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The Wake Back to Bed Technique for Lucid Dreaming

In this post, I will be explaining to you the wake back to bed technique(WBTB) for lucid dreaming in detail and also provide you with the methodology of this particular process that is used by a lot of lucid dreamers to successfully induce lucid dreams. This method is very simple and that is why it is probably the best technique that can help beginners to have their first few lucid dreams because in this method you don’t get into any complicated technical aspect of conscious dreaming but you just use your sleep cycle and keep your mind active before the REM phase so that the probability of gaining lucidity inside a dream increases.

Unlike the WILD technique where you actively try to keep yourself awake, you let yourself naturally drift back to sleep in this process, people often like to combine the WILD technique (which I think is the best lucid dreaming technique) with WBTB but I would advise you if you are a beginner then don’t get too caught up by trying to apply too many techniques at once. I am very sure that if you follow the simple suggestions that I will be giving you in this post, you will be successful to induce your first few lucid dreams without much trouble because during the early morning hours your mind is already very active as it has completed about 4-5 sleep cycles which is enough for giving your body the essential rest that it needs for rejuvenation and using this technique is also preferable because it does not disturb your natural sleep cycle. Continue reading

8 Lesser Known Lucid Dreaming Benefits

Lucid dreaming is not about just having fun in your dreams but there are many practically applicable lucid dreaming benefits that make it a skill that can transform your life in many ways. Famous people like Nikola Tesla and Salvador Dali have used lucid dreaming to get some ideas that have resulted in amazing breakthroughs in their respective fields. Initially, for a person, lucid dreaming could be all about exploring various things that they can do in their dreams which is impossible for them to experience in real life but once the initial euphoria of lucid dreams ends, this journey leads people who are serious about conscious dreaming to find practical use of being able to have control over their dreams.

Most people are unaware of this lucid dreaming advantages but if with practice a person applies their ability of conscious dreaming then they can really transform their life because this particular skill helps you to explore your dream world which is also a key to communicating with the subconscious mind, so some powerful personality changes can be made with the help of lucid dreaming. Here are some most common things that you can achieve with the help of lucid dreaming:-

1. Dealing With Nightmares

Nightmares are a very common part of dreaming but frequent nightmares and reoccurring scary dreams can be an indication of some deep-rooted problems that your inner mind is trying to bring to your attention with the help of troublesome images. Our subconscious mind uses nightmares to communicate with us about any important life issue that we might be ignoring or we might have left unresolved. Also, the usual nightmares can disturb your sleep, especially if it is caused by any recent tragic event or something from the past that must have caused you a lot of emotional pain. Continue reading

Most Effective Lucid Dreaming Technique

In this post, I will be talking about a technique and give you complete guidance on how to perform the most effective lucid dreaming technique which has been used by lucid dreamers to successfully induce their lucid dreams. The method I am talking about here is the “Wake Initiated Lucid Dreaming Technique” also known as the “Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming Technique” which is undoubtedly the best way to have lucid dreams because, unlike most methods, here you consciously enter your dreaming state without losing your waking awareness completely when you fall asleep. Basically, this method is all about keeping your mind awake when your body is about to go into a sleeping state. This method is widely used by lucid dreamers because it has been the most powerful way of generating lucid dreams known to experts in the field of conscious dreaming. This term and technique were first introduced by Dr. Stephen LaBerge, who is a psychophysiologist whose contribution to the field of lucid dreaming revolutionized this particular subject and his book “Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming” which I have also mentioned in my “Best Lucid Dreaming Books” post is a gem of a material that has inspired thousands of lucid dreamers to take interest in their dream world.

