Lucid Dreams and Nightmares – Facing Your Fears

Lucid dreams are one of the best ways to end reoccurring nightmares, but things can also get worse when you start having lucid nightmares.

I am about to share some very important things about nightmares here that will help you if your sleeps get ruined due to disturbing dreams.

Nightmares are normal when it happens rarely, but if unpleasant dreams become a part of your life, then that could really mean that there are some deep unresolved psychological issues about which you are doing nothing, these dreams could be an indication.

Lucid dreaming is a process that can solve such problems when used wisely, however sometimes using conscious awareness to dissolve the psychological stuff could be far more difficult than what you might be expecting.

It is a type of therapy when you use lucid dreaming for knowing your nightmares better so that you could do something to put an end to it at once. Doing this will extremely benefit your life and mind state. But you might have to face your biggest fears while doing this.

On the other hand, there are dreams called lucid nightmares where people know that it is a dream, still they can’t escape. If you have never had them before, let me tell you, it could scare the hell out of you.

But the question is, would you choose to live with suppressed emotions that causes troubles in your life and doesn’t allow you to have a good night’s sleep since your inner state will be reflected in your dreams, or will you dare to face your fears, no matter how troublesome it is.

Sometimes, you don’t even have a choice, when your inner mind decides to release the suppressed emotions with the use of such dreams.

Yet, being a lucid dreamer makes things easy by giving you a greater understanding of what is happening inside you and it also teaches why sometimes it is necessary to look at things you are afraid of.

Let me explain three different types of nightmares that you may have to deal with as a lucid dreamer and how it can help you.

Normal Nightmares

If you are not a lucid dreamer then I think you must know that you can really understand your inner world better by becoming a lucid dreamer.

Lucid dreaming enables you to get to the root of your nightmares, end them or convert them into a pleasant one.

In the fifth point of my lucid dreaming facts post, I have given a short example of how I became lucid in the middle of a nightmare and received an insight.

Lucid Dream Turning into a Nightmare

This can happen to you as a lucid dreaming beginner, sometimes things get out of control and our actions in the dream world gets backfired.

Our ego (conscious mind) never has a complete control over our dreams, it is in the hands of our subconscious mind and our degree of control in the dreams also depends on how much our inner self is allowing it.

As an expert level lucid dreamer, you won’t face many such situations, but sometimes beginners make a few mistakes, like believing that they are “god” in their dream world, when they have controlled some of their dreams.

One of my friends once started to beat up people in his lucid dream which then turned into a nightmare and thereafter he was so scared that he kept the lights on while sleeping for over a month.

Lucid Nightmares

Now this is the form of nightmare that makes people scared to death, a scary dream where you know it is a dream, still cannot do anything.

Sleep paralysis also falls into this category, where you falsely wake up paralyzed in your bed and sometimes also sense a scary figure around you in that state. Don’t get afraid, as a lucid dreamer, you can learn to convert sleep paralysis into a lucid dream.

You don’t need to be a lucid dreamer to have lucid nightmares, this can happen to anyone, my sister has often shared with me how she frequently get nightmares where she knows that it is a dream.

So, when you know that you are dreaming while facing a nightmare and still cannot do anything about it, that’s a lucid nightmare.

Such dreams may be the scariest, but when you become aware enough to face them and try to make sense of it; it becomes a gift, really. It can release all the psychological stuff you have been holding inside you for a long time.

All you should do is to “let go” the need to escape it and observe that emotion without trying to run away, let what is happening, happen. It is a dream anyway.

Here’s an example of my recent lucid nightmare: –

I was in my kitchen and I opened a cupboard to find that a scary creature was hiding there, immediately I tried to scream but the creature did something that froze me right where I was standing. At this point, I realized it was a dream, I started using my will to end it, but nothing seemed to work, then I knew that it was time to face whatever was being shown by my higher self.

That hideous creature then came very near to me, stood there for a while and said something.. and the dream ended.

I really don’t know what exactly happened, from that day onward I became a little more productive than before.

If you really want to understand your nightmares and know what is the reason behind such dreams, then I would suggest you to try dream sculpting program because it has helped me to understand my inner world better using the art of lucid dreaming.

So, that was all I wanted to share with you about lucid dreaming and nightmares. If you are interested in lucid dreaming then you might like to know about the lucid dreaming meditation that works best for me. I would also suggest you to read about the methods to access your subconscious mind power.


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