The Universal Law of Obedience – Living in Harmony

The universal law of obedience says that a person’s life is shaped according to how they work with the laws of universe.

I have been saying this same thing in all my posts that it is of no use to gain information about all these divine laws, if you are not willing to put this knowledge into use by changing your lifestyle.

Your lifestyle change must include the actions that are in harmony with the laws and then only you will have any sort of benefit from all these materials that teaches you about the success principles.

The Mind Made Prison

Many people deny and ignore this knowledge because they have completely accepted the idea that they are helpless.

I know many people who live according to the convictions that say we all are puppets who have no control over what is happening in our lives.

Seriously, I don’t have any intention to change their minds nor do I feel pity for them because it is their choice. In fact, if anyone tries to show them the truth, they will have to face their anger as no one likes it when someone is trying to change their beliefs even if it is for their wellness.

The illusion that our life story is predetermined is very strong for those who believe in it as they find evidence to validate their beliefs, that’s the law at work creating their reality.

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We all are obeying the laws of nature in every moment knowingly or unknowingly, but to gain a firm understanding of these laws and being able to live in harmony with them is quite empowering and liberating.

When One Fails to Obey the Law

There are many false beliefs that have been implanted in our subconscious mind by the society which makes us to become disobedient to the laws of nature. We should persistently work to remove such beliefs otherwise our life will keep on attracting undesired events.

By “disobedience” I mean the actions that reverse our efforts, which means we are putting ourselves in a position where we want “abundance” but we are working in the opposite way.

For example, we are programmed to believe that taking the easiest path is not correct, one has to struggle. “No pain no gain” fighter person has been portrayed as the ideal for all of us by the world, but here you are not in harmony with the law of non-resistance. It is like trying to go up in the down escalator whereas just next to it you have the one that will take you up without any sort of struggle.

To become someone who manifests their desires into reality with total ease, we will have to discard the set of ideas that stops us from following the principles of success.

Faith Is Believing in the Unseen

We think that the 5 senses are our only instruments using which we are able to perceive the world. But do you really think we interpret the world that way?

In truth, reality is much more dependent on our mind because our senses work in accordance to the ideas we have in our mind about reality. We see that in the outer world which we have accepted in our inner world.

We all have our own version of the world, in other terms, the world is actually an interaction of countless little worlds.

Be aware of your dominant thoughts because they will alter your reality.

People condemn the idea of blind faith still they blindly believe in what others say especially, if it is negative.

Negative thoughts are seductive than the positive ones and we find them easy to accept.

This is why people have associated truth to negativity, whenever we hear something distressful we say that’s the truth of life. But, it is not, Period.

Reality is what you believe it to be and when you easily get influenced by other people’s negative thoughts, you are using the laws of the universe against yourself.

One who is willing to work with the law should first believe in it.

Submitting to the fear of failure is one very common violation of this law as it arises from the disbelief in the higher power.

Trying to control the outer life is another way to use the power for the ruination of a good life because this is also an act of disbelief in the unseen.

One will have to develop a strong faith to see the evidences, to be obedient to the universe you must first learn to stop being doubtful.

3 Stages of Working with the Law

There are three states of development when a person begins their journey of knowing the truth.

True success is the state where one complies with the spiritual laws. Let us look at these three stages now:-


This is the state of a person who has no knowledge about their creative power and the workings of the universe.

In this stage one fails to understand their life, every happening in the world is deemed as a totally random occurrence by them.


This is the stage where most people who have gained the understanding of the laws of universe stay stuck.

I have to accept that I haven’t had that leap to the stage 3 yet, but I oscillate between stage 2-3 and I am very sure that I am making the progress as I keep clearing my energy blocks (old limiting beliefs).

Here, one can see why things happen in a certain way in their own as well as other people’s life to a great extent, but one fails to put this knowledge into action completely in spite of the gained wisdom.

Being in Harmony

In this final stage, one gains a deeper knowing of the life and they become obedient to the unseen power, thus allowing this power to mold their life in the desired way.

Being a graduate in electrical engineering, I see this as the difference between theoretical knowledge and its practical application. “Electricity” is also an invisible entity that operates according to several laws that could be used to advantage or destruction. One can have all the bookish knowledge about it and still mess things up if they lack practical experience.

Creative power also requires you to not only learn about how to work with the law, but to put your knowledge into action and make it perfect with practice. I gained a deeper understanding of these laws by using Raymond Holliwell’s Working with the Law book as my guide.


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