This method is a lot similar to the ancient art of dream yoga that is practiced by Tibetan Buddhist monks as well as it is also used in yogic practices performed by Indian yogis called the Yog Nidra, however, those methods are practiced with the aim of spiritual advancement whereas here we use something similar for conscious dreaming. The WILD technique is not only useful for lucid dreaming but also for astral travel, you don’t need to be an expert lucid dreamer to be able to perform this technique but you surely need to understand the mechanism well to make proper use of it. Continue reading

30 Day Lucid Dreaming Bootcamp Review

In this 30-day lucid dreaming Bootcamp review, I will be giving you a detailed analysis of this product created by Stefan Zugor which is a special course created for beginners in the field of lucid dreaming and it aims to help you stick with a daily routine so that you can have your first lucid dream within 20 days. This program has materials like daily videos and a step-by-step printable template that ensures that you stay inspired while trying to have your first lucid dream.

This program is an easy-to-follow system that has worked for thousands of people and contains a unique strategic plan for beginners, including exercises and methods that have been proven to be effective. Since the program has something new to perform each day, you will be able to stay interested in it whereas you will not lose hope easily and the templet is designed in such a way that it will help you to not only have your first lucid dream within a few weeks but it will also establish you as a regular lucid dreamer.

The psychological principle used by Stephen Zugor to create this program is highly effective to help most people to have their first lucid dream in less time and his techniques are all backed up by research works.

Stephen has been learning and teaching people about lucid dreaming for more than 10 years and his works and articles have reached millions of people over the years. He has also reached a large audience through his YouTube channel and for the past 10 years, he has been practicing and researching lucid dreaming. Stephen uses multiple psychological tools like neuropsychology, neurolinguistics programming, bio-hacking, and various personal growth methods to combine them all and make his unique formula of a lucid dreaming system that can be far more effective than the conventional methods. Continue reading

3 Ways to Attract Money with Hypnosis

In this post, I will be talking about how you can attract money with hypnosis and I will be sharing with you 3 powerful methods that can be used for this purpose. Hypnosis is a state of the mind where a person’s inner or subconscious mind is ready to take suggestions, this state is somewhat simar to sleep but a person is aware of what is happening with a slightly altered state of consciousness.

The state that hypnosis brings a person’s mind into is called the alpha state of mind, this is the same state that we find ourselves in right before we are fully awake or during the time when we are about to fall asleep, this alpha state is a very relaxed state compared to the mindstate that we have when we are awake whereas it is not a state where our mind is not even active enough to make a sense of what is happening in the surrounding like when we are asleep.

The process of hypnosis uses this alpha state to plant suggestions in our unconscious mind because in this state our conscious mind barrier created by the traffic of thoughts is not as strong as it is during the waking state, so any suggestion given in this particular state of the mind will directly reach to our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is what controls our habitual patterns and the way we carry our lives, so if the suggestion planted in our subconscious mind by the means of methods like hypnosis is strong enough to replace an old belief system then it is possible to make a lasting change in our overall life. So, when it comes to finances, a lot of beliefs that are present in our inner mind control the way we handle money and it also decides our ability to make or attract wealth because our attitude toward wealth and our thoughts about it are all a result of the impressions that we are holding in our subconscious mind. Continue reading

Root Chakra and Manifestation of Wealth

You might have heard it already or you might be hearing it for the first time but there is a very strong connection between the root chakra and the manifestation of wealth in a person’s life. The root chakra is not the only chakra that affects the financial situation of a person’s life but it is one of the important energy centers which needs to be balanced if one wishes to be good at attracting financial abundance into their life.

Your root chakra or the Muladhara is the energy center that shapes the relationship that you have with the physical world, so finances being one of the primary components of a person’s physical world, gets deeply affected when someone is having a blocked root chakra.

There are various ways in which an imbalanced root chakra might affect a person’s life but struggling to make money or being unable to manage finances properly is a clear symptom of a blocked root chakra. It is worthless to take actions that have no proper direction towards becoming wealthy, a proper mindset and emotional preparedness are the two main factors that decide how much fruitful a person’s efforts are going to be when it comes to the area of making money. The primary purpose of money is to provide security and root chakra, among the 7 chakras is the energy center that is responsible for how secure a person feels in their life. Continue reading

Everything You Need to Know About Root Chakra

There are 7 main chakras that are the energy centers or the focal points in the body which regulate the flow of energy throughout a person’s subtle spiritual body that is believed to be present around our physical body, among these chakras is the first chakra that is also known as the root chakra, base chakra or Muladhara and we will be giving you an insight on everything you need to know about root chakra. The term Muladhara is derived from ancient Sanskrit texts where the early information about the chakras is present, in Sanskrit, Mula means root and Adhara means base or foundation whereas chakra means wheel, so we can deduce that Muladhara is a wheel-shaped energy center present at the base of our energy body.

