Law of Attraction Gratitude Exercises for Easy Manifestations

Gratefulness is a quality that helps you to attract what you want in your life, thus today I will be discussing some powerful law of attraction gratitude exercises with you that you can use to be in harmony with the universal laws.

People often underestimate the power of gratitude because it is such a simple thing, they want something complicated in order to believe that it works. So, I request you to drop any judgments you have about this because I will be discussing here some methods that can help you to make some big positive changes in your life.

Some of the morning habits of many successful people include a brief moment of contemplation over things that happened in the recent past or whatever they love about their present life before they get out of their bed.

It is not only a great way to tap into the higher vibrations, but it is also a scientifically proven technique to become happier.

For living a happy life where great opportunities knock at your door, you need to change your perception by focusing on the good things in the world because success is all about our mindset and to achieve our life goals we need to build an abundance mindset, and for that, attitude of gratitude is a very important thing.

The bottom line is “Gratitude can positively affect and transform our lives in all possible ways”.

Let us see why this small personality trait is so crucial in the process of getting what a person desires in his life.

Why Is Gratitude so Powerful?

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Well, let me share with you something I have found in many personal growth books and programs.

Our subconscious mind has the solutions and answers for all our problems right now, in every moment we receive a lot of information from our surroundings from which our mind filters out and brings to us the data that fits into our perception of the world.

In other words, the key for which we are looking is always in front of us, but we just cannot see it because our mind is not letting it enter our field of perception.

We can never manifest our desires until we clear the limiting beliefs present in our subconscious mind that is generating the thoughts that are working against us.

So, conscious intentions and wishing are of no use until we learn how to allow things to pass the shield created by our own mind.

In a way, we are our biggest enemies in the path of achieving what we desire. On one hand, we do a lot of things to get what we want and on the other hand, we engage in thoughts to build a perspective which blindfolds us from seeing the right path to achieve it.

When a person learns to develop a strong present moment awareness where he has desires (which is natural) but it does not restrict him from living the moment to its fullest, he reaches to a state of flow where quick manifestations happen.

Gratitude is one of the simplest and powerful tools that can get you closer to that place. You can always prefer a good meditation or mindfulness exercises for becoming more aware, but if you will learn to appreciate your life “as it is”, you will naturally start living in the present moment more than ever before.

A habit of being genuinely grateful in the present moment opens your energy field to allow more good things to manifest. Not just that, I have also read in some books that it can also help you to clear your negative karma.

That’s why we are going to look at some good exercises you can use for doing this.

Effective Gratitude Practices

This is the part of this post where I will be actually giving you some exercises I personally use, however you can do it in any way you want by keeping only one thing in mind “do it with genuine feelings”.

If you will do these exercises to achieve something specific, it won’t work, you will have to develop a habit to deliberately focus on the good things in your life so that it gets added to your natural behavioral qualities.


1 – Morning Gratitude

As I have mentioned before, one of the best ways to begin your mornings is to meditate over what you love about your life.

To do this, you just need to lie in your bed or sit up after waking up and think of a few events that made you happy in the previous day and also express your gratitude to the universe for everything you are happy about your present life.

2 – Gratitude Journal

I know it is a bit difficult for many people to keep a gratitude journal (including me), but writing about things you are grateful is far more effective than just thinking about it.

Things get communicated to our subconscious mind when we write our story with strong emotions, so I strongly recommend you to buy a good looking journal and start writing about things for which you are grateful.

You can do this every day or frequently in a week, just list a few things for which you are truly grateful in your life.

You can also begin by saying “I am so happy and grateful that ___” and write about the things you love whether let it be something as small as your morning coffee or a beautiful song that made your day.

3 – Saying Grace before Meals

I am not catholic, but I love this ritual because it is very easy to put into practice since every time you sit to have your meals, you are reminded of expressing gratitude to the higher power.

What I do is I think of a few things that happened over the past few hours that put me into a good state of mind every time before I have my meals, sometimes I also begin by thanking for the delicious food I am about to eat.

4 – Active Gratitude

This is my favorite, and I have talked about it in many of my posts. Active gratitude is something that becomes your second nature with time as you realize how it helps you to stay happy.

Whenever anything happens that evokes positive emotions in you just say “thanks” immediately. This is probably the most genuine way of expressing your gratefulness to the universe because when you say thanks for anything that happens in a particular moment, you do it sincerely.

A few moments ago, I received a call from one of my close friends after a long time and I said “thanks” to the universe after the call ended because it made me happy.

That’s how it’s done; you don’t need to win a lottery to be happy. Most people are hypnotized by the thoughts of what they want or what they don’t have that they completely ignore the things that really matters to them.

Most of us miss our teenage days, whereas at that time we just wanted to become adults. We are gaining and losing things in every moment and we only realize it later.

So, start admiring big and small stuff in your life right now by developing the attitude of gratitude.

For the methods using which you can alter your subconscious limiting beliefs, read my post – Allow Your Abundance


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