Simple Techniques to Build an Abundance Mindset

If you want to live a peaceful life, then it is very essential for you to build an abundance mindset because everything in our life depends on how we view the world.

With a little awareness of the workings of your mind and actions you can see how you are controlled by the types of beliefs you hold on both innate as well as surface levels.

To a little extent you can even know about how your mind manipulates the information you receive through your senses so that it could validate your convictions.

You can do this by observing your thoughts every now and then, but to realize how your outer world is created by your inner world it takes a lot of persistent efforts.

However, you really don’t need to know how it happens in order to make the required changes in your life; all you have to do is to use a few tools that will alter the beliefs in your subconscious mind which will naturally cause a shift in your perception.

All our miseries are magnified by our outlook towards it which also blocks us from making the decisions that can help us to overcome those obstacles. Winners and losers don’t exist on the physical plane, what we see as a successful individual is just a reflection of a specific mindset.

If you have a scarcity mindset, you can never see good opportunities because that is how our mind works, to know more about these two types of mindsets read my post – Scarcity Mentality vs. Abundance Mentality

Now, I am going to provide you a few easy techniques and lifestyle changes that will shift your attitude towards life if you will honestly apply it.

Learn to Praise

I will tell you a very obvious truth that people usually overlook; it is really very difficult to praise someone especially when you are not lying.

Try it, appreciate five people genuinely and you will get to know that criticizing is an easier thing to do in comparison to praising.

I would like to give you a challenge here, from now try to make it a habit to find at least 5 reasons every day to appreciate others until it becomes your second nature, it might seem very inconvenient initially, but gradually you will begin to see the qualities in others that actually deserves your appreciation.

Admiring others is just a part of learning to praise, what matters more is how you feel about your life and your world.

You must focus on the positive things in your life if you want to become a happier person and make the most out of what you already have. Ironically, people find it hard to see the reasons to feel good about their lives, but they do realize the value of things that they had after it is gone.

So start acknowledging the big and small things that makes your life beautiful.

Choose Your Circle Carefully

We are highly influenced by the thoughts of people with whom we regularly hang out. People who interact with you the most in your whole day hold the power to change your emotional state and thoughts.

Many big corporations are now aware of this fact, that’s why they are focusing towards recruiting positive people because such minds create an adequate environment for growth.

This is probably the simplest way to become a more positive person – Be in the company of people who inspire, motivate and encourage you.

Even if it takes long for you to find such a group, just make sure to get rid of people who brings a lot of negativity in your life, you must do it at any cost because your life depends on it.

Negative people also affect one’s energy (aura), I use cutting chords meditation to clear any negativity that my energy might have picked up from others.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Joy is our true nature, but since our mind  is always engaged in thinking it never allows us to experience the true inner peace.

If you can somehow lessen the voice inside your head, you will feel more positive and for that you will have to increase the present moment awareness in your life.

Meditation and mindfulness are the best tools for this purpose. If you could take a few minutes from your day to meditate, then it would be great, but in case you cannot do that you can also try a few mindfulness exercises for becoming a more conscious and aware person.

I would recommend you to do both by making meditation a daily ritual and being mindful in most of your activities.

Insight meditation is a simple process that you can use even if you have never meditated before.


Only truly rich people can share, those who hide their stuff from others are the ones who feel incomplete despite of having everything.

What you give comes back to you increasingly, this is a simple rule all successful people know.

I am not talking about wealth alone, it could be your time, love, joy, wisdom, etc. that you can give to those who need it.

However, I would advise you to be careful while giving because there is a thin line between sharing and donating. You donate stuff for various reasons (mainly for ego needs) but there is only one cause behind sharing and that is “love”.

A man who learns to share also gets to learn about the abundant nature of the universe.

Choose Positive Things

In our everyday life, we get to choose between positive and negative things quite frequently.

You can watch a thriller or a horror movie whereas you can also prefer to watch comedy, both have a different kind effect on your mind, so I would advise you to choose what makes you happy.

Media understands well that our mind is attracted towards negative news that’s why you get to see bad news all the time on your television.

I would advise you to use your time for reading a self help book, watching motivational videos or following a personal development program.

Self Love

There are many myths about self love present in the world due to which people fail to see its truth. Some people confuse it with selfishness and self-importance.

In simple words, self-love is all about giving preference to your emotional health over everything else. You can only spread joy if you are filled with it and to be a joyful person you must learn to love yourself.

People with scarcity mindset are always seeking approval from others and that is why they do anything to get better than others, this is what puts them in a life race that never ends.

If you will give yourself the love that you expect from others, you will stop being jealous.

This will not stop your growth, in fact by generating self-love you will dedicate yourself to get better than before and you will set your goals based on what you truly want rather than by comparing what others have achieved.

Self-love enables you to be a winner without making someone else a loser.

Organizing Your Stuff

I really don’t know how it works, but it changes my state of mind whenever I organize my things at home and even the files on my computer.

This particular point is something I have found in many personal development programs, they say that we start to feel more abundant when we do it.

So, I would also suggest you to try organizing your things at home and see if you feel more positive after doing that.


I have heard about a study which has shown that people who practice gratitude become multiple times happier than others.

From my own experience, I am pretty much sure that gratitude is a very powerful thing. You can use a gratitude journal in which you can write what made you happy in your whole day or you can simply contemplate over the things you are grateful for in your life.

I perform active gratitude, which means I say “thanks” mentally whenever something big or small makes me happy.

Energy Clearing

This is the method that I was most interested in discussing with you because energy clearing is something that has highly helped me to build the abundance mindset and see things in my life from a better perspective.

As I have already mentioned, all our thoughts are resulted from the types of beliefs we hold in our subconscious mind and to change our outer life we will have to work on our inner world.

There are many ways using which you can get rid of these limiting beliefs, for me what worked best was Christie Marie Sheldon’s energy clearing program called “the unlimited abundance course“.

I promote that product because it gave me the results that I was struggling to get before and it showed me how this “altering beliefs thing” about which I have heard a lot actually works.

Inspired from this program I have made a post which will show you how to do energy block clearing on your own.

With the help of regular energy clearing sessions you will be able to develop an abundance mindset and thus you will be able to see the unlimited possibilities that can change your life in a way you desire.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your views on this? Do you also believe that one can transform their life by changing their attitude towards it? Share your views with me by commenting below, I would highly appreciate that.

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