Alex West’s Tesla Code Secrets Review – A User Experience

In this Alex West’s Tesla code secrets review, I am going to provide you an unbiased opinion about this personal development product that promises to help you get what you want using some secret techniques which are said to be have learned from none other than one of the greatest scientists ever lived “Nikola Tesla”.tesla

I have used this product so I guarantee you that you will be getting an honest advice and inside information here that you probably won’t find on any other site.

I have always been a big fan of Nikola Tesla, not only because I studied electrical engineering during my graduation, but his way of life definitely indicates that he had a certain kind of superior approach towards life, something that makes it possible to achieve what others think is impossible.

His quote “If you wish to understand about the universe, think of energy, frequency and vibration” always inspires me.

Alright, I am not going to talk about this great man anymore here, because that is not what this post is all about, however, I can keep doing that for years. So the author Alex West claims that he has found some secret way using which Tesla achieved all the success and he is sharing that with you in this book that he calls Tesla secret codes.

What Is This Tesla Code Secret?

Obviously, there is no super working special technique that will make you a millionaire overnight, but these are some principles, methods, and practices that will allow you to manifest what you want in your life.

Although the author has promoted the product calling that it is all “science-based” and no law of attraction or new age stuff (he even called them B.S), it is still pretty much the same.

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Giving the example of the double split experiment and saying that quantum physics says that the observer affects the observed doesn’t make it different from LOA, in fact, that brings both subjects even closer, however, I do understand that he did this to gain the trust of the nonbelievers.

Basically, this program is all about something he calls “cerebral powers” and according to him, all the most successful people have known how to trigger those powers. So the whole book revolves around how to trigger these cerebral powers to become a natural winner in any area of life.

There is something the author teaches in this course using which he says we can use our conscious mind to get what we desire by triggering the cerebral powers and he calls it the “Miracle Mind Magic Stimulator”, this is something that triggers a right behavioral pattern to succeed which is referred as “physiological language”, I cannot explain it, you will have to read the whole book to understand that properly.

This whole thing is about is “focus” and how our conscious intentions are responsible for the reality that we create, and I agree with that completely. I am also pretty much impressed by how the course is structured plus all the exercises, I believe it can really help one to understand his creative power better.

However, don’t get deluded by how simply I have said that the program teaches you about the power of your conscious mind, this guy really takes it to the higher levels and shows you how you can do things using the power of your conscious mind, all that we have only heard is possible through methods that allows one to tap into his subconscious power, so no hypnosis or any that kind of stuff.

The author points out that Nikola Tesla said that the universe is a knowledge bank and we can receive all the necessary information to create something new by using our mind as a transmitter, that is really a very powerful statement, isn’t it? Based on this he has made this program where he will show you how you can express your desires to the universe and get the perfect ideas to make your dreams come true, this also involves being intuitive and taking right decisions.

Well, I really don’t know how much “secret methods” Alex really learned from Nikola Tesla’s life, but anyone with a proper understanding of the universal laws knows that’s how these great people achieve their goals.

Overall, I think this book can really be used as a guide for creating a desired life if one is willing to properly follow the program and apply the knowledge presented in it.

Inside the Program

The Book – Main part of this product is an eBook with around 242 pages that contain 18 chapters which are to be followed each per week for 18 weeks.

You will find a lot of exercises for quick actions, stories for reference and summaries for revisions in it.

All the chapters are based on how you can use your conscious mind’s power i.e cerebral powers to attain whatever is required. You will get to learn some methods to trigger physiological languages of your body that allows you to take perfect steps at any given moment to gain control over any situation.

There are certain factors that limit one’s cerebral powers so you will learn to clear those limitations.

Here are some of the things taught in the chapters: –

  • Creating biological changes using conscious intentions.
  • Stress Handling.
  • How to use photographic memory.
  • Intellectual leverage to make maximum use of any opportunity.
  • Methods to create lasting behavioral and personality changes.
  • Clear thinking in all situations.
  • Making friends and gaining the trust of all kinds of people.


The author shows you how your thoughts affect your reality by making you apply the techniques; you will also learn to influence others as well as protect yourself from being influenced.

The Workbook – Along with the main eBook, you will be getting a workbook which will make you take some serious actions so that you could make the right use of the program. The workbook covers various important things and it also motivates you to apply the knowledge in order to see some great results.

Rejuvenate Your Mind Audio Program – There are 5 audios that contain some real good mind relaxing music. It is perfect for you if you like to meditate using music.

Even if you don’t meditate you can just listen to these sessions on your mobile by just closing your eyes and allowing yourself to get immersed in those soothing sounds, this will definitely make you feel very refreshed at the end.


Napoleon Hill Compendium – Have you heard of the book that has created millionaires – “Think and Grow Rich”? I have been repeatedly reading this book for a long time because it is what revolutionized the success principles which helped numerous people to get rich.

As a bonus with this product, you will be getting this book in both audio and pdf formats, not only that, Alex had also brought together some of Napoleon’s less known works like the success principles. Now, that is something I call an awesome bonus!

The Power of Believing eBook- Since the whole program is mostly based on conscious thinking; the author provides this bonus where he shows how you can alter the limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind to make sure that the changes you will make will last for long.

I am providing the list of this bonuses based on what I received when I ordered this product, these bonus materials can change with time, kindly check the product website to see what they are offering right now.

Final Advice

Obviously, most of the readers here came with one important question in mind “Is this program a scam?” – The answer is no! Unless you are in a myth that you will buy this product and you will start manifesting stuff like a wizard within days.

Considering the price, information and the bonuses, I find it a fair deal. If you are serious about becoming successful and if you are willing to invest your time as well as your energy in doing that then I am sure you will make great use of this stuff.

Hence, I will give you a clear green signal for this program. In case you are getting a good discount then just proceed without doubts because any personal growth freak like me can pay that amount for that Napoleon Hill compendium alone without hesitation, however what I got to learn from this material was very different and pretty much new in comparison to most of the personal growth products I usually buy.

For more information, you can visit the product website here.


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