Carol Tuttle’s Soulprint Healing Review

The bad luck over which we often feel that we have no control makes our lives very difficult, we feel constrained by some invisible wall when we fail to achieve our goals even after trying multiple times.

Carol Tuttle, a very well known energy therapist calls this wall the “energy imprint” that has been passed down to us from our ancestors.


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According to her, these energy patterns that we have inherited from our ancestors has been with us since our birth and it is what creates pain, struggle and suffering in our lives.

Carol says that our soul knows the right path, but these energy imprints makes it difficult for us to hear our soul’s voice and thus it blocks us from getting aligned with the universe to manifest our desires.

The energy patterns I am talking about here are resulted from the limiting beliefs that are deeply ingrained in our minds, this discord in our energy system makes us to take wrong decisions that are based on fear rather than doing what we truly want.

Soulprint healing program is based on Carol Tuttle’s energy healing methods that work on these invisible energy walls so that people could use the power of their unique “soulprint”.

What Is Soulprint?

This is a word I heard for the very first time, so it took a while for me to actually make any sense of it. Carol calls it as the lens through which the light of your soul shines.

From what I have come to know, it is the true expression of one’s soul which helps a person to manifest his desires and enables him to live a life that he truly wants by eliminating all the inner conflicts that stops one from experiencing the inner peace and joy.

Who Is Carol Tuttle?

If you are someone who has been exploring personal development programs, then you might be already well familiar with Carol.

Carol Tuttle has been helping people from all around the world to make their lives better using her knowledge of energy healing. She has been followed by thousands of people as her methods have been super effective in restoring people’s physical, emotional and mental health.

She has been an energy healer for more than 20 years, but her story before that is quite interesting. She has faced all kinds of extreme financial, physical, mental and emotional troubles before she discovered the spiritual way of setting things right, Carol believes that particular phase of her life was something called as the dark night of the soul in metaphysical terms.

Carol worked on the energy patterns that were creating all the problems in her life, gradually she solved those issues with the help of energy healing, and through this program she wants those methods to reach people who want to create some major positive changes in their lives.

Soulprint Healing Program

This program is a 12-week step by step training course that will work on your energy to release the “soul contract” that you have made unknowingly which causes the struggle in your life and all kind of energy imprints that blocks the complete expression of your higher self.

Soul Contracts – According to the maker of this program we all have made some “soul contracts” when we took birth, that makes us to go through some difficult phases so that we could grow spiritually. But spiritual growth doesn’t really needs to happen through difficult ways.

Your soulprint helps you to break through these soul contracts and it also liberates you from all the inner child stories that keep creating problems in your life.

The course is prepared by blending various energy clearing techniques to create what Carol considers as the most powerful form of spiritual healing i.e. “soulprint healing”.

Your soulprint is your true power using which you can create a beautiful life of your desire, it will help you to hear your heart’s voice so that you could make the right choices that will solve all your life issues.

Energy clearing you will receive from this program is a permanent one which will stay with you for the rest of your life.

The course is a twelve week program where you will attend a new class every week for learning various important things about your energy and how it affects various areas of your life, and it will equip you with some very powerful techniques for eliminating the negative imprints in your aura.

These techniques are taken from various energy healing modalities like meridian therapy, chakra healing, soul contract healing etc.

Since the program is a complete 12 week training, you get enough time to practice and put into use what you learn each week. All these classes will liberate your soul from all the energy patterns that were not allowing its light to shine.

Along with the classes you will also get 12 soulprint readings, a soul contract clearing every week and access to an online community consisting of like minded people.

Bonus Materials

You will also receive some cool bonus materials with this program that are: –

The Higher Chakra System – This is a program that focuses on activating 5 higher chakras that are different from the usual 7 chakras we know.

Energy Tapping for Affluence – This program is an assistant product to soulprint healing as you can use this to get rid of the negative energies trying to come back to your system after the clearing sessions.

They can add more stuff or change these materials with time, please check the product website to know what’s available right now.

Final Advice

I have always been a big fan of Carol Tuttle’s work and this product was an entirely new experience for me, even though the techniques and methods were not that much new to me but what I got from the weekly classes was really priceless.

Apart from the positive change in my energy, I also got to see some amazing manifestation after attending these classes and I learned a lot about how my energy got influenced by other people’s energies which made me to go through troubles that were not actually mine.

The best thing about the program is that I am now able to use this knowledge to help others.

As you might have already noticed that I am very positive about this course and I will definitely recommend it to you, but it is a 12 week of training which will need some serious efforts from your side, so opt for it only when you are ready to spend that much time on this material.


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