The Secret to the Law of Attraction-One Key Ingredient

Have you ever wondered what the secret to the law of attraction is? Like, what is the one single thing which can absolutely make your desires come true?

In this post, I will be discussing the most fundamental factor which decides what a person will attract in his life.

“Thoughts and feelings” one may say. Well, in a sense that’s right because every program, book and success coach talks about it and you will find ample amount of information on all these LOA tools in this blog which will enable you to alter your subconscious beliefs or we can say the methods that will help you to achieve the vibrational alignment with your desires.

Still these methods are not near to the one most important ingredient I am about to mention.

Detachment, yes that is the real secret of the people who are very good at manifesting their desires..!

Even though I have talked about it in few of my posts but, this is the first time ever I am going to cover this topic in detail.

Drop Your Judgments about the Word “Detachment”

There is a reason I haven’t wrote much about detachment in my law of attraction posts especially, not in a direct way like I am doing right now and that’s because people have a lot of false notions about this particular word which does not allow them to see its true definition.

So, I would like to first illuminate the true meaning of the word ”detachment” so that you can drop your false opinions about it.


..Does not mean “no desires” like people have believed it for years, in truth it is impossible for a person to be free of desires.. If you are alive you will have desires…

…Does not mean “emotionless”..

…Does not mean “no expectations”..

…Does not mean some mental state which is achieved only by enlightened masters..

I hope by now you might have dropped most of your judgments about this word.

What is the correct definition of it then?

Detachment is simply the quality of not being attached to the results of your actions, in other words by practicing it you will learn to desire and expect, still keeping your inner state independent of the results.

How to Practice Detachment?

In most of my posts I emphasis on generating the feelings of “having” what you want before it arrives and that is an indirect way of practicing detachment.

However, that process can emotionally hurt a person and destroy his faith on his creative power if he becomes too much concerned about the manifestation process.

There is a reason why most of the law of attraction teachings points towards meditation and that’s because it is a perfect practice to train your mind to be in a joyful state even when you see no evidence of your wishes getting fulfilled.

After doing enough inner work that is required for making your dreams come true, generating the feelings of having it already or being totally happy with your present moment, both are equally powerful in the manifestation process.

But the latter one is a quality which can transform your whole life.

The life transforming power of practicing detachment lies in your “inner joy” which is totally independent of anything in the outer world and in this way the whole LOA process becomes a playful activity and that’s how it is supposed to be.

The Secret to the Inner Peace

Meditation is indeed an effective way for you to train your mind to be free of the worries about the outcomes but, the most powerful tool for practicing detachment is present moment awareness which you can gain from mindfulness exercises.

Mindfulness exercises help you to bring your focus to the present moment whenever your mind gets carried away by disturbing thoughts of past and future.


Once you learn to concentrate on the “now” moment, you will allow the life force to flow freely through you and this will result into easy manifestation of your desires.

Read my post “The Present Moment Awareness-Key to Effortless Manifestation” to know more.


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