Infinite Intelligence System Review – Zox Pro Companion Product

In this post, I will be providing you the information and my honest opinion on the infinite intelligence system which is created by a guy named Todd Lee, who claims that this program is a tool which boosts up the benefits and effectiveness of the well known Zox Pro System.

This product is basically a series of audio meditation tracks created by Todd, who has been a Zox Pro user for more than 15 years and he has seen dramatic improvements in the results he was getting from Zox Pro training when he started using these meditation tracks.

It shouldn’t be so surprising for you to know that this is another product based on the brainwave entrainment technology since a lot of buzz has been created by binaural beats these days.

The system works on your brain when you listen to the audios to bring your brainwave frequency to the ideal state so that you could get all the benefits of your zox pro training sessions with total ease. It is also helpful for many other things like for reducing stress, increasing focus, better sleep, improving memory, gaining more self confidence, etc.

The best thing about this program is that you just need to play these audios with your headphones on and the rest of the work will be done automatically,

What This Product Is All About?

As I mentioned earlier,this product is mainly based on brainwave entrainment technology. I will explain this in a very easy and quick way so that you could get the basic idea of this whole stuff, in case you are not aware of it.

When two different frequency tones are sent through each channel of the headphone separately, the person hears illusory beats (binaural beats) which is a low frequency wave that is almost equal to the frequency difference between the initial waves.

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This resultant wave is said to be capable of altering your brainwave frequencies. Each type of mental state has a corresponding brainwave frequency, hence by using these audios one can achieve a desired brain state.

Based on this technology infinite intelligence program works to stimulate your brain and thus it helps you to gain various mind skills.

The meditation is supposed to give you positive results based on how you use it, but a minimum of 6 minute daily session is a must if you want to see the good results.

According to Todd, you will be able to reach various deep mind states that are ideal for you to communicate with your subconscious mind and he says that the audios will balance your left and right brain hemispheres so that you could think using both of your brain hemispheres while solving a problem, which means the combined use of creative and logical parts of the mind.

Alright, before I give you my opinion on the product, let us take a quick look at what you will be getting if you buy this program.

Inside the Package

This product contains 4 meditation tracks which are prepared using brainwave entrainment technology, they are as follows: –

Zox Pro Ultra Meditation – A meditation that brings your mind to the alpha state which is ideal for you to use the photographic memory techniques that you learn from the Zox Pro program more effectively, this takes your brain to an accelerated learning mode.

15 Minute Zox Pro Recharge Meditation – This is an audio using which you will be able to refresh your mind like as if your are pressing a reset button while you move from one session to another in the Zox Pro training, you can also use it any time of the day to prepare your mind for a next task.

After Zoxing Memory Maximiser Meditation – The information you soak up during Zoxing requires to be stored in your long term memory and for doing that this audio helps you to get into the delta state of mind.

Meditation for Zox Pro Triggering Techniques – If you are a Zox Pro user then you might be very familiar with this process where we use various techniques to bring the data we have stored in our subconscious mind to our conscious awareness, this meditation will bring your mind to the appropriate condition where the information easily gets transferred from your subconscious mind to your conscious mind.

Bonus Materials

The product comes with four bonus materials that are: –

Visualization and Manifestation Mastery – Since visualization is the tool using which you can communicate with your subconscious mind so that you could achieve your goals, purpose of this bonus is to help you in your creative visualization process.

In the Zone Meditation – There is a mind state where a person is able to manifest things in extremely surprising ways, this is also known as the state of flow. This meditation will help you to reach there.

Laser Focus, Concentration and Attention Meditation – This audio enables you to get rid of distracting thoughts so that you could focus on what you are doing, this meditation sharpens your focus so that you could become more productive.

The Deep Meditation System – The audio presented to you here is a basic part of the course named “Whole Life System” which is designed for providing one a Zen like meditation experience.

Note – The bonus materials can change with time, so please check their product website to know if all these materials are still available.

Final Advice

I have talked enough about the contents, claims and purpose of this product, now lets get to the point – Is infinite intelligence system a scam? Does it really work? Is it worth your money?

Well, first of all, I would like to tell you that I am not a big fan of binaural beats, but I know that they have worked pretty well for some people and the audios in this program are definitely effective to some extent.

I like the Zox Pro System very much, and for developing the skills taught in that training one needs to build a strong rapport with his inner mind and something like the infinite intelligence system can prove out to be very useful for this particular purpose.

But, the glittery, glittery stuff you are being shown in the advertising that these audios will make you super intelligent and extraordinary isn’t something you should believe. The author narrates his story in the promotions and I find that as a sheer exaggeration of what this product could do.

You can definitely speed up your Zox Pro training using this program since it is a very good assisting  tool. But please don’t hope for miraculous results and there would be upsells once you buy it, so be careful to not be tempted to make another purchase.

For more information, kindly visit the product website.


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