3 Awesome Lucid Dreaming Stories That Will Blow Your Mind

I have heard about a lot of exciting dreams, but there are a few lucid dreaming stories that I came across which really left me dumbstruck, so I want to share them with you here today.

Previously, I made a post on my three interesting lucid dreaming experiences that gave me some spiritual insights and I have had many amazing dream experiences. But the stories “Robert Waggoner’s “Lucid Dreaming – Gateway to the Inner Self” book narrates has always boggled my mind because they depict the power of our inner mind.

If you are a lucid dreamer, your interest in your dream world will increase after knowing these stories and if you are not, then you may start aspiring to be one after reading this because these stories tell us that our dreams are a lot more than just a virtual world.

# 1 Dream Figure Proves Her Existence

Robert starts the thirteenth chapter “Healing Yourself and Others” by giving an example of a person Dan, who was physically affected in actual life from what happened in his dream.

A very important tip for the lucid dreaming beginners, “Never try to prove your dream figures that they are not real and never act as the boss in your dreams”.

So what happened in this dream is that this guy Dan found himself in an extravagant party in which a beautiful lady came and sat on his lap asking whether he is enjoying himself to which he responds by stating that he is dreaming.

Hearing this, the dream figure asks if he thinks she is not real and he says “yes” which makes her very angry. Annoyed by Dan’s denial of her existence she crushes a lit cigarette in his hands saying “let me show you what’s real” which wakes him up.

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What is astonishing about this story is that this guy actually had the round shaped burn mark on his hand when he woke up!

It is our powerful subconscious mind creating the dreams, so anything can happen.

This is a rare example which indicates that dreams can make an impact on the physical body. A common example is feeling pain in the dream that sometimes continues with less intensity after waking up.

# 2 Finding the Mark

Next story is about Ian, Robert’s friend who did an experiment on lucid dreaming telepathy with a person which turned out to be a hard to believe incidence.

A girl gave Ian a task to locate the correct position of a freckle she has in her back in his dreams to see if it is possible to establish a telepathic connection in the dreams. Within a week, he had a lucid dream where he met her and found that the mark was in the exact center of her back just above the hips.

He confirmed it with her whether what he saw in his dream had any truth associated with it and it turned out to be the exact position where she had that freckle.

# 3 Mutual Dreams

Now this one is totally insane, there is an entire part about mutual lucid dreaming in that book, but what really got me was the story with which the chapter begins.

The story is something the author has read in some other book where a person who lives in a co-ed dorm of a college dreamed that he went to the dorm where girls lived and made love with more than 10 girls there one by one.

Shockingly, he finds out that many girls there have had similar dream the same night and they began teasing him as “Romeo” that day because of that, due to the embarrassment, he avoided talking about it with anyone there.

# 4 Interacting with the Deceased

There are a lot of interesting stories that I have read on this subject, but one story illustrated by Robert in his book is very surprising.

A girl dreams meeting a deceased preacher whom she knew as a child, being a lucid dreamer, she understands the situation and asks “do you have any message for your wife” and he replies “tell her, the big picture she has of me is not me”.

This girl went to that preacher’s house to meet his wife and narrated this incidence despite the hesitance and his wife broke out in tears by telling her that she has been crying in front of a big picture of him that she has in her house, trying to pull him out of it!


Robert Waggoner’s “Lucid Dreaming – Gateway to the Inner Self“, is one of the books I read as a beginner in conscious dreaming, I got referred to it by the program that began my lucid dreaming journey, and it remains my favorite book on conscious dreaming ever since that day. I love it because it covers in detail about the possibilities of lucid dreaming. If you need to read more dream stories, you will find plenty of them in this book.

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