Overnight Millionaire System Review

In this overnight millionaire system review, I will be providing you a piece of detailed information about this program that is created by Wesley Virgin. I will try to answer your questions regarding the authenticity of the product so that you could have a better understanding of whether this whole system is real or just another scam.

Just like most programs out there that promise to make you wealthy quickly, this program is also marketed in the same manner so my first impression of this program was not a good one but trying out personal development products is a part of my job as a blogger so I am writing this review based on my own opinion which I believe will help you with your buying decision.

Wesley Virgin offers knowledge about how millionaires think and he provides tools that he calls as the mind hacks for success. According to him with the help of these tools, you will be able to change your thoughts and think like a millionaire so that you could take actions that will lead you to success. In short, this is a law of attraction based product that is aimed to deliver you with lessons and techniques that can alter your beliefs about wealth so that you could achieve the financial success you dream of.

I will give you a complete overview of what the maker of this product offers in this program but before that let me tell you a little about the author.

Who Is Wesley Virgin?

If you are a personal development enthusiastic like me then you might be already familiar with this name because this guy has been around in this industry for a while. Before creating this program I have heard his name as he has been a master weight loss trainer who wrote the book “Changed” where he tells the story of his weight loss journey and gives his 7-minute workout routine.

The author of this program is a multi-millionaire, he has given himself the name “Billion Dollar Virgin”. He also runs Huston based Virgin Media and he has sold a lot of digital products.

He is now focused to teach mind hacks to people that helped him in his journey of becoming a millionaire after he quit his job at the age of 21, as a result of his experiences that taught him how to think like rich people he is now offering all his knowledge in this program.

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One of his popular digital product that I am aware of is “Fat Diminisher” that has really been sold to a lot of people around the globe. So one thing I am sure of is that he definitely knows how to make money and one can really learn a lot from such people.

What Is the Overnight Millionaire System Program All About?

Basically this program is a collection of videos and audios that not only teach you how to be wealthy but it also programs your subconscious mind with the help of hypnosis and NLP based audios.

Audios are the main part of this program, you are supposed to listen to these audios regularly for at least 30 days to see any significant results. These audios are the mind hacks that he talks about in the promotional videos, so anyone who is interested to make full use of this material must download them and spare a few minutes of their daily routine for this stuff.

Wesley also has packed this system with his inspirational videos, in these videos he tells you how he went from being broke to become the multi-billionaire he is now, here he shares various realizations that lead him to success. I found those videos quite genuine, this guy knows how to connect with his audience and the lessons he shares in those sessions is also something to which I was able to connect since I too was struggling to make money at a point in my life before I started my online business.

Inside the Package

Now let’s take a look into the materials that you will be getting when you will enroll for this program.

As I have already told you, the main part of this program are 5 audios that are meant to change your beliefs about wealth so that you could build a new abundance mindset and think like the millionaires, the author has given these audios the name “overnight mindset hacks“.

Apart from these audios, you will get 7 Millionaire Hack video training which contains some very motivational and educative information. In these videos Wesley teaches you various techniques that you can use at home in order to manifest money, the videos are as follows:-

Mindset Hack 1 – In this video, you will be taught about the power of writing your goals. Here you will be encouraged to manifest things by writing in your journal.

Mindset Hack 2 – This is all about visualization, here you will get to learn how you should properly imagine the goals that you have written in your journal.

Mindset Hack 3 – Here you will learn the secrets of becoming someone that the author calls a person of high value, if you are into business then this can be a game-changer for you.

Mindset Hack 4 – This video focuses on the importance of learning from people who have already achieved the goals that you dream of.

Mindset Hack 5 – In order to be succesful you need to have a strong faith in what you are doing, so here you will get lessons on how to build unshakable faith in what you do.

Mindset Hack 6 – In this video Wesley shares the secret of his success in creating multiple sources of income.

Mindset Hack 7 – This one also is a very important video for those who are into business, here you get lessons on marketing and persuasion skills.

Bonus Materials

The bonus items that have been included in this package are as follows:-

1 – Supernatural Wealth Frequencies – An audio track made using brainwave entrainment(binaural beats) for bringing your mind into the frequency of a wealthy person.

2 – My Morning Rituals – The author shares his morning practices with you using which you can also build a millionaire mindset like him.

3- Body Stimulating Formula – In this video the author shares a few techniques using which you can feel happy whenever you are feeling low, it contains certain methods that he calls the body hacks.

The bonus materials can change with time, kindly visit the product website to know what is available right now.

Final Advice

Overall I must say that I am quite impressed by the work done by this guy, I like the way he has marketed this product, instead of loading the video with dreamlike imaginative stuff that marketers of the law of attraction based products usually do, Wesley has compiled a bunch of testimonies which I find is quite unique and thoughtful.

Also in his program, he has covered some of the essential wealth factors that I have mentioned in my post the five money factors so I found his videos very genuine. He also asks you to write down 10 reasons why you want to be a millionaire which I think is a very important thing to do because most people in the world don’t know why they want what they want.

Considering the knowledge and tools being offered in this program at such a low price, I think you will not regret buying this product. However, I don’t think that this program could be used by someone for the long term. According to my opinion, a person can use this material for their short term goals yet it lacks the techniques that could be used by people lifelong.

For more information, please visit the product website here.

Here’s a youtube video of the author of this product where he shares a few techniques for programming your mind for wealth and success, you might find it useful:-


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