7 Working Methods and Tips for Improving Self-Confidence

Without self-confidence a person cannot achieve their goals, that’s why I am going to share some tips for improving self-confidence here that will be very useful for you in order to be successful in your life.hypnotherapy self confidence

Some of these methods are based on hypnotherapy because qualities like this are caused by the self-image we have in our powerful subconscious mind, so we need to alter these deep-rooted beliefs for this purpose.

Confidence, unlike what people think is not a sense of knowing something, though it appears like that what is needed to be understood is that on an inner level, confidence is a state where our beliefs offer the least resistance to whatever we want to do/achieve.

In other words, our subconscious mind knows everything already, don’t believe me? Read about people who have split personalities and you will learn how their alter ego is able to do things which they never ever learned.

When you learn a new skill, you are in a process of clearing all the beliefs present in your subconscious mind that offer a resistance to something which you already know how to do, on the surface level it appears as something you have perfected with practice.

So, improving self-confidence is simply a matter of eliminating all the beliefs that were formed in our subconscious mind in the past (especially childhood) which resist our true potential and gives us a false impression that we are not worthy enough to do something good.

These methods will help you to clear all these limiting beliefs so that you could be a more confident person because only then you can have a truly successful life.

1 – The Mirror Techniquehow to improve self confidence

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This is a very commonly known technique. It is quite obvious, when you say something positive to yourself in front the mirror, your confidence level goes up.

This activity may feel a bit weird to some people, but when you look into your eyes in the mirror while using positive suggestions, it reaches to your subconscious mind resulting into some very strong positive effects.

So every time you go to the bathroom, do look in the eyes of your mirror reflection and say words that will help you believe in your own abilities.

2 – Repetition

You know why most people fail to make proper use of all the personal development materials? It is because despite understanding the importance of repetition in the learning process, they forget to implement it.

Whatever you do to improve your skills, doing something one time may be sufficient for your conscious mind to believe you can do it, but you need to do it over and over again to actually change your inner beliefs.

Same applies to the methods you might be already be learning here for the first time. If you don’t do it regularly, it won’t work.

Even while using the previous method, you won’t see positive results until you do it enough times that some serious inner change starts to occur.

3 – Visualization

Your inner mind cannot differentiate between what is real and what is imagined like your conscious mind does, that makes visualization a very powerful tool.

Use creative visualization to change your self-image, see yourself as the person who is filled with confidence from head to toe.

Bring images to your mind that represents that you do believe in yourself and you can make anything possible.

This will slowly make your subconscious mind beliefs to alter in a way so that your self-image could match with your vision, once that happens, the results will follow.

4 – Self-Talk

I have discussed this in my post named methods to overcome low self-esteem, what you say to yourself has a deep impact on your inner mind.

It is usual for people to berate themselves whenever something undesirable happens.

“Oh, this always happens to me”, “I am going to mess things up again”, “I can never follow a diet program regularly”, “I am terrible at remembering things”… you see, thoughts like this don’t appear much harmful to us but our subconscious mind acts like a kid and as I have said before, it believes whatever you repeatedly say to yourself.

So next time you say something negative about yourself, just stop yourself and focus on something positive because you lose a bit of your self-confidence every time you engage in a negative self-talk.

You can also use some of my favorite positive self-talk exercises for this purpose.

5 – Meditation and Mindfulness

how to improve self confidence at work

You might be a little surprised to see meditation and mindfulness in this list, well, considering that you need to keep an eye on your thoughts, it was necessary for me to put this point here.

See, you cannot always be able to take away your focus from the negative thoughts, during such times mindfulness practices can be very helpful because it breaks the chain of the uncontrolled negative thinking. If you are new to mindfulness then please read my post on simple mindfulness technique for beginners.

Whereas meditation is essential for you to be aware of your thoughts and emotions. You can never do anything about your self-talk unless you are aware enough to know it when your mind gets caught up in such things.

I prefer insight meditation because I find it easy to do and it is also very effective.

6 – Energy Blocks Clearing

Energy blocks are the inner beliefs that makes it difficult for us to believe in ourselves.

If you ever find yourself thinking “that’s possible for them, but not for me”, it’s not because the other person is actually better than you, but due to the difference between their mindset and yours.

You can work on your inner mind using energy clearing methods, it allows you to work on your inner world aspects which are getting reflected as the lack of self-confidence in your external reality.

7 – Hypnotherapy

One of the most effective and powerful ways to improve self-confidence is through hypnotherapy.how to have self confidence

It allows you to communicate with your subconscious mind and implant some very positive suggestions there so that it could alter your self-image.

Self-image is the image we have formed of ourselves in our inner mind. As our conscious mind develops only after a certain age, we all form our self-image based on the ideas and thoughts we picked up during our childhood.

All the methods I have mentioned above works to alter this image but in a relaxed state like that of hypnosis, it becomes very easy for us to communicate with our inner mind.

Here’s how to do this:-

  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
  • With each inhalation and exhalation, think “I am relaxed”.
  • Once you feel relaxed, start a reverse countdown from 10.
  • With each count think “I am going into to a very relaxed state, at the count of 0 I will be fully relaxed”
  • When you count 0, take a few more deep breaths and make sure that you are in a very peaceful state of mind.
  • Now, say to yourself “I believe in myself, I am capable of achieving whatever I desire”
  • Repeat this statement over and over again for some time, you can also imagine yourself as a confident person here.
  • Once you have done this for a while, take a few deep breaths and start counting from 0 -10.
  • At each count, become more aware.
  • After counting 9, say to yourself “I am slowly becoming fully aware and conscious, at the count of 10 I will open my eyes feeling wide awake.”
  • Open your eyes at the count of 10.


I have provided these methods based on a few things I learned from some books and programs. If you are looking for some advanced methods then I would suggest you opting for renowned hypnotherapist Marisa Peer’s uncompromised life program where she teaches a very powerful technique called “The Transformational Hypnotherapy”.

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