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Today I am going to share with you something that has really changed my financial life and helped me build a money mindset which magnetized my energy to attract more wealth.

You may have heard of the law of attraction methods to manifest money, though it is very much possible to attract money using those methods, however, being wealthy is not a one-time thing, it is a process where you will have to work on your inner mind consistently.

What I am going to tell you in this post will only become useful to you if you are really willing to take action, so reading this content alone will be of no use, you will have to make use of the information.

Trust me, this post can help you improve your financial situation if you are actually willing to change your perspective about money.

Although I am aware that you may be concerned about the results, but, my aim with this post is to assist you in altering your money beliefs because once that inner change happens, outer change is inevitable.

Before I show you how you can build the right mindset to attract money, I need to talk about something very essential, this is going to be interesting.

Money Is Not Real

Did you see that coming? I am not kidding, money is not real and I am going to tell you something that is so obvious, yet we fail to see it.

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Money is a belief, a sort of mutual agreement between people that makes it convenient for us to process transactions.

So the cash you have in your wallet is not money, it is a representation of a belief-based system.

Money in itself has no value, it’s an abstract concept used to depict the value of worldly things based on human psychology.

Now, the human psychology that gives birth to this non-real entity called “money”, varies from person to person, however a lot of people agree on the value of certain things depending on the geographical and social constraints, that’s how this whole economic system is formed.

Let me explain this with a simple example, how much will you pay for any regular cheeseburger?

Now, suppose you are traveling to some remote place and you are very hungry, you want to eat a cheeseburger and all of a sudden you find a restaurant where the only last thing left is a cheeseburger which is being auctioned.. how much are you willing to pay now? Do let me know both of the amounts in the comments section.

The difference in the amount that you found in both cases is the human psychology factor based on which the whole financial system operates. We are the minds that assign the value to things and we use “money” to represent that imagined value. The stock market people understand this very well.

Why I am telling you all this is because we make this unreal entity a real one, we give life to it and based on that our life gets affected.

Despite knowing this, I need to remind myself that money is not real every now and then. The problem here is that we forget the purpose of having money altogether by giving false identities to it based on our experiences.

If you want to have a good relationship with money, then you will have to understand that it has no identity and you must see it for what it truly is.

What Does Money Mean to You?

Now, this is the most important question you must ask yourself today if you want to be financially successful.

In most cases, where people think that the lack of money is their problem, the root of the problem is something else that makes it difficult for them to acquire wealth.

What really happens is that people start viewing money in different ways depending on their subconscious beliefs, these beliefs are usually formed during childhood and it makes people see money from various different perspectives.

For some people money means safety, for some it is power and unfortunately, many people view it as something that causes misery in the world.

With a little observation, you can know how you and your closed ones perceive money.

Every person has assigned a role to money in their world, those who say “money means nothing to me” comes on top of that list.

I used to be one of those guys who say “money is nothing”, now I know what that really means, it means money is evil and if you have that belief in your system, I speak from experience, a lot of inner work is needed to be done.

On the other hand, people who argue with others that quotes like “money cannot buy happiness” are bookish and unreal, are usually those who view money as the master (power), that’s another very dangerous psychological problem that can commonly be seen in people who are focused entirely toward one thing, “earning money.”

The latter types are richer but miserable.

I know a lot of people who want to be rich, but when I ask them one question, they go blank. What do you want to do with the money?

One person, I know, keeps buying the lottery tickets and one day I asked him, “what are you going to do with the money if you win?” and he replied, “Will decide when I win”.

This is crazy, all the person wants is “money” and he does not even know why he wants it.

Of what use will be money if someone gave you a million dollars and dropped you in Antarctica? Are you going to offer half of the money to the penguins to build a home for you?… come on.. money is not real, penguins know that!

But I knew exactly why that person wants to win the lottery, he associates love with money. He thinks if he was rich more people will love him and that is not true. If he would have been wealthy more people who hold the same type of beliefs will be attracted to him to fortify such beliefs.

Our money mindset affects the types of relationships we form to a great extent because we all have created our identities based on certain ideas and moreover wealth is one very important part of that indeed.

How to Build Your Money Mindset

Okay, so now I have talked to you about all that is necessary for you to understand regarding wealth mindset in order to improve your relationship with money, now let us see how to do this.

There are so many ways to work on your inner beliefs; I prefer energy clearing the most for the purpose of altering my subconscious beliefs.

Since we are talking about improving our overall relationship with money here, I am going to share with you a little technique that has helped me a lot to improve my financial situation.

This is an action-based technique that you can use in various situations. All you have to do is to be aware of your thoughts about money and form an affirmation based on your current beliefs.

You can do this easily by observing your thoughts while handling money.

How do you feel in various life situations where the money is involved? Find the root belief from which those thoughts are generated and use an affirmation to eliminate that particular belief. (If you do not know how to use affirmations or how to formulate one yourself then read my post “10 law of attraction money affirmations”)

I will explain this with a personal example. This is something that has worked very well for me.

After learning about the effect of one’s belief on their ability to attract wealth, I started observing myself in various money related situation and I found this one thing about me, whenever I am supposed to buy something I will always look in the low budget section.

If it is a phone I need to buy, I will only enquire about the low budget ones. If I wanted to buy a dress, I will preferably buy something cheap. I saw this pattern everywhere.

Next, I sat down, relaxed my mind and asked myself “why I am always looking for cheap things” and I found that since I used to be a notorious kid who will break his toys pretty quickly, my family members will only allow me to choose from the inexpensive ones.

Though they did what was right in that situation, I formed a belief that will only allow me to choose things from the low budget options. This is why I am so concerned about the personal development of kids because most parents have no idea about how their thoughts can affect a child’s future.

So, here’s the affirmation I used from that day onward for a very long time until I felt it easy to explore things without caring much about the budget “I can buy the best quality products because money flows to me effortlessly”.

At present, I not only consider buying costly things but I buy them without worrying much because my financial situation has actually changed, not just because of that one exercise but due to the constant inner work I have been doing all these years.

Once you are able to detect one of your core beliefs about money, you can start altering it using a proper affirmation as I did in the above example.

Whatever, I have shared with you in this post is something I have learned from some amazing books and programs like “the Unlimited Abundance“. In that course, Christie uses energy clearing statements to clear such limiting beliefs and it has worked very well for me.


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