Scarcity Mentality vs. Abundance Mentality

The whole world population can be divided into two categories based on how people view the world, as those with scarcity mindset and the ones who have the abundance mindset.

The scarcity mentality is the cause behind all fear based actions, whereas abundance mentality is what gives rise to the actions that are based on love.

Both types of the thinking are actually two sides of the same coin, it is not necessary that you will fall into one category based on your thoughts about one particular area or phase of your life.

We all adapt one of these two mindsets depending on our life situations, but by knowing it you can deliberately get to the right side by changing your attitude towards life.

Feelings of lack of love, money, good health, etc. keeps on affecting our lives every now and then, however our true success is decided by our ability to overcome such thoughts and see the truth that there is plenty of good stuff available for all of us in the world.

Our beliefs make us who we are and it shapes our reality, so your thoughts will become your truth, and you will have enough evidences to validate that.

Reticular activating system of our brain brings to us the information from our environment that are in accordance to our beliefs and thoughts by filtering all the other information.

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So, it becomes essential for you to build an abundance mindset by doing various personal development works and by increasing your alertness or you will fall into the trap of negative thinking which causes all types of miseries in the world.

Before changing your mindset it is essential for you to know the nature of these two mentalities because then only you will be able to discern where you are and where you have to go, and that’s why I am now going to talk about how these two thought systems work.

Scarcity Mentality

It is the way in which society conditions people’s mind which creates their opinions about the world. Many a times the mind conditioning done is based on the thought that the universe’s supply is limited, some also call it as the scarcity programming.

This belief system affects all of us in various ways, a very simple and direct way to know how deeply someone is influenced by such thoughts is to identify the state of their emotional health.

Now, let’s take a look at how these thoughts blindfolds people from seeing the good in the world: –

Limited Goodness

People think whatever gives them joy cannot last long because in order to maintain the balance of good and bad in the universe a person cannot have more than a limited quantity of what makes them happy.

That’s a stupid way of thinking, how could an unending/unlimited universe ever run out of supply? The higher power is an abundant source that can answer all our wishes.


Some people live their life just to get more than what others are getting; they think that if someone else succeeds, they will fail.

Competition is a thing that has ruined many lives because people forget everything else when they are in the race of becoming better than others.

It is true that competition is essential for progress, but when it is based on jealousy (which is true in most cases), it only takes away your inner peace.

Advertisers have been exploiting people for a long time by taking advantage of such mindsets; they make them to buy their products by showing how one can get better than others by using what they are selling.

If a person learns the truth that the concept of “one winner” exists only in our mind while the universe can create win-win situation for everyone, the only competitor who will remain then is one’s own old self.

You Only Get One Chance

You should learn as much as possible in school/college because learning ends after that, you should have all the fun as a youngster because you can’t do that in old age, you should marry at a particular age, and you should not spend too much money on yourself after a certain age, blah blah blah…

All these rules were made by people whose thinking was confined by what they have known from the lives of those who lived earlier.

Nothing can decide what you can have, what you can be or what you can do except your own beliefs, you can be like Yuchiro Miura to climb the Mount Everest at the age of 70 or you can sit in your house waiting for death at that age.

Hoarding and Spending Money

I learned something very important about money from some various wealth mindset building programs. It was the fact that people who save their money without spending it at all and those who spend it excessively are both doing it due a deep psychological reason.

Anyhow, this basically is all about the belief that wealth is limited in the world, so those who fear that there may come a time when they will stop having money keep saving it for the rainy day, whereas those who believe that if they don’t use their money quickly something will happen to it, which makes them to spend it as soon as they receive it.

Such people also fear investing their money because they are afraid that money will go away from them to others in one or the other way.

Guilt of Becoming Wealthy

A talk about limited wealth mindset is incomplete without a subconscious belief which keeps some people poor and creates miseries for the rich; it is the belief that “if you have more money than required wealth, then you are responsible for the poverty in the world”.

Due to this belief that is working at a deeper level of people’s mind, poor people unconsciously act in a way to not get rich, whereas the wealthy guys suffer emotionally because of the problems created by their mind.

Abundance Mentality

So far we have seen how scarcity mindset can make life difficult for people, it takes away their inner peace, hope and love for life, on the other hand, there is another way of living which makes your life beautiful and we are now going to take a look at how this way of thinking works.

People talk about becoming happier in the future when they will have what they want, but those who have learned to see life as a field of unlimited possibilities are happy most of the time because they have realized that “joy creates more joy” and everything else is just the icing on the cake.

Unlimited Opportunities

People who are open to receive the good that universe has to offer never stop trying to make their dreams come true because they know that it is not at all necessary what we want will come through the door we expect, one should keep their mind open always.

Sharing Joy and Love

One who is aware of the unconditional love that the higher power has for everyone, never stops sharing their gifts with others. These type of people know that giving makes room for more and this allows them to enjoy their life with their loved ones unlike people who hide under the bed to eat their cookie alone.

Higher Purpose

Unlike people who set their goals based on their ego needs which always has something to do with what other people have achieved, those who believe in the unlimited supply always select their goals based on what they truly want.

Every Moment Is Perfect

If you will view the world as a field of limitless possibilities, you will understand that there no right or wrong time for doing anything that makes you happy.

You can either play by the rules of your society and worry about what others might think of you or you can do what you think is right. Trust me, most of them are waiting for someone to blaze a trail.

Money Is Easy to Earn

This is where many people may find it difficult to agree with me and I understand it well because I too would have felt it disgusting to hear something like that in the past.

But from what I have learned from my personal development journey and some awesome programs like “the unlimited abundance course“, I have realized that earning money is just a matter of what beliefs you hold about wealth in your subconscious mind since it sets your behavioral patterns accordingly.

I am not going to talk about how one’s relationship with money decides their financial state in this post as it is not the point of discussion here, I just want to say that people with abundant mentality know that money too is present in abundance in this world and it is people’s own attitude towards it which blocks the flow of wealth in their lives.

People who believe in the infinite source don’t hoard or spend money excessively; they use it at the right place where it can bring joy or comfort to them. They don’t either have any kind of guilt in their hearts about having too much wealth.

I would like to end this post by saying it again that everything about your life is decided by what kind of attitude you have towards it and that’s why I would suggest you to read my next post “building abundance mindset“.


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