Amanda Ross’ 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review

In this 7 day prayer miracle review, I am going to give you my honest opinion about this product that is created by Amanda Ross where she provides you the law of attraction based tools that teaches you how to pray effectively like the prophet Daniel in order to manifest your desires.

I don’t like these kinds of programs that are marketed using “too good to be true” strategies, a genuine product speaks for itself by honestly conveying what it will offer exactly to the customers rather than forcing them to buy the product by making big promises.

Considering the popularity this product has gained in recent months and requests from my readers to write a review about it, I tried the product and in this post, I am going to give you an opinion about this product based on my own experience.

About the Program

The concept behind this program is not a practical one, according to the makers of this product the way of praying taught in this program is a miraculous method found by prophet Daniel more than two millenniums ago and he was able to use this gift to achieve miraculous feats for the betterment of the world.

The prayer offered in this course is supposed to help you reach higher vibrational states and get the blessings of angles for the manifestation of your desires. Amanda says that a specific prayer that she includes in this program is something she believes she has received from an Archangel.

As outlandish as it seems, the author of this product claims to reveal to you the methods of performing the prayer just like prophet Daniel. The techniques shown in this program, however, are based on the power of faith and gratitude.

If you hold the knowledge of the universal laws then you might be well aware that practicing gratitude in your daily life opens doors for you to be successful in your life.

What I found very useful in this program is that it shows a very effective way to use the law of attraction techniques like the daily affirmations, one of the main reasons why people fail to make good use of the positive affirmations in life is that they fail to bring joyful emotions while using such methods and this program provides a new approach to do that which really works.

Believing in the higher power is an important thing when you use the law of attraction methods, whether you believe in angels, god or the power of universe you need to have a strong faith in the techniques that you are using and this program focuses on the importance of faith in God which I think is very essential if you are willing to make any progress in life.

Let me put it in proper perspective for you to understand how this process can actually work for you. The prayers, songs, and exercises you will get in this program make you trust in the higher power.

For us to achieve anything in life we need to work on the limiting beliefs present in our powerful subconscious mind and when we use various methods to work on it our inner mind does not accept the new beliefs that easily because the old beliefs present in it are much deeper and dense.

But when you trust in some power that is higher than your conscious mind or “ego”, you are able to generate the emotions that hold the power to alter the dense layers of old beliefs present in your subconscious mind which stops you from achieving your goals.

This program will help you to trust in the higher power and when you will perform those prayers you will be able to feel the necessary emotions that will change your old beliefs and help you to fill that space with love. Once that happens, the doors to your success get opened.

The reason why gratitude and prayers are so powerful is not because you are impressing any deity but it works because you are bringing yourself into a mental state that allows you to see the right path that will lead to the manifestations of your desires.

The scripts provided in this program can prove out to be very powerful according to me because it allows a person to easily impress empowering beliefs to their subconscious mind while replacing the old ones.

Inside the Package

I have given you an idea about the program, now I will be listing the materials that you will get if you buy this product.

The focus of this program is a prayer that I mentioned earlier which Amanda thinks to have received from a higher power, I liked that prayer, it is short and simple but it really makes you feel very good and positive.

The main material is an ebook that teaches you the prayers that you can use daily along with the guidelines on how to pray effectively and the methods to connect with the beings of higher vibrational frequency.

Along with the ebook comes another workbook that is a collection of action-oriented processes, in it you will receive 7 prayers for each day of the week that you will have to follow regularly.

Bonus Materials

There are a lot of bonus materials that have been included in this product. These bonuses offered may alter or change with time so kindly visit the product website to know what is available right now.

Divine Hearing – Amanda says that angels are with us all the time but we fail to feel their presence due to our disbelief in them. She shows how you can connect with these higher energy beings who are there for our guidance. This book is all about learning how to listen to your spiritual guides.

Divine Numbers – This ebook was quite useful to me because I have wondered about the frequent occurring of certain numbers in my life and a lot of my readers have asked about this in their emails.

This book teaches that these numbers are shown to us by our angels and it holds various meanings related to our life, with the help of this bonus you learn a lot about the meanings behind the numbers that show up in your life every now and then.

A Song of Shifts – A very nice and peaceful audio that is meant to bring you into a higher vibrational state. Listening to this will make you feel joyful and it becomes easier to pray when you are in this state.

The Prayer of Daniel – Here you will get the answers about what was the praying method that Daniel used about which this whole program is based on.

Final Advice

I used to be a very logical minded person before I began my spiritual journey, I had performed connecting with angles meditation and such processes earlier but this program takes it into a whole another level.

It gets a bit harder for us to believe in the concepts that the author Amanda talks about in this program.

If you believe in god and angels then this program can be undoubtedly very useful for you. But if you have a very strong logical mind then according to me buying this program might not be very helpful to you.

One thing I know for sure is that if these prayers will be used with strong faith, it can really be very effective. If it is hard for you to believe in the angels then you can use the prayers thinking about any higher power that you believe in.

You don’t need to accept everything said in the program in order to make it work, saying those prayers to the universe alone can be something that can help you with the manifestation process. Although the name of this program name suggests 7 days, one or two weeks is not enough, you will have to make it a consistent practice by making the exercises your daily rituals.

For more information kindly visit the product website.


I hope this review was useful to you. If you have also used this product then do share your experiences so that others could benefit from it, also leave your comments about this post in the box below, it will motivate me to bring more such content to this blog.

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