7 Ways to Include the Law of Attraction in Everyday Life

Once a person learns about their creative power, it becomes very important for them to put this knowledge into practical use, for doing this, one will have to make a few changes in their lifestyle in a way that the principles of the law of attraction becomes a part of their everyday life.

Many people judge the believers of LOA as lazy wimps because according to them this whole concept is all about daydreaming. It’s not, in truth learning to use one’s creative power requires serious and persistent efforts.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Unfortunately a large group of people turned skeptic after failing to achieve their goals using the methods they learned from the movie “The Secret“, especially these were the super enthusiastic individuals who succeeded with it initially, but they lacked the patience and willingness to learn so they concluded that it was all coincidence.

Tougher than climbing a huge mountain is to eliminate the beliefs that are deeply ingrained in one’s subconscious mind which blocks their abundance, but the good news is that a person can remove such limiting beliefs easily if they take the baby steps every day.

Learning to use the law of attraction is like a marathon. Of course, you can achieve many things quickly, but to achieve your big dreams you will have to stay focused and gradually keep moving towards what you want.

If you have big goals, you will have to work on yourself to make yourself bigger than that goal, then only you can have it.

This means that you will have to constantly work on your inner world using some tools until you are in a state to attract right opportunities, receive inspirations, make appropriate decisions and take the perfect actions that will lead you to success in all the areas of your life.

Tools for Success

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I talked about the tools that you can use to work on yourself so that you can bring yourself in the state of flow, where everything begins to work in your favor. These are the highly effective methods which will only work if you are willing to use them daily.

5 such awesome tools are meditation, mindfulness, creative visualization, positive affirmations and gratitude. These five methods will help you to channelize the power within you towards what you want.

The techniques that I am going to enlist here are my small daily rituals which incorporates these 5 awesome methods in such manner that it becomes a part of my day to day life and I hope it will work the same way for you as well.

7 Daily Law of Attraction Practices

The methods that I will be discussing here is what I want you to perform by making them a joyful process rather than like a must to-do task. The main purpose of these techniques is to get you into a good emotional state.

I would advise you to avoid doing this when you feel like you are forcing it upon yourself, but initially a little strict discipline might be required to cultivate these habits.

# 1 – Morning Meditation

Five minutes or half hour, you must learn to quiet your mind in the morning so that it could prepare itself for a day filled with positive vibes.

To attract good things in life you should be able to bring yourself closer to your higher self and meditation is the most appropriate practice for this purpose.

Insight meditation is one simple method which I use at the break of dawn, this is something that beginners can also learn quickly.

# 2 – Customized Powerful Affirmations

This is what I do next, whenever I find myself looking into the mirror, I would say to myself “you are an amazing person, I love you”. Okay, don’t judge me here, I am not a conceited guy. This is an affirmation that I use to clear the limiting beliefs related to the lack of self-worth.

Be sure to formulate your affirmations based on two things –

1-> Do not use negation in your affirmations. For example, use something like “I am a person filled with courage, confidence and motivation” in place of “I am not afraid/fearful/worried”.

2-> Choose the words that evoke strong positive feelings in you.

Once you are done choosing the right words, keep repeating it to yourself by setting a reminder (like I use mirrors), just make sure that nobody is watching you, I don’t want you to blame me for any kind of embarrassment.

# 3 – Mindfulness Moments

It would be difficult for you to find time for mindfulness exercises if you are a very busy person and that is why I use small mindfulness breaks.

It could be during your commute to work or any such period when your mind is not engaged in some important activity, make use of that time to practice mindfulness.

Just take a few conscious breaths and become the observer of your thoughts or become fully aware of your sense perceptions, these small breaks will help you to stay emotionally healthy.

Mindfulness brings you into a good emotional state which is essential for your visions to get manifested.

# 4 – Creative Visualization

This is the most important step in the manifestation process, some people believe that they don’t know how to use creative visualization, but actually we all are already good at it.

If I say “red” you are seeing that color and if I mention “car” you will have an image of a car in your mind. Just like that, you will have to actively visualize the end results of your dreams without worrying if you are doing it right or not.

The best time for doing this is before you go to sleep because it becomes easy for your visions to sink deep into your inner mind during that period.

It is very good if you can find more time in the day to do small visualizations, you can also use music if you want.

#5 – Inspired Actions

This is where most people misinterpret the teachings of the universal laws, they assume that there is no role of action here.

Plan your week by including small tasks that are related to your goals, do a research or anything that you think is a small step forward towards your dreams.

Visualizations will help you to receive inspirations, if you won’t act on these ideas it will be like the universe is extending the hand but you are ignoring it.

#6 – Attitude of Gratitude

Gratitude is the fuel which energies your desires and it boosts up the manifestation process, but one essential ingredient of gratitude is feelings.

This is an act of faith, so if you are already feeling grateful for what is yet to come then definitely you are moving faster towards your dream life. However, if you don’t have the genuine feelings of thankfulness, it will be of no use.

Be grateful for what you love in your life, it doesn’t need to be a big thing just focus on what makes you happy in any particular day by thinking of it before you sleep or by keeping a gratitude journal.

#7 – Motivation

We all need motivations to follow our dreams and naturally there will be times when we will find it hard to believe that our desires will ever come true.

There should be something which should keep feeding our mind with positive ideas.

How to do it? Follow a book, video series or personal development program which will keep you at the right track by supercharging your mind with great ideas.

One program that I found very appropriate for this purpose it is called “magic in your mind” which is prepared by three great experts of the personal development industry Sandy Gallagher, Mary Morrissey and Bob Proctor, it is a six week course that teaches the ways to train one’s mind for success.


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