Simple and Effective Lucid Dreaming Visualization Method

If you are willing to induce lucid dreams based on how you have planned it before sleeping, the lucid dreaming visualization method I about to share in this post would be of good use to you.

Playing with images before sleeping is something so interesting that our mind likes to participate for adding more fun to it in various ways, many people have told me that they can resume a particular dream when they wake up in the middle, they might not be knowing it, but I think they are recreating the dream with a quick visualization of what they dreamed a few moments before.

So if you think of something over and over again while falling asleep, that has a high probability of appearing in your dreams. Similarly, if you will visualize something at that time, you can actually continue that imagination as a dream.

In other words, you are being the architect of your dreams when you do this, and with practice, you will be able to do this more frequently.

I advise you to be patient with this process because learning to generate dreams based on your visualization is one thing and maintaining your awareness in the dreams is another, thus you need to combine these two skills in order to create a lucid dream of your desire.

Lucid Dreaming Using Visualization

When you induce lucid dreams using various methods at the time when you enter the sleep state from wakefulness, it is called the WILD technique, which means wake induced lucid dreams.

Here’s how to do it: –

1 – Write in Your Dream Journal

If you are not in the habit of keeping a dream journal, start doing it now!

In this step, what we will do is that we will write the planned scene in our journal as if it has happened in the dream. Make sure to write it in the present tense by focusing the main situation, don’t make it too long.

Once you have completed writing this script, read it before you go to sleep (especially in the morning hours when you are half awake).

2 – Visualize

Once you have read what you have written in the journal, start relaxing in your bed for a while, and when you feel a little sleepy, imagine that scene.

Try to make your visualization interesting and make it more real by involving all your senses. Do not add many extra things, but try to maintain the fun part in it by making the imagination more livelier.

3 – Maintain Your Awareness

You will have to find the right time when you are about to fall asleep, just become aware when you are so relaxed that you know in the next few moments, you will be asleep.

At this time start repeating these words mentally while maintaining your vision “This is a dream”.

This will convert your vision into a dream and the words “This is a dream” will help you get lucid.


Dreaming what you have imagined is not a big thing, you can do it easily with a little effort, however maintaining your awareness while falling asleep is what is needed to be able to control that dream and for that, I would suggest you to read my post on the lucid dreaming meditation method.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your views on this? I would love to hear from you, so please do share your thoughts by commenting below.

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6 thoughts on “Simple and Effective Lucid Dreaming Visualization Method

  1. ches

    How fascinating. I am one of those that can sometimes continue a dream if I wake up and then fall asleep again.
    I had no idea that you can actually make this happen, I just thought it was a fluke that some of my dreams carried on from where they left off. It must be a conscious effort though, because I don’t carry on with an unpleasant dream once I’ve woken from it, only the nice ones!
    I will be trying this method. Writing a diary for your dream seems a little wacky but I can see how it might work.
    I have tried meditating to no avail but looking around your site I can see there are some good instructions on meditation. Sleep paralysis is something I have had in the past. Do you think this method could induce that to happen again?
    This could be a good way of getting over ‘writer’s block’ If the dream works out well and it can be remembered, it could always be the inspiration for a post or article! I really enjoyed your post. Ches

    1. HARI

      I like your way of thinking Ches, You are really looking to benefit from this sort of information and I love it when someone is willing to make positive use of such knowledge. Well, as I mentioned in the post, I know people who can resume their dreams from where they left just like you do and it is a great opportunity for you to induce lucid dreams. And yes, many great people have used dreams to get inspirations, so you can definitely get some awesome ideas from your powerful subconscious mind once you have become an expert lucid dreamer.

      Sleep paralysis, can happen to anyone who’s mind is very active before sleeping, trying to have a lucid dream definitely increases its probability. However, it really is not that scary once you have a deeper understanding about it, in fact you will start to use it to your advantage when you have enough knowledge about your dreams because sleep paralysis is also a kind of lucid dream, yes it is not real!

  2. EJ

    Hello Hari, thanks for your post. We are really limitless in our potential. I will keep in my mind what I desire to experience prior to falling asleep with the intention of dreaming about it. Anything to imprint our subconscious mind with our heart’s desires in a positive way is good.

  3. Kurtis

    I have a hard time trying to have lucid dreams. I have done the first couple of things and right as I am about to fall asleep I get like really excited and it almost springs me up to be wide awake. What should I do so that I stay relaxed because I always get excited and pop up and then I lose it?

    1. HARI S NAIR Post author

      It happens to many people Kurtis, but excitement cannot exist when you do something repeatedly, I think if you will try it more often then it won’t excite you much. Plus when you will try to lucid dream more, your subconscious mind will get that message, I will suggest you then to take a break for a while because when you will let go of that need to have lucid dreams, you will probably have one, it happened to me initially.


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