yourself to fall into the scarcity mentality, the choice is yours.

However, if you are willing to create a life of your desires, you must believe that universe grants your wishes.

This type of conviction cannot be formed using surface level thinking because we need evidence to develop faith. This is why sometimes we need to wish for small things to see if we really have any control over our reality.

I am not discouraging you that you should not aim high, you must, but you should also set short-term goals that are easy to achieve to see the power of your thoughts.

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However, this post is about something else, it is about the wishes we make and then forget.

Creating without Awareness

Above all, what I find very amazing is how sometimes we attract things into our lives without even remembering that we ever wanted it to happen. These things are often not that important to us, so we hardly notice.

If you will observe your thoughts frequently you will be able to see it for yourself that everyday things are happening in our lives that are in accordance to what we have been thinking.

Practicing mindfulness meditation is something that makes you more aware and it also brings to your awareness the things that you have wished directly or indirectly in different moments for only a small interval.

By indirect wishing, I mean things that we mentally declare that we want them to happen by being certain about what we don’t want. Like if you are afraid of losing money, you are naturally wishing for more wealth.

So things to which we often give thoughts for brief moments often shows up in one way or the other, but if you are going to notice it or not will highly depend on how much aware you are of your own thoughts.

I find it very important to keep a record of such happenings because it tells me that my intentions can create my reality, so probably it is wise to focus on the things I really want to happen and it also tells me that everything is related.

Few Small Manifestations That Surprised Me

This might sound crazy to some people because these things may seem very insignificant to some, but these manifestations really surprised me since I know they are not just a few small coincidences and you will only be able to understand that to the fullest when you will also pay more attention to what happens to you everyday.

I am going to enlist 3 things that happened to me recently, these were my small wishes about which I actually forgot until it showed up.

1 – A Special Feature of My New Phone

About a month ago I went on a small trip with my family and the driver who we hired was talking to me when we stopped to take a break.

All of a sudden he asked me if he could see my phone since he was willing to buy one, I allowed him and it really bothered me a lot that he went on to check out the data in it. I really thought that he just wanted to see the configurations but sneaking into my phone data is something I felt very annoying and I really criticized myself a lot for letting him use my phone, I also wanted to know how to hide my stuff on phone in a way that I don’t complicate the thing for my own use.

That was a small incidence, right? Something I will rarely remember afterward.

Now, I ordered a new phone lately and guess what I discovered? It has a guest mode where people can access my phone while all my personal stuff stays hidden; it is activated with just a single click.

2 – A Sweet Dish

I know, I know, thinking of sugar is a sin when you want to lose some weight, but what to do sometimes it is like “don’t think of the pink elephant” and then you just cannot resist that thought.

So this one day, I was thinking of a rare sweet dish that my mother used to make which I liked a lot, it is supposed to be cooled before serving but I liked it hot and probably I am the only guy who would want it like that.

Maybe after a week or two, I was working on my computer when all of a sudden I realized something very delicious was being cooked and I went to the kitchen right away to check it.

My mother was cooking that same dish after a very long time and if you haven’t figured it out yet, I reached there at the right time before it cooled down!

3 – Email from the Readers

A few weeks ago, I made a post on the ancient Hawaiian technique that has helped me a lot called the Ho’oponopono process and I wanted it to reach people who will apply it like the way I do.

Later that day, I performed a small exercise after listening one of the Christie’s love or above modules where I wrote down a few things that I wanted to happen in my computer’s sticky notes.

One of those notes was “I want my recent post to help some people who are in a strong need of it”. After a lot of days since I published that post, I received emails from three people on one same day thanking me for writing that post and telling me how it helped them to deal with some very disturbing past experiences.

I was very happy but I almost forgot that I really wished for it until my sticky note flashed in front of my eyes soon after I replied those emails!

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And those were the three incidences that happened in the past few days which tells me that the universe is always listening.

This does not mean you should be worrying “oh my god, I should not be thinking bad thoughts”, just be cool about your negative thinking and patiently work on yourself to change those thoughts, keep in mind that negative thoughts also gives birth to its positive counterpart (like what happened in the first case), the manifestation depends on how much we allow it to happen by reaching to a better state of mind by doing something about our negative thoughts.

That being said, there is a reason why all these forgotten wishes are granted more easily than the ones we always keeping thinking about, it is because “we allow it to happen”.

See, whenever we desire something, we are attracting it towards us and we are also blocking it by thinking the negative thoughts that are resulted from our inner beliefs. Achieving a big goal is always about “allowing” and that happens when you alter your inner beliefs.

When you are in a state of flow, where you don’t have anything in your energy field that blocks what you want even if you have emanated that desire in an indirect way for a small duration, it happens quite effortlessly. I recommend energy healing the most for clearing these energy blocks.

You hardly ever oppose your little wishes, so you make them happen so easily that you don’t even actually realize it. I would strongly advise you to be more aware and observe your thoughts; this will let you know how the creative process works.


Have you ever noticed these quick manifestations? What are your thoughts about this? I would love to hear your thoughts on this, so please do leave your comments in the box below.

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