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A Better Form of Truth- Is Lying A Sin?

Nobody can ever prove what’s a truth and what’s a lie if they have a logic based debate on it. But societies and cultures have formed convictions for these values for the sake of peace and better living.

What seems to be a lie is just another way to look at the truth!truth vs perception

This is a hard thing to believe, but there is nothing in the world that is not true (because truth is a term used to indicate the acceptance of a thought measured against one’s own convictions), every lie is just a distorted form of truth.

Now, this may sound ridiculous but every lie is a modification of truth.

So, is lying a sin?, well when no one knows whats a lie then how could they know this?… ha ha..

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Can Thoughts Create Reality? – The Star Analogy

As you can see, the quote that I have used is from Buddha, hundreds of wise and famous people from past have told us that our thoughts create our reality.can thoughts create reality

Even quantum physics says that our mind creates our world (read “Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail“, if you want to know more about it) .

So, our question should be “how can I use my thought power?” rather than “can thoughts create reality? Or “is this true?”, because such questions will not take anyone to the right path of development.

Faith is most important and without it no one can lead to a satisfactory life.

The star analogy that  I am using here is not at all anything about astrology but I am bringing an example that often makes me to wonder about a very great principle.

“Thoughts Makes Our Reality – Whatever we are now is because of the ideas that we held in the mind in our past”, if you are a person who is keen about developing himself then this is not an unfamiliar thing for you.

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Can We Understand the Language of Animals?

Have you ever thought, what is the difference between the ways we humans communicate with each other from animals?

Apart from the common answer that we can talk but they can’t, if we can give a little more thought to it, we will come to realize that in an inner level all beings are communicating in the same manner.

Feelings! – We express our feelings when we communicate. Any response is always vibrational in nature because feelings are vibrations.

A vibration based thought (energy) comes in our mind and our brain converts it to a corresponding image and then further we make sound vibrations though our mouth which is received by the other person who’s brain can decode that information(through the knowledge of language) and his brain flashes an equivalent image in his mind! (All this happens within fraction of seconds) Continue reading

Know your mind- Why we forget the great ideas?

We all often make a big mistake by taking our ideas and thoughts for granted, thinking that we can call it out whenever it is required but, do you really remember your thoughts? Ever wondered why we forget the great ideas that come into our mind very often?


Even recurring thoughts soon gets faded with the passage of time and the temporary thoughts are very hard to recall even after few hours. (I am talking about the important ones because countless thoughts occur in mind every day)


You will understand this, if you may try to recall the whole day happenings when you go to bed, you will be amazed to know that only a few incidents make a lasting impression on our memory and even those impressions will get erased in few more hours.

People who are involved in doing creative work like painting, writing, music composing etc can easily understand about loss of thoughts if they fail to make a note about the inspiration that flashes all of a sudden in their mind, soon it will be lost!

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Existence Beyond Reality-A Perception Vs Reality Discussion

This question used to intrigue me always “what is reality?”- if you will closely analyze then you will see that the “truth” and “reality” changes from people to people. There is never one reality, we live in a world which encompasses infinite different worlds because every individual has his own “world” which is his personal “reality”.

Confusing? Well, think about this perception vs. reality example- Tbelieve to seehere is a rabbit and a snake in front of a man with weapon in his hands,(and this man is a vegetarian FYI..LOL).. The reality for the snake is “the man with the weapon is a danger and it has to attack him for its survival”, the reality for the rabbit is “both snake and the man are dangerous and it has to run in order to save its life” and the reality for that person is “the snake is a danger for both rabbit and him so, he must attack it..

See, three different realities of three different beings, for the snake the world is “danger everywhere” for the rabbit the world is “dangerous at some places and beautiful somewhere else” and for that person the world is “both a mixture of danger and beauty, and he can choose the one he wants wherever he stands”.

However, I used example of different species here, but you can actually put people in the place of creatures in the example above. Snake is a representation of “people who attack others because of insecurities”, Rabbit is a representation of “people who are vulnerable and keep on running in search of safety” and the person here was representing “people who choose what is good for them and discard everything else”.

Our way of looking at things changes our reality, any spiritual knowledge will lead you to this conclusion that the world is as we see it! Continue reading