The root chakra’s primary function is to maintain our materialistic aspects of living and it is what provides us with the power to survive in the physical world. It is what connects our spiritual world to our external world and that is why it provides us with stability in life. Also, this particular energy center is responsible for the animalistic nature present in us which is also essential for our survival. Continue reading

5 Amazing Benefits of Root Chakra Healing That You Must Know

Throughout ancient texts and spiritual wisdom, there’s this timeless advice about looking after your spiritual self. It’s like a universal truth, right? So, when you dive into the world of yoga, they really hammer home the importance and benefits of root chakra healing. Why, you ask? Well, let’s break it down. This thing called the root chakra, or as the yogis like to call it, “Muladhara,” is like the bridge between your spiritual self and your physical self. It’s where the two worlds collide in the most fascinating way.

The most impactful chakra on a person’s primary behavior is the Muladhara chakra located at the base of the spine and deep at the center point of that region. It is responsible for our primary needs in the physical world and in a way we can say that it is something that is behind the animalistic traits present in us which are also necessary up to an extent because our cravings for the objects of the physical world is driven by the root chakra, hence it is also important for our survival.

This is why the root chakra is also often said to be the chakra that lays the foundation for all the other chakras and it is what is closest to the earth element in your energy body so it also is the energy center that provides you with the stability in your life and any kind of imbalances in it may result into serious problems in your life.

In a way, people often underestimate the importance of this chakra since it is something that is related to our materialistic world but what they fail to understand is that working on any other chakra is worthless unless you have taken proper care of your base chakra because it is what keeps you grounded and connected to earth otherwise you will not be able to have the zest to do anything about your life.

A blocked root chakra may result in the manifestation of various problems in your life and below we will show you how base chakra healing can have some very powerful positive impact on your life. Continue reading

How to Make Your Own Affirmations

In this post, I will be showing you how you can make your own affirmations and use them in the right way. If you know about the law of attraction then you will be well aware of the power of positive affirmations by now.

Our life is shaped by the beliefs that we hold deep in our inner mind and a repeated thought becomes a belief, this is why the law of attraction based affirmations are so powerful because when you repeat a statement over and over to yourself it stops being a mere surface-level thought and soon converts into a belief.

You can experiment this for yourself, start saying to yourself that you are becoming healthier repeatedly for a few days and you will see that you will gain a new confidence that your body has become healthier. Words are powerful, in hypnotherapy, suggestions are used to create major psychological as well as physical changes.

We all know when we say something hurtful to someone, that person starts to dislike us and when we genuinely appreciate people, they start to like us. Imagine when someone else can be this much affected by our words what effects our own thoughts might be having on us?

Continue reading

Time Required for Changing Your Subconscious Programming

I receive a lot of emails asking many questions like how long does it actually take to change my subconscious programming? How many sessions does hypnosis take to work? When will my visualization yield results? How much time should I perform energy clearing in order to alter my limiting subconscious beliefs?

Well, the truth is, nobody in the world knows! I am sorry to tell you that but it can happen within days, weeks or years depending on your inner mind programming.

By the inner mind programming, I am referring to the beliefs present in your subconscious mind on which you might be working using certain tools in order to improve a specific area of your life.

There is no one particular method to do this which is better than the other because all of them do the same work, however, depending on people’s comfortability, some methods could prove out it be very effective.

Even if you are using a technique that works very well for a lot of people, sometimes it takes a hell lot of time to see some positive results.

Why? Well, there are two main factors that decide this. Continue reading