Effective Visualization Technique for Manifesting More Money

You may have heard about a lot of visualization techniques for manifesting money, but what I am going to tell you in this post is something that will work on your subconscious mind in order to create a lasting change in the wealth area of your life.

So, I am not going to give you a quick one-time manifestation method here, instead what I am going to share here is a visualization method that will help you to alter your inner beliefs so that you could get better results in the financial area of your life.

I have talked about this particular technique in many of my posts, but, considering how well it has worked for me along with a few other things which I have learned about my money mindset in the past few years, I felt that it is important for me to create a whole post on it.

Unlike the other visualization methods, this is going to be a little different because you will be using this method in your day to day life situations. I will get to that later on but first I want to explain a few things to you.

What Is Money for You?

Think about it for a second, technically, money is an abstract concept, there is no real thing in the world that can be called “money”.

Does that sound weird? Well, let me put this into a proper perspective for you. “Money” is a concept, a sort of mutual agreement made by all of us for the sake of convenience in transactions.

The bundle of papers you call money is just a representation of an abstract system created by us since we are dependent upon each other. Someday, if your country’s government decides to change its currency note (like what happened in my country recently), you will realize that there is no such thing as money in the real world.

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Since money is a concept, we all view it differently based on our social and family beliefs about it. Ironically, how we perceive it also affects our relationship with it.

The whole point of my discussion is, if you want to have money you will have to see it from the proper perspective and you must understand that associating any emotion with money is unwarranted.

See, if you are supposed to play a simulation game where you can do various things using the points you earn in it. You know it would be smart to do what is necessary to win the game, you won’t get obsessed with just earning lots and lots of points or hate people who are doing the same, will you?

Well, that is what most people are doing, they have various emotions attached to money which defeats the sole purpose of life.

We have a famous saying “Money cannot buy happiness”, that’s true, but the lack of it can create misery, I think it would be easier for us to be happy when we are inside an air-conditioned room, sipping ice water, rather than to wander shelter-less on a hot day.

I have written a whole post on money psychology, where you can learn more about how we mess our lives because of the false ideas we hold about money.

For some people “money” means safety for some it is “power” and for some, it is “evil”, what does it mean to you?

You must ask that question to yourself honestly if you want to improve your financial life.

A Handy Tool for Lifetime – Quick Visualization

Oh yeah, you heard me right, this is something that can be useful even after 20 years like it will be to you right now because there is really no limit to which we can improve our lives.

See, all aspect of our lives is a reflection of what is happening in our inner world. Our subconscious mind creates our behavioral patterns based on the beliefs we hold deep inside and our life is shaped accordingly.

Whenever you will use this method, what you are doing is that you are eliminating a particular belief from your system that was making it difficult to manifest more money. Since our subconscious beliefs are present in various layers, the more you work on it, the better results you get.

First of all, as I have mentioned before you will have to get an idea about your inner beliefs about money, one simple way to do this is to observe your emotions while handling money issues.

How do you feel when you save money? How do you feel when you spend it? What thoughts do you think when you pay bills? How do you feel when money shows up unexpectedly?

Every time you find yourself feeling negative while handling a money issue, you have to imagine something that makes you feel better about it right away. This will help you remove the beliefs present in your inner mind or energy blocks that stop money from coming to you.

What you are going to visualize will highly depend on your situation but I can help you by giving an example.

Suppose your mobile phone broke and you have to buy a new phone which makes you think a lot of thoughts like “this is an unexpected expenditure”, “I should have been more careful”,  “I should just buy an average phone to save money” etc.. Now, you must understand that you cannot do anything about it, so you turn it into a good opportunity to work on your inner beliefs that say you do not earn enough money to spend it on unexpected things.

All you have to do is to imagine yourself as someone who has enough money that it won’t even matter to them if they lost or broke their phone even three times in a year, three times…that’s too much, right? Well, there are people for whom that is the reality and it can be yours too, just work on your money mindset.

This applies to all kinds of situations where your emotion is somehow associated with money. A few days ago, I received a lot of money unexpectedly and I found myself saying “Do I really deserve this much money”, “Am I worthy of getting this much money”, it is strange, isn’t it? I have a personal development blog where I talk about building a positive money mindset and I am saying such things to myself.

Well, that’s the truth, no matter how better we get, there is always a new level ahead. So, I immediately became aware of my feelings and changed it using a visualization, all I had to do was to see myself in a place where that much amount of money does not seem “too big” and see myself as someone worthy of receiving a lot of wealth.

I really hope you get what I am trying to say here because such talks may sometimes seem a little complicated.

It was really hard for me to work on my money mindset initially because I had no knowledge of all these things before, but as I started to learn more about the workings of my inner mind and its effect on my energy with the help of some awesome programs like “Christie’s Unlimited Abundance Program”, I kept improving my relationship with money drastically.


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