6 Reasons Why Keeping a Dream Journal Is Necessary

Dream journal is a very important thing for lucid dreamers, however there are many other benefits of developing the habit of keeping a record of your dreams which I will share with you in this post.

Writing your dreams everyday might be a little difficult task to do initially, but once you get used to it you will find your interest in remembering your dreams increasing, naturally.

If you want to be a conscious dreamer, then you must keep a journal because you will miss a lot of lucid dreams if you won’t keep a record of them, there are alternatives to dream journals, but writing down your dreams on paper is most effective, we will see the reason behind it later in this post.

So let me jump straight to the points on how keeping a dream journal can help you in various ways.

# 1 – You Forget Your Dreams

That’s obvious, we are doing this because we forget our dreams. Have you met people who say that they don’t dream? Well, that is not true, we all dream, but they just have a poor dream recall so they think that they don’t dream at all.

We forget a lot of dreams before the time we are fully awake, a lot more by the time we get out of our beds and almost all of them by the time we get engaged in the thoughts of our day to day lives.

# 2 – Writing Things On a Paper Is Powerful

When you write things on a paper, your subconscious mind hears it, and you recall it better.

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I might be reminding you of your high school teacher, but whenever you really want to remember your dreams, write it down on a paper, no voice recording or saving texts on your phone.

So, the more you prefer to write your dreams, the better your dream memory gets.

# 3 – Know Your Inner Mind

When you are awake, you can only observe your surface level thoughts, what is happening inside can be known by analyzing your dreams better.

If you dream of a real life issue over and over again, chances are that your mind is too involved in that which might be affecting the other areas of your life as well. I am not talking about dream interpretation here, just the direct inferences.

# 4 – The True Nature of Reality

Once you start to keep a track of what happens in your dreams, after sometime it will show you how we feel all the sensations in the dream world just like the real life and how we get caught up in the unreal things whether it is pain or pleasure, it reveals our mind’s predisposition for reification, it can be a great spiritual lesson for your waking life.

# 5 – Establish a Deeper Connection with Your Subconscious Mind

Dreams are a great way to know what our inner mind is saying to us. Reading your dream journal sometimes gives you ideas that you might have never been able to receive using surface level thinking.

Our subconscious mind is always providing us solutions for our real life problems since it can access the infinite intelligence, but due to the restless nature of our conscious mind, we are not able to receive them, so reading your dreams sometimes shows you the right path.

After all, many great inspirations came to people in their dreams like “yesterday” song from the Beatles and the atomic structure of benzene.

# 6 – Creativity and Fun

The creative part of our brain, the right brain hemisphere is activated when we take interest in our dream world.

Keeping a dream journal helps you to have a more relaxed approach towards life since you are willing to get involved in the fun activities like knowing your dreams which is irrelevant to a lot of people.

This naturally makes you more creative and enables you to see the world from a new perspective, that alone can help you to clear some of your biggest hurdles in life.


I believe I have given you enough reasons to start keeping a dream journal, so buy a good quality journal and start writing your dreams.

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