User Review of Sandy Gilad’s “The Instant Switch”

In this comprehensive review of Sandy Gilad’s “The Instant Switch” program, I will not only give you my genuine opinion about the product but I will also give you a quick overview of the product which will give you a clear idea about what you can get from this course.

I wanted to be among the first few people reviewing this program but I procrastinated this for about 3 months..why?. Honestly, because I lost interest in it.

Have you seen the promotions? A program by Harvard behavioral expert which can change your life forever, “instant switch” that you can apply and get results that you want. I am familiar with such hype that’s why I know what to expect, I get into such programs to learn something new, and whenever a product comes up with something which I already knew it really disappoints me, or at least it should motivate or inspire me.

I half-read that book 3 times just for the sake of writing a review but, it became difficult for me to even read it further….then last week I decided to finish it no matter what, guess what??..when I finished all the chapters my opinion about it changed and I really liked that, I should have done this earlier anyways, let’s take a look at what this course is all about.

What’s the Instant Switch?

It is a secret method used by many popular figures….. that’s what made superman fly! SO CLICK HERE TO KNOW THE SECRET NOW>>CLICK>>CLICK>>CLICK!!

If you are expecting to hear such bullshit then this might not be the right place.

What Sandy Gilad promotes as a solution to all problems is not a single method like it appears to one who has watched the promos.

Instead “the Instant Switch” is a set of techniques, methods, tips, and advice that she has formulated based on what she has used in her life and tested successfully on her clients.

From beginning to end she discusses the common stumbling blocks experienced by people in all areas of their lives and then she provides quick fixes for each.

Inside the Package

The program consists of one main ebook along with few bonus materials that include a success accelerator which is another short ebook by Sandy(bonus materials may vary with time).

She begins with a short story on how she was emotionally disturbed at one point of life…A circumstance that she saw as a big lesson and turned it into her advantage by finding out various ways to transform her life completely into one that she absolutely loves.

Every chapter in this book is like a mini-course that takes you through various action steps which you can start implementing right away plus she provides “try this” sheets every now and then which summarizes the main steps so that you come back to it whenever you want once you finish reading.

In the first few pages, you will be introduced to the ways to stop your negative self-talk which is one of our biggest enemies since it not only creates a stumbling block in the path of our success but also takes away our peace of mind. Then you will get to know how our habits run the whole show of our life and you will be provided with various action steps to change your behavioral patterns.

Sandy further takes your focus towards self-love and the activities of self-care. I know how important self-love is and how people mistake it for selfishness so I really liked this section where she provides many techniques to keep yourself in a happy mood because you can spread love and joy only when you are filled with it.

What I liked about this part was her emphasis on body health and its relation with our mind since most of us(including me) believe that our mind affects our body whereas this also goes the other way around-Our body health also affects our mental states.

Section 3 of module 1 talks about our ability choose better thoughts and you will get a few advises here on how you can intentionally shift your focus towards positive thoughts from the negative ones.

After this, you will get a therapeutic opinion on how people derive meaning from various incidents in their lives and then how it plays an important role in shaping their future. Different people assign different meaning consciously and sometimes unconsciously to various happenings, Sandy here will take you through a few techniques that will help you to form a “victor mentally” rather than a “victim” mentality.

I understand how much dangerous “victim mentality” is so; I got some real good information here that I can try out for my personal growth.

Module two: – this is the “money” part so, people who are looking to improve their financial condition will benefit a lot from implementing what this part of the book teaches.

If you believe in the universal laws and you want to use the law of attraction for money, or if you know how your subconscious beliefs decide your financial situation then Sandy has few methods to offer that will help you to build an “Abundance mindset” in this part of her program.

In the last few modules, the book is completely focused on clearing limiting beliefs, this is the most important stuff to do when you want different results in life.

You can only succeed in areas of your life when you feel differently about it, in other words when your subconscious programming is altered. Sandy provides some awesome techniques in this book for doing this that include EFT(emotional freedom technique), affirmations, and self-hypnosis.

My favorite section was the 100 self-love act section where I found some helpful tips to improve my relationship with “myself”. If you are someone looking for self-love activities even if you don’t know what the hell in the world “self-love” actually means then this section will solve your problem.

Final Advice

As I mentioned earlier, initially I found this material useless but when I finished the book my whole opinion about it changed-I found it helpful, useful, interesting, informative as well as inspirational.

But, still, I cannot say that you must buy this, it will change your life or you will find something different in it. However, if you are a personal growth-loving person like me then it will look very good in your collection. You can also highly benefit by following this course properly.

What I think as a major drawback of this program is that I felt a need for more information; it was like Sandra has made quick notes of all essential self-growth information and presented it to us. Maybe she will bring more programs in the future still, I think there could have been more to it.

That’s all I have to say about this program, to know more, please visit their product website.


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